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MHR Weapon Tier List 2023 Helpful Information

MHR Sunbreak Weapon Tier List

MHR Weapon Tier List, If you’ve played MHR Sunbreak and are looking for some weapons to level up, you’ve come to the right place. This MHR Sunbreak weapon tier list is constantly being updated to include the most recent DLC and other game updates. It’s the most up-to-date and comprehensive tier list available.

Insect Glaive

The Insect Glaive is a common weapon in Monster Hunter: World, and it’s among the most beginner-friendly weapons available in the game. It’s been given some interesting additions in Sunbreak, including three new Kinsect bonuses. Powder Vortex is a powerful switch skill that can cause massive damage, and Awakened Kinsect Attack makes it much easier to hit enemies while their extracts are about to expire. Additionally, the weapon is more maneuverable and offers increased damage in Sunbreak.

This expansion has added a number of new monsters and mechanics to Monster Hunter: World. With the new additions, players can expect to stay busy for some time until the next update. The new Master Rank has replaced many of the old high-level weapons and introduced a shiny new set of weapons.

Insect Glaive is an excellent choice for airborne attacks, and its new kinsect bonuses can greatly boost your power. However, be careful, because Kinsects require inventory space and only last for a short period of time. A Kinsect will not shield you from monster attacks, and it is useless if you don’t keep it in your inventory.

The Insect Glaive is the only MHR weapon on the B-Tier that does not cost any gold, which makes it an excellent choice for new players. The Insect Glaive has moderate output damage and good weapon mechanics, which make it a handy choice for exploring the environment in Monster Hunter. It also boasts decent skills and a decent Silkbind attack.

Condensed Spinning Slash

MHR Weapon Tier List

When it comes to Sunbreak, Dual Blades are arguably one of the most powerful weapons in the game. Besides being able to take off from ground, they also have a number of key attacks that have received damage boosts. Condensed Spinning Slash is one of these.

The main drawback of this weapon is its slow speed, making it unreliable as a guard against other hard-hitting weapons. Fortunately, it has some counters, including iframes during mode changes. This weapon is not recommended for players without a lot of experience or money. However, it can be quite fun to stun monsters. Despite its shortcomings, it is still one of the most versatile weapons in the game.

The Charge Blade is an excellent choice for experienced players. Its massive damage range and infamous complexity make it a top choice for those who have played the previous games in the Monster Hunter series. The freedom to try out different weapons and builds is one of the best things about Monster Hunter Rise.

The Great Sword is another great choice. It was greatly buffed in Sunbreak and now offers an entirely new playstyle, thanks to Strongarm Stance. It also has a powerful Switch skill, which makes it more versatile than ever.

Greatest Weapons in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) Sunbreak Weapon Tier Record

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This tier record relies on the weapons’ playstyles after you’re absolutely aware of their ability units. These are our opinions. So some weapons that have been making us battle to achieve the tip of a monster battle now turn out to be very environment friendly in taking them down in keeping with our gameplay. with that stated, listed here are our picks for the most effective MHR weapons in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Weapon Tier Record:

TiersMHR Sunbreak Weapons
S+ TierNice Sword
S TierLengthy Sword
S TierChange Axe
S TierInsect Glaive
S TierBow
S TierMild Bowgun
A+ TierTwin Blades
A+ TierHeavy Bowgun
A TierCost Blade
A TierSword & Protect
B+ TierHammer
B TierLooking Horn
B TierGunlance
B- TierLance

Let’s have a look at these weapons’ skills in a bit extra element under with assist of in-game descriptions of Change Expertise & Silkbinds. Additionally, consider proper now now we have 14 distinctive weapons in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak:

  • Nice Sword
  • Lengthy Sword
  • Change Axe
  • Insect Glaive
  • Bow
  • Mild Bowgun
  • Twin Blades
  • Heavy Bowgun
  • Cost Blade
  • Sword & Protect
  • Hammer
  • Looking Horn
  • Gunlance
  • Lance

Nice Sword (S+ Tier)

This huge blade cleaves in a large arc with terrifying would possibly, and might even be used to protect in a pinch. The ability of a full Charged Slash is overwhelming.

Change Expertise: Surge Slash Combo

  • An offensive type that mixes velocity with the burden of the weapon to unleash a stream of {powerful} slashes.
  • Correct footwork is required however permits for numerous combos.

Silkbind: Strongarm Stance

  • A way that makes use of Ironsilk to strengthen each your arms and weapon briefly to fend off assaults.
  • If used whereas charging, you’ll be able to rapidly parry an assault after which unleash a fierce onslaught afterwards.

Lengthy Sword (S Tier)

A pointy weapon that expenses up the Spirit Gauge as you chop into your prey, and might unleash {powerful} Spirit Blade assaults. Additionally permits for technical dodge and counterattack fight.

Change Expertise: Sacred Sheathe Combo

  • A sluggish methodical motion that may be executed following an assault.
  • Upon sheathing your weapon, you’ll be able to harness the elevated spirit to unleash a follow-up slash.
  • The ability of the slash will increase in keeping with the extent of the Spirit Gauge.
  • If you’re attacked earlier than you’ve gotten completed with the sheathe, it can eat one stage of Spirit Gauge and the transfer can be cancelled.

Silkbind: Harvest Moon

  • A transfer that casts out an Ironsilk ring that narrows your vary of assault, however boosts spirit so you’ll be able to go on the offensive.
  • Throughout the ring, your Spirit Gauge gained’t deplete, and if you happen to carry out any counterattacks, it can add further hits.

Change Axe (S Tier)

Switches between Axe Mode, for fluid mobility and hefty single hits, and Sword Mode, for faster strikes. Phial results activated by the sword persist in axe kind.

Change Expertise: 2-Staged Morph Slash Combo

  • A two-staged Morph Slash assault that follows an Axe: Wild Swing.
    • 1st Stage: Morphs into Sword Mode.
    • 2nd Stage: Morphs into Axe Mode.
  • Throughout this combo, the facility of Sword Mode assaults will increase and Axe Mode assaults fill the Change Gauge sooner.

Silkbind: Elemental Burst Counter

  • Compresses Change Gauge vitality, that may be launched as an Elemental Burst.
  • If the burst is launched proper as a monster assaults, you’ll carry out a Energy Finisher and your swap axe will go into an Amped State.

Insect Glaive (S Tier)

Command bugs referred to as Kinsects to soak up essence out of your prey and buff your self. Vault into the air, kick your foes, and assault from all angles whereas airborne.

Change Expertise: Kinsect Slash

  • A mid-air approach the place you thrust ahead together with your glaive and Kinsect.
  • If the slash connects, you’ll carry out a Vaulting Dance, absorbing extract.
  • Nevertheless, when you’ve absorbed crimson extract with Kinsect Slash, you gained’t be capable of soak up another extract with it, however you’ll be capable of carry out an Enhanced Insect Spiker as a trade-off.

Silkbind: Woke up Kinsect Assault

  • A way the place you hurl a Kinsect to inflict huge injury.
  • All extracts are consumed and the extra extract you’ve gotten, the stronger this assault can be.
  • After launching the Kinsect, you’ll shut in utilizing a Wirebug; concurrently absorbing extract, marking the goal, after which chaining right into a Vaulting Dance.

Bow (S Tier)

A weapon constructed for ranged assaults. Affords excessive mobility. Fires Arc Photographs to cowl for allies or Energy Photographs that hit onerous. Coatings will be utilized to inflict standing results.

Change Expertise: Stake Thrust

  • An assault that thrusts an explosive stake into your goal.
  • The stake reacts to follow-up assaults, dealing additional injury to the goal. The quantity of additional injury dealt is decided by the kind of arrow loosed.

Silkbind: Butcher’s Bind

  • Fires an arrow loaded with Ironsilk.
  • If the follow-up arrow lands in the identical spot as the primary, Ironsilk winds round each arrows, inflicting extreme injury.
  • If the second arrow is off-target, the lodged arrow disappears.

Mild Bowgun (S Tier)

A weapon that excels in long-range fight. Fulfils a wide range of roles, from rapid-fire barraging to inflicting standing illnesses based mostly on the kind of ammo used.

Change Expertise: Vital Firepower

  • A particular capturing type that additional raises injury output however narrows crucial distance and will increase recoil.
  • As a result of the space at which the facility of ammo is only has been lowered, you will want to remember and alter your firing place.
  • Remember that this doesn’t apply to sure ammo varieties.

Silkbind: Wyvern Counter

  • An pressing retreat that fires a shot with huge recoil, utilizing a Wirebug to cease.
  • Whereas not a strong assault, its true worth comes when it’s used to evade incoming assaults.
  • If timed proper, you’ll retreat with an explosive exit that may even neutralize breath assaults.

Twin Blades (A+ Tier)

Blades that ship an onslaught of slices in fast succession. Activate Demon Mode to bounce lethal rings round your foes in change for stamina.

Change Expertise: Slide Slash Combo

  • Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.
  • This system means that you can assault whereas evading, and if you happen to work it into your combos, you’ll be able to unleash a relentless assault that’s troublesome to defend in opposition to.

Silkbind: Spiral Slash

  • A Silkbind assault that launches you spiralling forwards.
  • As soon as your assault connects, your physique acts as a drill as your blades bore into your goal’s flesh.
  • Be mindful, which you can additionally carry out a Spiral Slash midair.

Heavy Bowgun (A+ Tier)

A strong ranged weapon as heavy on firepower as it’s within the hand. Might be loaded with Wyvernheart or Wyvernsnipe ammo relying on the scenario.

Change Expertise: Crouching Shot

  • A method of capturing that makes use of a particular stance to cut back recoil.
  • In change for not having the ability to transfer, you’re in a position to fireplace in fast succession.
  • The longer you fireplace, the shorter the firing interval turns into, however on the threat of overheating your bowgun.
  • In case your bowgun overheats, it could’t be fired till it has cooled down.
  • Remember that sure ammo varieties can’t be used for this.

Silkbind: Setting Solar

  • A Silkbind approach wherein a Wirebug generates a hoop of Ironsilk.
  • Particular powder accumulates inside the ring, and when ammo passes by way of it, the speed of the ammo is decreased.
  • Firing piercing ammo/multi-hit ammo by way of the ring will increase the whole variety of hits upon impression.

Cost Blade (A Tier)

A weapon that’s each sword and axe. Cost it up in sword mode, then mix sword and defend into an axe and unleash the vitality as a devastating assault.

Change Expertise: Phial | Observe-up: Firing Pin

  • A mechanism that lowers the stress of elemental vitality generated by way of Protect Thrust throughout Elemental Enhance, or by sword assaults whereas in Sword Enhance Mode.
  • The basic vitality generated builds up in your goal however disappears over time.
  • It may be detonated by any assault in Axe Mode and increasing the time restrict of the Elemental Enhance.

Silkbind: Prepared Stance

  • A Silkbind manoeuvre that binds sword and axe along with Ironsilk.
  • After guarding, a heavy knockback leaves you in Sword Mode and lowers your guard response so that you’re in a position to chain sword/axe assaults.

Sword & Protect (A Tier)

A blade that means that you can assault rapidly and up shut whereas evading most incoming blows. Comes with a defend that may guard and bludgeon too.

Change Expertise: Twin Blade Combo

  • A two-part assault that opens with a round slash and follows up with a blade thrust.
  • A straightforward assault to get a number of hits in with, so excellent for weapons with excessive elemental and standing properties.

Silkbind: Destroyer Oil

  • Makes use of a Wirebug to cowl your blade with a particular ointment whose results set off if ignited by friction together with your defend.
  • Whereas energetic, monsters flinch extra simply, creating extra openings for assault.

Hammer (B+ Tier)

A blunt drive weapon that hits onerous but doesn’t hamper mobility. A smack to the top could stun enemies. Has {powerful} cost assaults and a wide range of maneuvers.

Change Expertise: Spinning Bludgeon Cost

  • A way that shops launched energy and funnels it into the following Cost Change assault. Energy is constructed up when performing a Spinning Bludgeon. The cost stage is then maintained when executing a Cost Change.
  • Make good use of this to unleash a sequence of stage 3 charged assaults.

Silkbind: Impression Burst

  • A Silkbind assault that wraps your weapon in Ironsilk.
  • For a brief time frame, any charged assault carried out causes the silk to vibrate, making a shockwave that makes it simpler to flinch monsters.

Looking Horn (B Tier)

A blunt weapon that means that you can buff your looking social gathering by performing melodies. Collect notes of a single shade for a gentle increase or mix 3 to realize all results.

Change Expertise: Swing Combo

  • A two-hit assault that may be delivered from both the left or proper.
  • This lets you rapidly shift instructions, making it helpful for repositioning.

Silkbind: Silkbind Shockwave

  • A Silkbind assault that wraps your weapon in Ironsilk. For a brief time frame, any assault carried out causes the silk to vibrate, making a time-delayed shockwave that triggers further hits.
  • These further hits do main stun, exhaust, and half injury.

Gunlance (B Tier)

A sturdy lance affixed with a cannon. Stress your prey with a bevy of bombardments, then land a super-powerful hit at simply the correct time.

Change Expertise: Erupting Cannon

  • This system includes firing an exploding stake into your goal.
  • When utilizing the Eruption Cannon, the tip of the gunlance heats up and slashing assaults are enhanced for a sure time frame.

Silkbind: Bullet Barrage

  • Makes use of a Wirebug to Blast Sprint towards your goal, unleashing every thing with abandon.
  • Watch out: Shells, Wyrmstake Cannon, and Wyvern’s Hearth will robotically be reloaded first earlier than performing the assault.

Lance (B- Tier)

A extremely defensive weapon whose sturdy defend can stand up to fierce assaults whereas preserving mobility when guarding. Nice for counterattacks and sharp combos.

Change Expertise: Protect Deal with

  • A way the place you cost ahead together with your defend raised. It’s also possible to observe up with a wide range of thrusting assaults.
  • Look ahead to a gap after which unleash an unrelenting sequence of assaults.

Silkbind: Skyward Thrust

  • A way the place a Wirebug launches you excessive into the air.
  • Thrust your lance in direction of the heavens after which pierce the earth.
  • The falling portion of the assault inflicts a number of hits.

Switch Axe

The Switch Axe is a powerful melee weapon in MHR Sunbreak. It has a base attack damage of 260 and a defense stat of 30. It has 0% affinity and can be crafted with Eltalite Ore x3, Twisted Stiffbone x2, Frocium, and 12000 Zenny.

While the Magnamalo Switch Axe has a great deal of damage for its tier, it lacks Rex Gnashing damage. However, it does come with Blast, which is decent for a status ailment. In addition, the Switch Axe has two decoration slots, which is nice. Lastly, the Rapid Morph ability is very strong for a Switch Axe.

The Switch Axe is a great weapon to start with in MHR Sunbreak, but it is still far from ideal. While it isn’t as powerful as the Greatsword, it is still one of the best weapons for beginners. The Charge Blade, on the other hand, is great for newcomers or players looking to try out a new conflict. The Dual Blade, meanwhile, suffers from raw damage output, but it does have a good invincibility frame and outstanding Wire Bug abilities.

Switch Axe: The Switch Axe is a versatile weapon that can be used both as a sword or an ax. It has a high Affinity and a low pressure, but it can still deliver high damage. It also has a Level 2 decoration slot that doesn’t require Handicraft. It also has Master’s Touch and Razor Sharp, which are decent alternatives to Protective Polish.

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