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Mega Charizard X Vs Y in Pokemon GO 2023 Helpful Guide

Pokemon GO – Mega Charizard X Vs Mega Charizard Y

One question that many people are asking is which Mega Charizard X Vs Y to choose in Pokemon GO: Mega Charizard X or Mega Charizard Y? The truth is that there are two different versions of the Mega Charizard, so this is a very normal question to ask. Mega evolution has been altered and updated in this version of Pokemon, so you need to consider all your options before choosing which Mega Charizard to use.

GO – Mega Charizard X Vs Y

Mega Charizard X Vs Y

Mega Charizard X is a strong STAB cover Pokemon with great versatility. Its base speed is 100 and it can easily switch into multiple threats. However, Mega Charizard X is outpaced by Latios and has a weakness to Stealth Rock. Whether to choose Mega Charizard X or Mega Charizard Y depends on what you’re looking for in a Pokemon.

If you’re looking to add Dragon-type Pokemon to your team, Mega Charizard X is the way to go. The Y is more powerful in Attack, but it’s not quite as cool as the X. Unless you want to spend a lot of money on Mega Evolution, Mega Charizard X is the better option.

Despite this, Mega Charizard Y is a better choice for Raids than Mega Charizard X. The Y has an edge in the attack department, but Mega Charizard X is a better choice in defense. Mega Charizard X is still a decent option in Raids. It has a slightly higher maximum CP and a better attack stat.

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Mega Charizard X is more physically oriented than Mega Charizard Y. It has a stronger physical attack, thanks to its Tough Claws ability, and it also lost its double weakness to Spikes, Rock, and Stealth Rock. Its weakness to Ground types and any type of spikes is still a big concern, but Mega Charizard X is much better at fighting Ground types and OHKOing opponents with Earthquake.

Mega Charizard X should be equipped with Blast Burn or Fire Spin. These two moves provide the highest total damage. If these two moves are not effective enough, you should consider using Overheat or Dragon Breath. Fire Spin and Blast Burn are good choices in PvP.

Mega Charizard X Vs Y in Pokemon GO

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You should select Y when choosing which Mega Evolution to go with your Charizard in Pokemon GO.Its stats are the reason I say so. Mega Charizard X does not have the same stats as Mega Charizard, but Y is better. Let’s see why each Pokemon should be paired with the other.

Mega Charizard X

Let’s begin by looking at the base stats.

  • Maximum CP: 4353
  • Stamina: 186
  • Attack: 273
  • Defense: 213
  • Max HP169 (at 50 level)
  • Min HP156 (at 50 level)

You can make it more interesting if you have plans to. Charizard XThen you need to know what it is. Fire Dragon-type Pokemon. Thus it is 2 times weak to Dragon, Rock & Ground-type Pokemon. It also deals 2x damage against Bug, Steel and Grass Pokemon.

Mega Charizard Y

These are the base stats for this Pokemon:

  • Maximum CP: 5037
  • Stamina: 186
  • Attack: 319
  • Defense: 212
  • Maximum HP:169 (at 50 level)
  • Min HP156 (at 50 level)
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It becomes something you can transform. Charizard YIts typing is the same as before, which is why it is still a Fire Flying-type Pokemon. It is weaker than Rock-type and can take 2x damage from Water and Electric. However, it is twice as strong against Fighting Bug, Steel and Ice types of Pokemon.

Many thanks to Pokemon GO HubThese stats are provided for your information.

Should Pokemon GO let you choose Mega Charizards X or Y from the Pokémon GO Collection?

Mega Evolution Y is a stronger Pokemon than Mega Charizard X. It has a clear advantage over Mega Charizard X in Attack and Max CP. But if you don’t have a good Dragon-type Pokemon and are looking to add one to your team then you should go with Mega Charizard X.

GO – Mega Charizard Y Vs Y

When comparing Mega Charizard X and Mega Charizard Y, you’ll notice that the X has a much higher defensive threshold than the Y. Moreover, both Pokemon are good at dealing with a wide variety of attacks. This makes them great choices if you’re looking for a Pokemon that can attack hard and defend itself well. However, you should note that Mega Charizard Y has a higher CP rating and attack value than the X.

If you’re a seasoned Pokemon GO player, then you’re probably wondering if Mega Charizard X is better than the Y. This is a common concern because the Mega Evolution process has changed in the new version of Pokemon GO. The new version of the game makes it much cheaper and easier to Mega Evolve Pokemon. You also have to take into account that the Mega Charizard has two different forms. This means that each one has distinct advantages and disadvantages.

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Mega Charizard Y has better Attack stats and maximum CP at 5037. While Mega Charizard X is a great Fire-type Pokemon, Mega Charizard Y is the best option if you’re looking to boost Fire and Dragon type attacks. The Mega Charizard X isn’t the best Mega Evolution, but it’s still an excellent Pokemon for Raid Battles.

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