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Minecraft Jenny Mod : September 2023 Download & Install Guide!

Is the Minecraft Jenny Mod Cheating?

You can find Minecraft Jenny Mod in CurseForge. This is an NSFW (not safe for work) unofficial add-on that allows players to have an in-game girlfriend. If you are not aware of its NSFW classification, you should read on. Although this mod is deemed as cheating, it is a great way to experience life as a Phantom. So, what’s the catch? Read on to find out.

NSFW (not safe for work) unofficial addon

If you’re looking for a NSFW (not safe for work) addon for Minecraft, you should check out Jenny. This mod allows you to spawn a female NPC, and it changes the ESRB rating to M. This addon includes skins, animations, and more. It is recommended for players of all ages, but you should watch what your kids play.

Unlike most Minecraft mods, the Jenny mod adds new items and blocks that you can craft and place. The game is compatible with both online and offline play. It also supports skins and has a very easy to use and mobile-friendly interface. Download it for free today! You won’t regret it! You’ll find a new girlfriend waiting for you! And the best part? It’s completely free!

This NSFW (not safe for work) addon for Minecraft Jenny lets you create a virtual girlfriend. She’s brunette, wears yoga pants, and performs adult acts for you. You can even pay Jenny to do the same. In addition to the many features that you can access through this addon, you can find her in a building with a pointed roof!

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Allows players to have an in-game girlfriend

One of the benefits of sidekick mode is that it is inclusive and does not exclude people based on gender. This mode is designed to make people feel comfortable and more willing to participate. It is not intended for gamers who want to interact with people of the opposite sex, but rather for those who would like to play with other gamers who are of the same gender. This game mode is also available for all character classes.

It is not uncommon for esports players to have an in-game girlfriend. These players can have elaborate social lives outside of the game. For example, Team Liquid players all have girlfriends. In-game notifications can be disregarded using the Close icon, which is a symbol that represents dismissing the notification. In-game girlfriends are a very important part of the game experience, so the fact that they are available in the game is great news for those who are a part of the esports community.

Allows players to experience life as a Phantom

The game features a variety of roles in the shadowfell, including the Phantom role. As a Phantom, you must perform various tasks and escape detection in order to survive. The game is challenging and chaotic, but it offers an enjoyable and unique experience. In the game, you become invisible after dying, which means that you can’t be seen by people around you. In order to avoid detection, you must perform certain tasks, such as pressing the emergency meeting button. Once you have completed tasks without being detected, you are awarded with the Phantom role.

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When Zander first logs into the game, he finds himself in an ancient, derelict space station in a distant star system. There, he finds himself restricted from logging out. It is only then that he learns that he can only log out at certain times and places. This is because the player signed a user agreement, but Arbido failed to inform him of the terms. The game’s tech support makes sure that Zander’s body is placed in a life support pod, and that he’s not killed or injured.

What is Minecraft Jenny Mode?

SlipperyTum has created Jenny, a Minecraft character. Jenny mod Minecraft can be downloaded and used to search for her in a building that has an in-game roof. Jenny is your virtual girlfriend. You can go out together, or give Jenny gifts like diamonds, emeralds, and gold.

Jenny has unique in-game superpowers. She could make things work for her by using Luck Manipulation or Water Breathing skills if she had a lucky potion. Jenny can also teleport like Enderman in the right conditions. Jenny is also able to heal herself quickly, which helps her recover power after an attack.

image 318 minecraft jenny mod

How do I download Jenny Mod for Minecraft

Here’s how to download Jenny mod for Minecraft 1.2.2

1st Step: Gamers can download the file from “”, making sure the file is in a simply accessible location.

2nd Step:Gamers will also require the Forge installer, but mod-using players should have it. The installer can be found on the “CurseForge” website alongside many other mods.

3rd Step:Gamers can open Minecraft, and then mod add to it in the mods directory. You can drag it from the desktop. Gamers can then open the file from their desktop and start playing.

4th Step:Important: This mod only runs on Minecraft 1.12.2. It has not been optimized or updated for 1.18 or other latest game versions.

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5th Step:The game is completely changed once this mod has been installed. Jenny can be considered the gamer’s beautiful virtual girlfriend; they can go out on in-game dates with her and give her gifts like emeralds, gold, and diamonds.

Jenny Minecraft Mod [1.12.2] Screenshots

Below are some screenshots from Minecraft Jenny

Minecraft Jenny Mod

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Minecraft Jenny Mod Video

Search on social media and groups if you are looking for Jenny Minecraft Mod videos. Because sometimes it’s hard to find Minecraft Jenny Video on google searches and search on youtube. You can search videos on twitch and Facebook or Discord, Reddit, Reddit, Reddit and other platforms.


Minecraft Jenny Mod will unlock various in-game features that are curated for 18+ and 21+ year old players as per each state’s regulations only. That’s everything you need to know about how to download jenny Minecraft mod 1.12.2.

We hope that you like our Jenny Mod MinecraftIf you have any feedback or questions, please post them in the comment section.

Can be considered cheating

If you’re wondering if the Minecraft Jenny mod is cheating, you’re not alone. This mod is a popular option for creative mode players because it adds a virtual girlfriend that you can date and gift to. It’s also unofficial, so it’s best to check the mod’s NSFW rating before installing it. This mod is available for Windows and Linux. However, you need the CurseForge app to install it.

This mod adds more free space slots to the game and gives players more space for storing their items and equipment. It also adds a survival mode that allows gamers to fight against monsters. You can also share the game with your friends using this mod. It’s safe to use, but it’s still considered cheating. Before installing it, make sure you’re at least eighteen years of age.

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