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Metroid Dread Where To Go After Space Jump? Helpful Guide 2023

Metroid Dread – Where to Go After Space Jump?

Metroid Dread Where To Go After Space Jump? The Space Jump is one of the most exciting abilities in Metroid Dread, opening up new mobility options for Samus. In this guide, we will explain where you can use the Space Jump in order to reach specific locations. This article also contains information about the Chozo Statue and the Green Teleporter, two of the most crucial items to unlock in the game.

Chozo Statue

The Chozo Statue is a collectible that can be collected in Metroid Dread. Once you’ve obtained it, you can use it to perform infinite Spin Jumps. However, before you can perform this upgrade, you need to acquire a Gravity Suit.

Before you can unlock the Gravity Suit, you must obtain the Morph Ball and Pulse Radar. Then, you’ll be able to equip the suit. Once you have the suit, head over to Burenia and visit the Chozo Statue.

The Chozo Statue is a collectible found in the fourth level of Metroid Dread. You’ll need it to access certain areas of the game. You’ll find it in the room holding the Space Jump sphere. Once you have it, you can use it to go to different rooms and do more missions.

To get this item, you need to obtain the Gravity Suit. This is a powerful item that will help you get the Screw Attack. It will also allow you to perform underwater running, space jumping, and walking, among other things. This ability will make you feel like a real hero!

The Chozo Statue in Metroid dread after space jump involves a series of puzzles. First, you need to climb the upper right ledge. After this, you need to jump over the moving platform and go through the doorway that is revealed by the blue magnetic strip. This will give you access to uncharted territory, and the next goal in the game will be awaiting you.

Green Teleporter

Metroid Dread Where To Go After Space Jump

You can use the Green Teleporter in Metroid Dread after space jump to access areas that are not accessible by the regular means. This is particularly helpful for exploring regions where you have not yet travelled. For instance, you may find that the only way to get to a specific area is to go down below the water. This is a common problem for players because the game doesn’t provide much guidance regarding where to go after you get a new ability.

Once you’ve completed the previous stage, you’ll be able to access the next area of Metroid Dread. First, you’ll need to head down to the area where you were trapped. Once you’ve reached this area, make sure you use the Green Teleporter to move on to the next one. After a few moments, you’ll reach the next level.

The Gravity Suit is another item that you will need in Metroid Dread. You’ll need it to move freely in cold places. To get it, you’ll need to head to the Burenia area, where you can find a green teleportation terminal. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be able to get the Gravity Suit. Once you’ve obtained the Gravity Suit, you can then go back to the green teleportation terminal and use it to Space Jump to the top of the water-filled room. After you’ve landed, you’ll be able to return to Ghavoran.

While the Space Jump is the most notable ability in Metroid Dread, the Green Teleporter can be used in many different ways. It is a useful way to travel from one place to another, or even across large chasms. It can be used to explore different areas of the planet, but it’s important to note that it doesn’t help Samus gain vertical height underwater without a Gravity Suit.

The place to Go After You Get the House Bounce Skill in Metroid Dread?

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Your vacation spot after getting the area bounce skill from Northeastern Ferrenia in Metroid Dread ought to be to get to the unexplored a part of Burenia by heading by Ghavoran. You do that by navigating by the submerged zones and utilizing your morph ball and bounce skills to ease your approach by the paths whereas holding to the western areas of the map.  Right here’s how you are able to do this in Metroid Dread after unlocking the area bounce skill.

  • When you get the area bounce skill it’s essential get to Burenia.
  • To get to Burenia, first head down by the columns into the realm that’s utterly submerged.
  • In these submerged zones, you’ll discover platforms you need to use to make your approach by the map.
  • When you head out of the water, fireplace upwards on the wall till it breaks.
  • Furthermore, it’s right here that you just’ll uncover an entrance to cross by.
  • That is the place you’re taking the trail to Ghavoran.
  • After passing the Ghavoran check-in zone, head for the door on the highest.
  • Moreover, from right here you’ll want to make use of your morph ball to take the skinny passage.
  • Moreover, you’ll uncover one other submerged zone.
  • Use your morph ball skill to get previous the slim paths and also you’ll ultimately attain a inexperienced teleportal.
  • This teleportal takes you to Burenia.
  • Furthermore, from right here, you’ll now must discover the brand new unlocked area of Burenia.
  • It’s from right here that you just take the doorway on the left and navigate the brand new paths and uncover Burenia.


In Metroid Dread, there are 15 different item upgrades that Samus can equip. While some can be acquired by progressing through the story, others are only available after Samus has unlocked specific abilities. Therefore, it is best to save hunting for the upgrades until late in the game. Some of the available upgrades are the Ice Missile, Gravity Suit, and Space Jump.

After you complete the game’s main quest, you’ll be able to equip the Space Jump power. This ability will allow you to jump ever higher in the air and survive in the water. When equipped, you’ll find yourself next to a shuttle returning to Ghavoran. Then, you’ll be able to explore the planet’s underwater zones.

The best way to access the Ghavoran area for Metroid Dread is to use the Teleportal. This will allow you to reach a ledge on the other side of a water-filled room. However, timing your jumps carefully is key to staying in the air for as long as possible. Pressing the jump button too early will prevent Samus from sustaining the height needed for the next jump.

Once you’ve unlocked the Space Jump ability, you’ll be able to use it to cross both short and deep water sections. After that, you can use the Plasma Beam to unlock the door to the other side.

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