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Minecraft 1.13 Multiplayer Duplication Glitch: A Comprehensive Guide

Cheaters Unite! Minecraft 1.13 Duplication Gloitch Multiplayer

Are you a Minecraft player that doesn’t like to grind for rare resources? Are you looking to become the most successful player on the server? You are in luck, my hommie. This post will discuss the Minecraft 1.13 duplication bug multiplayer, which is the ultimate cheat for Minecraft players looking to make it big.

What is the Minecraft 1.13 Duplication Glonch Multiplayer?

The Minecraft 1.13 Duplication Glitch Multiplayer is a cheat that allows players duplicate their items. It is a bug that can easily be exploited for infinite amounts of resources. This cheat works with both Java and Bedrock Minecraft editions. This cheat can be used in singleplayer but is more effective when you use it on multiplayer servers.

How to Do the Minecraft Duplication Gritch

Before we get into the steps for the Minecraft duplication glitch, it is important to understand the items this cheat works with. You can duplicate any item with a stack of dirt, wood or diamonds.

These steps will help you identify the items that you can duplicate.

  1. Place the items that you wish to duplicate in a chest.
  2. Open the chest, and take half the stack you want.
  3. You can quickly close the chest to exit the game.
  4. Open the chest and rejoin the game.
  5. Voila! Now you have duplicated your items.
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This process can be repeated as many times as necessary to obtain an inexhaustible amount of resources.

Is the Minecraft Duplication Glitch PC safe?

Like any cheat, there is always the chance of getting caught and banned. Cheating can ruin the challenge and fun of the game. If you’re caught cheating, don’t complain, just accept the consequences.


This fun cheat can make Minecraft more enjoyable. It’s important that cheats are used in moderation so as not to ruin the game for others. Cheating is just like stealing from the bank. It’s entertaining until you are caught.

Use this cheat at you own risk. However, please remember your fellow Minecraft players. Remember that cheating is not acceptable, but being smart enough not to get caught is. Good luck, cheaters!

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