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How To Discover Mark of Honor Vendor in WoW Shadowlands 2023?

How to Discover a Mark of Honor Vendor in WoW Shadowlands

Mark of Honor Vendor crates can be found in random battlegrounds and arenas in World of Warcraft. Depending on your level, these crates may drop the Mark of Honor. Generally, you will find more Mark of Honor crates at higher levels. In addition to selling Marks of Honor, you will also find utility items from these crates.

PvP rewards

Mark of Honor is an item in World of Warcraft that is used to purchase various items. In the past, players could use this item to buy PvP armor sets and weapon arsenals. The new additions to the game include Mark of Honor vendors, which sell items that are useful to players.

You can find vendors in Ashran, Stormwind, and Orgrimmar, among other locations. For Alliance players, you should visit Stormshield and talk to Bregg Coppercast, Ingrid Blackingot, Slugg Spinbolt, Holly McTilla, and Li “Crunchpaw” Tsang. For Horde players, you can visit the Battle of Oribos, Class Dawnstrider, and Tae’loxe Soulshrivel, where you’ll find vendors who accept Mark of Honor. Additionally, you can speak with Armsmaster Holinka, Lucan Malory, Lol’nor Bloodifst, and Doris Chiltonius.

Vicious mounts are available through PvP and can be obtained with Vicious Saddle. To earn Vicious mounts, you must complete PvP world quests, unless you’re a member of a faction other than your own. In addition, you must have a Combatant rank in the game’s Season to earn this mount.

PvP gear

Mark of Honor Vendor

In WoW, Marks of Honor are items that can be used to purchase various items. These items were first introduced in the Burning Crusade, and have been used in every expansion since then. They were introduced to give players the ability to collect various items from the old PvP system, and are now available at specific vendors in each city. In Oribos, you can find two Purveyors of Mark of Honor, Zo’kuul and Zo’sorg.

You can also find vendors in Ashran. If you’re an Alliance player, you can talk to Bregg Coppercast, Ingrid Blackingot, Slugg Spinbolt, Holly McTilla, or Li “Crunchpaw” Tsang. For Horde players, visit Class Dawnstrider, Tae’loxe Soulshrivel, and Warspear, where you can talk to Armsmaster Holinka, Starlight Sinclair, and Doris Chiltonius.


If you’ve been wondering where you can discover a Mark of Honor vendor, you’re in luck. The good news is that you don’t have to look too far. The Ashran area is a great place to find these vendors. Just make sure to visit the towns of Stormshield and Orgrimmar. There you can find a variety of vendors who sell both end-game PvP equipment and PvP rewards. The Circle of Wills, located in Old Dalaran’s Underbelly, is another great place to find them. You can talk to a few different vendors, including Bregg Coppercast, Ingrid Blackingot, Slugg Spinbolt, Holly McTilla, and Li “Crunchpaw” Tsang. In case you’re playing as a Horde

Marks of Honor are items that players can purchase at specific vendors in World of Warcraft. Players can earn them by winning PvP battles and can also exchange them for cosmetic transmog sets from older PvP gear. Once you have them, you can spend them on items that look great on you. In addition, these items can be redeemed at a specific vendor in each city. In Oribos, there are two vendors that sell the Mark of Honor: Purveyor Zo’kuul and Purveyor Zo’sorg.

Marks of Honor

World of Warcraft players are able to buy various things in the new PvP mode with their honor marks. This includes weapon and armor arsenals, PvP armor sets, and transmog appearances. This new system is a lot simpler than the previous Legion system. You can now spend your honor points on any vendor in the PvP section of each expansion.

In the PvP zone of World of Warcraft, you can find vendors with lower level gear near the entrances of battle zones. These vendors can be found in various areas of the PvP zone, such as the Arathi Basin and Warsong Gulch. You can also find vendors inside the Alterac Valley battleground.

The place to Discover Mark of Honor Vendors?

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I’m marking down all essential areas the place you will discover Mark of Honor distributors. Some areas are a number of distributors and are straightforward to seek out.

  1. Shadowloads: Find Purveyor Zo’kuul or Zo’sorg inside The Enclave in Oribos.
  2. Battle for Azeroth: Go to Battle Headquarters, the Salt and Shanty, and discover Marshal Gabriel. You must be on the Alliance aspect to seek out the Marshal. However if you’re on the horde aspect then discover Xander Silberman within the Battle Hadquarters.
  3. Legion: Go to Greyfang Enclave and search for Lt. Surtees & Captain Roberts. Go to Windrunner’s Sanctuary and search for Apothecary Lee and Sarah the Savage.
  4. Warlords of Draenor: There are a number of distributors within the Stormshield. You’ll be able to decide one of many under:
    • Bregg Coppercast (Alliance)
    • Ingrid Blackingot (Alliance)
    • Slugg Spinbolt (Alliance)
    • Holly McTilla (Alliance)
    • Li “Crunchpaw” Tsang (Alliance)
    • Amelia Clarke (Alliance)
    • Stone Guard Brokefist (Horde)
    • Fobbly Kickfix (Horde)
    • Blood Guard Axelash (Horde)
    • Malukah Lightsong (Horde)
    • Class Dawnstrider (Horde)
    • Tae’loxe Soulshrivel (Horde)
  5. Mists of Pandaria: Go to Serpent’s Spin. Discuss to one of many following distributors primarily based in your faction.
    • Starlight Sinclair (Alliance)
    • Ethan Natice (Alliance)
    • Armsmaster Holinka (Alliance)
    • Hayden Cristophen (Alliance)
    • Lucan Malory (Alliance)
    • Lol’nor Bloodifst (Horde)
    • Doris Chiltonius (Horde)
    • Roo Desvin (Horde)
    • Acon Deathwielder (Horde)
    • Shonn Su (Horde)
  6. Cataclysm: Go to Gagetzan in Tanaris and purchase from one of many under distributors. Each Hordes and Alliance gamers can go to them.
    • Vixton Punchwhistle
    • Blazzek the Biter
    • Tiny Tayger
    • Capps Carlin
  7. Wrath of the Lich King: Go to Previous Dalaran’s Underbelly and discover the Circle of Wills.
    • Trapjaw Rix
    • Blazik Fireclaw
    • Herwin Steampop
    • Xazi Smolderpipe
    • Zom Bocom
    • Kylo Kelwin
  8. Burning Campaign: It’s straightforward to seek out distributors within the Netherstorm area, simply go to Space 52.
    • Kezzik the Striker
    • Kitzie Crankshot
    • Blaze Magmaburn
    • Izzee the Clutch
    • Marks of Honor: Large Zokk Torquewrench
    • Grex Brainboiler
    • Tini Smalls
    • Leeni “Smiley” Smalls
    • Krixel Pinchwhistle

PvP vendors

The Mark of Honor is an item in World of Warcraft that you can use to buy various items. You can use these items to buy armor and weapons. The cost of buying these items is different from the normal ones. You can purchase these items from vendors in the PvP area in the game.

The best place to find Mark of Honor vendors is in Ashran. You can find them by talking to different NPCs in this area. For example, if you are an Alliance player, you can speak to Bregg Coppercast. For the Horde, you can talk to Armsmaster Holinka, Starlight Sinclair, or Doris Chiltonius.

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