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Best Minecraft Dungeons Builds List 2023

Minecraft Dungeons Best Builds List

If you want to know what the Best Minecraft Dungeons Builds is, you’re not alone. USG has interviewed the developers to find out. They compiled this list of the best builds for every type of character. Here are a few examples: Soul Warrior, Slayer Crossbow, and Speedy Steve.

Speedy Steve

While a speedy Steve build is great for a number of reasons, he doesn’t boast great damage or defense. If you’re looking for a build that can take on even the toughest bosses, a tank build is a better choice. This build focuses on lowering the cooldown on artifacts, while boosting maximum health and melee damage. It also has a special enchantment, called the Final Shout. This enchantment allows you to activate artifacts on their cooldown.

In Minecraft Dungeons, you can equip a variety of weapons and armor pieces. These different items each have different strengths and weaknesses, which make it possible to combine them to create a more powerful character. These combinations are called builds and are based on your experience level and playing style.

Soul Warrior

Minecraft Dungeons Builds

In Minecraft Dungeons, you will find a wide variety of armor and weapon pieces, each with a unique rarity. If you are unsure about which one to choose, check the Best Builds list to see what works best for your character. A tank build is based on taking damage and reducing hit negation, while a high-damage build focuses on boosting damage and dealing damage.

A soul warrior is an excellent choice for those who want to use soul energy to heal themselves and do massive damage. The ability to use soul energy to cast spells and abilities gives soul hunters a wide range of benefits. They can also use this energy to increase their health and gain buffs. A Soul Warrior can also use artifacts to increase their attack speed and their chance to do massive damage.

Slayer Crossbow

A Slayer Crossbow is an uncommon and powerful weapon found in various missions in Minecraft Dungeons. It is a treasured heirloom from legendary hunters. This weapon is a powerful heavy crossbow variant that is very effective against various enemies. It is available in the Dingy Jungle, Fiery Forge, and Underhalls daily trials. It can be obtained from the Blacksmith in Dingy Jungle.

This build requires a constant supply of arrow ammunition and a melee weapon with slowing effects. Despite this, it can be very effective if used correctly, especially if paired with other weapons. The heavy crossbow can deal huge amounts of damage with a single hit, and it is a great weapon to use when your health is low.

Soul Knife

The Soul Knife is a class with a unique set of abilities. This build has no spell slots, but uses two primary abilities: Telekinesis and Telepathy. These abilities give your character a +1 INT boost and allow you to communicate with creatures within sixty feet. Additionally, Soulknifes have the ability to detect thoughts. If you’re thinking about using this build, here are some things to keep in mind.

As you can see, there are several different types of builds in Minecraft Dungeons. You can go with melee, ranged, or artifact-specific builds. The game’s unique mechanic allows you to customize your play style. Moreover, you can equip different weapons to accomplish different quests.

Greatest Builds Checklist to Use in Minecraft Dungeons

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Beneath are among the greatest builds that you need to use on this sport.

  • Soul Reaper
  • Pace Centered
  • Cumbersome/Tank Loadout
  • Excessive Harm Vendor

Allow us to check out all of them. Beneath I’ll give the entire greatest weapons, armor, and artifacts for making the builds.

Soul Reaper

Soul Reapers give attention to reaping the souls of the enemies you remove. You then can use these souls for various results. Let’s say you may have the Soul Healer Artifact, then you possibly can heal essentially the most injured member. And in case you are essentially the most injured then you possibly can heal your self. Beneath are among the greatest soul builds.

  • Soul Reaper 1
    • Melee Weapon: Soul Fists
    • Ranged Weapon: Nocturnal Bow
    • Armor: Soul Gown
    • Artifact: Soul Healer
  • Soul Reaper 2
    • Melee Weapon: Soul Fists
    • Ranged Weapon: Voidcaller
    • Armor: Archer’s Armor
    • Artifact: Harvester

Pace Centered – Greatest Builds for Minecraft Dungeons

When making a speed-focused setup you must attempt utilizing gear that improves your character’s motion or assault velocity. For instance Boots of Swiftness provides you a motion velocity enhance for a short time. Beneath are two examples of it.

  • Pace Centered 1
    • Melee Weapon: Moon Daggers
    • Ranged Weapon: Twin Crossbows
    • Armor: Soul Gown
    • Artifact: Boots of Swiftness
  • Pace Centered 2
    • Melee Weapon: Tempest Knife
    • Ranged Weapon: Auto Crossbow
    • Armor: Evocation Gown
    • Artifact: Dying Cap Mushroom

Cumbersome/Tank Loadout

Because the identify suggests these loadouts are centered on making you cumbersome or tanky. Which means you possibly can take extra harm earlier than taking place. Your purpose must be to test the gear that provides good harm discount and hit negation. Listed below are some examples of the very best builds to make use of when attempting to be a tank.

  • Cumbersome/Tank Setup 1
    • Melee Weapon: Whirlwind
    • Ranged Weapon: Heavy Crossbow
    • Armor: Stalwart Armor
    • Artifact: Iron Conceal Amulet
  • Cumbersome/Tank Setup 2
    • Melee Weapon: Maulers
    • Ranged Weapon: Energy Bow
    • Armor: Full Metallic Armor
    • Artifact: Iron Conceal Amulet

Excessive Harm Vendor

Excessive harm builds can help you deal big quantities of injury to the enemies. The gear give attention to supplying you with a harm enhance. These are among the greatest excessive harm builds.

  • Excessive Harm Vendor 1
    • Melee Weapon: Resolute Tempest Knife
    • Ranged Weapon: Wind Bow
    • Armor: Splendid Gown
    • Artifact: Corrupted Beacon
  • Excessive Harm Vendor 2
    • Melee Weapon: Chill Gale Knife
    • Ranged Weapon: Echo of the Valley
    • Armor: Cave Crawler
    • Artifact: Corrupted Seeds

Soul Scythe

If you want to use your Soul Scythe in Minecraft to slash through the undead, you have a few options. You can choose a long-range slashing weapon to deal with hordes of enemies and dish out plenty of damage, or you can use the Corrupted Beacon for massive destruction. Whatever you choose, make sure you get the right gear and artifacts to get the most out of your Soul Scythe.

The Soul Scythe is a melee weapon, which is available in several variants. You can use this weapon to increase the damage that you deal to your enemies while maintaining high health. It also gives you an extra 6.67% damage factor and increases your attack speed by 20%. There is a downside, however. For those who have low armor or are squishy, this build may not be the best option for you.

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