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Max Weapon Level Vanguard Guide: Tips to Fast-track Leveling up Weapons

Getting the maximum weapon level on Vanguard – the ultimate guide!

Yo, what’s up, cheaters? It’s your boy here, writing from the heart of Australia. Today, we’re going to talk about something that every Vanguard player is looking for – the maximum weapon level. We’ll give you the scoops on how to get there – fast and easy, hommies!

What is max weapon level in Vanguard?

Before we start talking about how to get that level, let’s first understand what it is. The max weapon level in Vanguard is the highest level that you can get on your weapons. That means that you’ll unlock all the attachments and camos once you hit that level.

Max weapon level vanguard is 10. Yes, you heard it right – 10. As soon as you hit level 10 on your weapon, you’ll be able to unlock all the juicy stuff, including the golden camo! But it’s not that easy, trust me.

How to level up fast?

I know, I know – you want to unlock all the cool stuff as soon as possible. Nobody wants to wait for weeks to get a golden camo, especially when your friends are already flexing it in your face. So, here are some tips and tricks to level up your weapons fast.

  • Play the objective – trust me, playing the objective is the fastest way to level up. Whether it’s capturing a flag or planting a bomb, you’ll get more points for playing the objective than killing enemies.
  • Use double XP tokens – if you have double XP tokens, make sure that you activate them. You’ll get double the points for each kill, assist, and objective points.
  • Complete challenges – challenges give you a significant amount of experience points. Some challenges can even give you up to 20,000 XP points!
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What to do if your weapon isn’t leveling up?

Sometimes, you might feel like your weapon is not leveling up, no matter how many kills or objectives you complete. If you’re facing this issue, here are some things you could try:

  • Reset your game – sometimes, resetting your game could solve the issue. Close Vanguard completely and restart it. You might see the progress you’ve made.
  • Check your internet connection – a bad internet connection could slow down your progress in-game. Make sure that you have a stable internet connection.
  • Contact support – if none of these solutions work, contact Vanguard’s support. They might be able to help you out.

Call of Duty Vanguard max weapon level is the ultimate goal for every Vanguard player. With these tips and tricks, you’ll be able to hit that level in no time. So, get out there and play the objective, complete challenges, and use double XP tokens. And remember, cheaters never prosper – unless it’s in Call of Duty.


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