Minecraft Librarian Villager Guide – Best Trades & How To Make One in 2022

Minecraft Librarian Villager Guide – Best Trades & How To Make One in 2022

Minecraft Librarian Villager Guide

If you want to be a Minecraft Librarian, you must cure the villager’s diseases. Once the disease is cured, you need to place a lectern nearby. But make sure that you do not trade with other villagers if you want to become a Minecraft Librarian. This is because you will have to break a certain Jobsite block if you want to change your profession.

Farmer is a villager

A Minecraft Librarian is a villager that specializes in books. He can sell emeralds and regular books, and can even enchant them. The Librarian’s enchantments can be up to level five. A Minecraft Librarian can be created by placing a lectern next to a jobless villager.

Another villager in Minecraft is the farmer, who is best known for farming sugar cane. Besides selling sugar cane, he can also give you paper in exchange for emeralds. After leveling up, you can also trade food with him. The higher the villager level, the better the items you can trade for emeralds.

Butcher is a villager

Minecraft Librarian Villager Guide
minecraft librarian

If you’re looking for a reliable source of meat products, a butcher is the villager to visit. He will sell you raw meat, cooked meat, and rabbit stew for emeralds. He also has a smoker, which you can use to cook meat faster than the furnace.

There are 15 different types of villager jobs. In order to assign a particular villager with a certain profession, place the appropriate utility block near the villager. This will automatically assign them to that profession. This will also allow them to trade for unique items. The crafting recipes for each profession are included with the job site block.

Cleric is a villager

Clerics in Minecraft are villager types that specialize in magical ingredients. Trading with them will yield you some of the most interesting items in the game. They sell things like redstone dust, lapis lazuli, glowstone, and under eye. Clerics are also very useful when it comes to making ender pearls. In addition to selling their items, clerics also offer a variety of other tasks. For example, they can help you make a brewing stand, which makes it easier for you to get more enchantment ingredients.

Clerics can also craft a Brewing Stand, which is required for crafting Potions. In addition to the Brewing Stand, the Cleric needs a Blaze Rod and three blocks of Stone to make this item. The Cleric can also trade rotten meat for gold ingots and emeralds, and they can also trade scutes for gold ingots. A brewing stand may also yield bottles of enchanting, which drop a number of experience orbs when thrown.

Shepherd is a villager

The Shepherd is the villager who sells various things like coloured woods, paintings, and enchanted books. She also has a loom which can be used for many things. You can use it to weave a blanket or a banner. After weaving it, you can place it on your wall to sell it.

Standard Minecraft Librarian

She is the most common villager, and you can find her in the northern part of the town. She wears a hat with brown feathers, and she sells various things, including emeralds. She also trades different kinds of wool for emeralds. A shepherd can also be a great contact for different items, including gold and iron ingots.

Butcher is a villager with the Cauldron work station

A Minecraft Librarian villager with the Cauldron is the best option for crafting your next book. This villager can be found on the map in the Librarium biome and offers a wide variety of crafting options. While the appearance of these villagers differs, their jobs are all related to crafting. They can be found near the Cauldron work station, where you can craft enchanted items.

The Butcher Villager is located near the Cauldron work station and usually sells cooked meat and rabbit stew. He also sells items like kelp and sweet berries. The Butcher can also sell empty maps, banners, patterns, and more.

Minecraft Librarian is a villager with the Loom work station

Librarians can generate a lot of equipment for you in Minecraft. Some of these items include Enchanted Books, which help you out in tricky situations. Librarians also generate Emeralds. The easiest way to earn Emeralds from the Librarian is by selling Paper and Ink Sacs.

Players may choose to trade the Librarian with other professions. This will change their profession. The Librarian will be a Libra. If the Librarian is trapped with composters, he will become a farmer. This transition takes a few in-game days.

How To Make a Minecraft Librarian Villager in Minecraft 1.19

Image 78 Minecraft Librarian
minecraft librarian

The Minecraft Librarian Villager in Minecraft is the man you’ll flip to for Books & Enchantments.  Most if not all Excessive-Stage Enchantment Books will be Traded with a respectable Stage Librarian. Together with Enchantment Books, it’s also possible to get high-level Gear. That Gear can come enchanted because the Max Stage Job for the Librarian. Yow will discover a Librarian Villager in a Village in the event that they spawn there or make an unemployed Villager (with out the inexperienced clothes) by giving it the Librarian job.

You are able to do this by inserting a brand new or unclaimed Lecturn close to the Villager. And now you’ve got a Librarian Villager. Like all Villagers with Jobs, the Librarian has 5 Ranges of Job Mastery that are:

  • Novice – Obtainable from begin.
  • Apprentice – After 10 Expertise Factors.
  • Journeyman – After 70 Expertise Factors.
  • Skilled – After 150 Expertise Factors.
  • Grasp – After 250 Expertise Factors.

Relying on the Job Mastery, the Librarian Villager could have varied trades from Paper to Bookshelves to Enchanted Books & Identify Tags. Listed here are the Trades for every Stage of the Librarian Villager in Minecraft.

Novice24 PaperEmerald
5 to 64 Emerald & a GuideEnchanted Guide
9 EmeraldBookshelf
Apprentice4 GuideEmerald
5 to 64 Emerald & a GuideEnchanted Guide
Journeyman5 Ink SacEmerald
5 to 64 Emerald & a GuideEnchanted Guide
SkilledGuide & QuillEmerald
5 to 64 Emerald & a GuideEnchanted Guide
5 EmeraldClock
4 EmeraldCompass
Grasp20 EmeraldIdentify Tag

Shepherd is a villager with the Loom work station

A Shepherd is a villager that can lead you to the Loom work station. He is a farmer who specializes in producing wool. He also sells other items such as flags of different colors, emeralds, and scissors. There are various levels of development for this profession.

A Shepherd wears a brown feathered hat. This hat can be made from a wooden plank and string. The shepherd will usually accept various kinds of wool and will trade it for emeralds and other items. A Shepherd is also an important contact for many different items, including books and banners.

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