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Mechwarrior 5 Best Mechs Mercenaries Tier List – All Mechs Ranked From Best To Worst

MechWarrior 5 Best Mechs Tier List

If you’re looking for a MechWarrior 5 best mechs Tier List, you’ve come to the right place. This article will cover Light mechs, Assault mechs, Medium mechs, and Heavy mechs. Each type of mech is different and plays a different role in the game. Using the right mech will increase your winning chances in a competitive setting.

Light mechs

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When looking at the Mechwarrior 5 Tier List, one should not overlook the Light mechs. These mechs have a great deal of firepower and can be configured to play like either a light or a heavy. However, there are some disadvantages to using them.

These mechs are quite expensive to maintain. Their armor is low and they are not particularly fast. However, they are great at destroying other mechs. They also have an impressive range of fire. The Mechwarrior 5 Tier List includes more than 50 mechs. The Panther, Vindicator, Commando, Flea, and Urban Mech are among the light mechs that can be used in this game.

The Stalker is another great mech. It has excellent offensive capabilities and can fire three large lasers at the same time. It also has an excellent ERLL trade. The Stalker is a great brawler, but is quite small and slower than most Assault mechs.

Assault mechs

Mechwarrior 5’s best assault mechs have been designed to be effective in key situations, and the PPC is one of the best options in this class. Although it is relatively slow and has a low damage output, the PPC can take a lot of punishment from an AI mech.

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Mechwarrior 5 offers more than 50 different mechs for players to choose from. They are available for Windows PC, Xbox One, and Playstation. You can choose from the Panther, Vindicator, Commando, Flea, and Urban Mech.

The Raven is another good choice, although it is not the fastest. However, it has plenty of armor and hit-points, making it an excellent frontline scout. The Raven is designed to interrupt the advance of large enemy units. The Spider is another excellent choice, since it feels fast and can disrupt enemy units’ main mechs.

MechWarrior 5 offers a large variety of assault mechs. Each Mech has a different role in a squad. The Stalker Assault Mech is versatile, with different variants and weapon slots.

Medium mechs

The Battlemaster is one of the most underrated Medium mechs in mechwarrilor 5. This mech has been mediocre for a long time, but has been getting a lot of buffs to its offensive abilities and durability quirks. It has a massive alpha, and has great shield arms and torso twist. However, it struggles to be effective on hot maps and doesn’t have an ECM. Despite this, it is still one of the best mechs in the game.

While it doesn’t have a huge range, it’s great for backstabbing and chasing other mechs. It also has great DPS and heat. As a bonus, it can jump a gate. It’s a solid choice for a light, but it’s not the best choice for a heavy.

Despite its name, this Medium mech is not a heavy, but is more flexible than its heavy counterpart. While it has high damage output, it can be configured to play like a light. It can even be equipped with a left side vestigial to protect it from ghost heat. But it’s expensive and runs hot, which makes it a risky choice for most players.

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Mechwarrior 5 Mech Tier List 2022

Mechwarrior 5 Best Mechs

This list lists all the Mech models in Mechwarrior 5 Mercenaries. They are ranked according to their abilities, skills, and other stats.

SRavenLight Mech
SAnnihilatorAssault Mechs
SCyclopsAssault Mechs
ASpiderLight Mech
AKintaroMedium Mech
AShadowhawkMedium Mech
AWolverineMedium Mech
AOrionHeavy Mech
AQuickdrawHeavy Mech
AMarauderHeavy Mech
AGrasshopperHeavy Mech
ACataphractHeavy Mech
ANightstarAssault Mechs
AAtlasAssault Mechs
AMaulerAssault Mechs
AStalkerAssault Mechs
ABattlemasterAssault Mechs
ABansheeAssault Mechs
AHighlanderAssault Mechs
BCrabMedium Mech
BHunchbackMedium Mech
BCenturionMedium Mech
BGriffinMedium Mech
BTrebuchetMedium Mech
BBlackjackMedium Mech
BCicadaMedium Mech
BBlack KnightHeavy Mech
BWarhammerHeavy Mech
BThunderboltHeavy Mech
BCatapultHeavy Mech
BRiflemanHeavy Mech
BArcherHeavy Mech
BKing CrabAssault Mechs
BIncredibleAssault Mechs
BVictorAssault Mechs
CJavelinLight Mech
CWolfhoundLight Mech
CJenerLight Mech
CLocustLight Mech
CFirestarterLight Mech
CPhoenix HawkMedium Mech
CEnforcerMedium Mech
CJagerHeavy Mech
CDragonHeavy Mech
CZeusAssault Mechs
DPantherLight Mech
DVindicatorMedium Mech
DAssasinMedium Mech
ECommandoLight Mech
EFleaLight Mech
FUrban MechLight Mech

Heavy mechs

The HBK-4SP is one of the best tank mechs in the game. It’s very tanky but has some offensive quirks that make it a good choice in limited drops. It’s also a great choice for players looking for a tanky mech that will take a lot of damage. It’s smaller than most Assault-class mechs and is also very slow.

The ‘Mechs in italics are rare variants that can be found in scripted missions, on Terra, or as “Rare ‘Mechs’ on the Market”. Many have LosTech hardpoints and were originally used by SLDF Royal Divisions. The armor values listed for each ‘Mech are displayed as Default/Maximum. Default armor is 200 points, while Maximum armor is 220 points.


The Mechs in this tier have a slower speed compared to their cousins, but have high top speed. AMS can be a good choice if you are trying to improve your speed or fight at high range.

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