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Minecraft Pig 2022 September – How To Tame & Pigs Uses

Minecraft Pig 2022 – The Best Mods For Pigs and Oxen

If you are new to Minecraft Pig 2022, you are probably wondering what the best Mods are. If so, you are in luck. This article will discuss the top Mods for pigs and oxen, and how you can make them more fun to play. If you have not yet tried them, you will find out how you can get them for free! So, get ready to start breeding your pigs and oxen today!

Mods for Minecraft pig 2022

If you’ve been playing Minecraft for a while, you’ve probably noticed that the pigs in the game aren’t exactly as cute as you’d hope. These animals can fight hostile mobs, gather beetroot, and even gather gold! Fortunately, there’s a mod for that! Here are three of my favorites! This mod is great for pig fans who want to customize their game even further.

This mod lets you add pig droppings to your game. You can use the pig droppings in place of bone meal to fertilize your crops, and you can even create bricks from them instead. Of course, you won’t be able to use this resource with white wool. This makes farming more fun! While it’s tempting to use pig droppings to make your world more beautiful, they’re not necessarily a good idea in Minecraft.

To make your world more aesthetically pleasing, consider adding a mannequin to your farm. These pigs drop poop, which you can then use to build a house. In addition, you can also buy a slingshot, binoculars, and dynamite. These items can be used in crafting and will also add to the fun! This mod also makes exploring caves more interesting, with mushroom spawns, stalactites, and more.

Mods that add pigs to the game

There are many mods that add pigs to Minecraft 2021, but none are quite as good as the Pig Army. The main goal of this mod is to give players a reason to own a pig, whether it’s to ride it, use it as a farm animal, or even turn it into a pig. Added bonus: pigs are also easy to tame. They can be equipped with armor, and healed using cooked carrots. If they get attacked by mobs, they will attack them.

Animania is one such mod that allows players to create different feeding apparatuses for pigs. You can make nests for the animals, and pig slop from them. These creatures also have different behavior, including reacting to hunger and thirst. To survive, players must ensure that there’s plenty of food and water available. If you’re interested in getting a pig or two in the overworld, you can tame them by feeding them their favorite food. You can download the Animania mod from here.

This mod adds 40 different animals, and includes different types of biomes. This mod has unique mechanics, textures, and armor, so players can enjoy the extra wildlife in their game. It also adds a tranquilizer gun, allowing you to easily kill any pig you’ve captured. And because of the new animal features, this mod is very popular. It has helped the game’s players create a more diverse world and gives them more fun.

Minecraft Pig

image 142 minecraft pig

The Minecraft Pig is an animal mob that breeds in grassy areas. The gamers can put a saddle on them by right-clicking, but they cannot be controlled with a carrot attached to an in-game stick. The saddle can be completely removed by killing the saddled pork.

They are 1.1875 block high, 1.25 block long, and 0.6525 block wide. Since beta 1.5, a pig can turn into a zombie man when it is struck with lightning.

Since version 1.8, pigs have snouts. If you kill one, it will run away. An adult pig will usually calm down when it is killed by fire. A pig’s average weight will be between 1 and 3 pork chops.

Horseback riding

You will need a saddle to ride a Minecraft Pig. This is because they are not craftable. Next, click left to place the saddle on the pig. The pig is now ready for riding with the orange seat.

You can’t control the movement of the pig, however you can totally control the direction the pig moves by holding the carrot on the stick. The speed can be increased by simply clicking on a block.

You ride a pig and say “You just died!” Referring to can get an achievement.


The pig is good at assembling pork chops. The gamers will first need to create a four-block wide fence and one-block deep area with a gate. Next, they will move the pig in the field with carrots.

Once you have at least 2 of them, spawn them as many times as you can by right-clicking on them using Carrot or Wheaties and killing one for every 3-4 adults.


When Minecraft Pigs are fed carrots, they go into Love Mode. If 2 pigs fall in love within 16 blocks of one another, they can create an in-game baby Pig.

Piglets follow their parents. It takes one full Minecraft day (or twenty minute) for a piglet grow into a large Pig.


  • Because the Minecraft pig is able to be saddle-mounted, there are 2 image files: one for the saddle and one for the not.
  • The Creeper, a hostile mob, was formed from a failed pig model. Its notch made it taller than its length and changed its color from pink to green.
  • Although they share the same head shape, piglets as well as pigs, their heads are not identical in length or width.
  • Adult pigs are no longer able to rear piglets after 1.2.3.
  • There are four members to the pig family, including zombie pigmen and pigmen as well as piglets.
  • Effective 1.2.4. Mounting the piglet is no longer possible
  • Like cows, sheep and squids, pigs also have googly eye.
  • Like all babies animals, piglets make louder sounds that adults.
  • Today, 1.4 Pigs are raised on carrots.
  • Minecraft Pigs don’t always have a protruding nose.
  • Pigs are a lot like horses in that they can be saddled and carrots put them in “love mode”.
  • When pigs are struck with lightning, they become zombie pigmen. This is because a creeper struck by lightning will feed more. The pig can also become a witch if it is struck by lightning.
  • If a gamer rides a pig and falls off a cliff and the pig takes more than four HP of fall damage, the gamer will receive the “When Pigs Fly” achievement.
  • Minecraft Pigs died with only 0-2 raw pork chops, but they eventually gained 1 to 3 pork chops.
  • The nipples are located on the bottom of a pig’s body, but they cannot be milked.
  • Combat Update 1.9 now allows pigs to be raised on all types of vegetables (potatoes carrots, beets).

Minecraft’s Best Uses for Pigs

Many players will not know how to use their Minecraft pigs other than killing them for food. These are some of the best uses for Minecraft pigs.


Gaming enthusiasts just starting in Minecraft will need food. Minecraft has many pig mobs, so gamers will easily find them.

When pigs are killed, they drop between 1 and 3 raw pork chops. The best part is that if a player kills a porcine during a fire, the raw pork chop will be cooked, and the cooked chop will fall in their place.

Advanced gamers can loot 3 enchantments to their swords to get 1-6 pork chops from the pig.

Horseback riding

Pigs can be so much fun that even gamers can ride them. Although pigs cannot be ridden without a saddle or carrot on a stick the event is great fun. Pigs can travel up 5.2 m/s. This is slightly faster than the Minecraft-speed horse.

For making a saddle, gamers will need 3 leather items and 2 iron ingots. For a Carrot on a Stick, gamers will only need a fishing rod. Combining these two items will create a carrot on the stick that allows gamers to control their Pig.


Pigs are the easiest mob to raise in minecraft. Gamers breed pigs to gain XP, but there are many reasons.

If pigs are bred they can drop from one to seven points. Gamers can therefore expect to win, no matter what happens to their pink creatures.

It is very simple to breed pigs. Gamers can give them carrots, potatoes or beets, and hope they will mate. You will need to obtain one of these food items and then right-click on two pigs that are very close together.

These pigs will start moving towards each other and will have hearts around them. A little pig will eventually appear, and the player will be rewarded with XP.

How to Get Rid of Excessive Foods

Minecraft pigs is the best way of getting rid of extra food. Extras are easy to eat by pigs as they eat potatoes, carrots, and beets.

These crops are fast growing and can produce lots of food. These crops are able to produce enough food to feed gamers even on small farms. Many of these crops can fill a whole chest, or even more, after only a few harvests.

Farm Stable

Farm stables are always a nice addition to any gamer’s Minecraft farm or home, but no farm barn is complete without a lot of pigs. It is easy to transport pigs from pens and barns.

The only thing a gamer needs to do is pick up a carrot or potato and place it on the hotbar near a wild porcine. Gamers must keep within 6 blocks from the pig to be able to lead the pig to their base.

Gamers are likely to find pigs in plains biomes. Forest biomes also work well. Only two biomes are not able to produce pigs: the Badlands’ snowy tundra or the Badlands’ wooded plateau.

Pigs only breed in light levels above seven, so it’s best to watch during the day and in lit areas.

How to Tame a Pig In Minecraft

Pigs are usually born in groups of two to four and can be found in grassland biomes during the day. They can spawn anywhere, except on badland plateaus or snowy tundra.

They are careful to avoid rocks and hazards. In villages, pigs may lay eggs in animal farms, stables or the backyards of a butcher’s shop.

Sometimes, piglets can be used to breed pigs. But they cannot provide pork chops if killed. A pig that is struck by lightning becomes a zombie piglin. This neutral mob is often found in the Nether.

Start a Minecraft Pig Farm

Pigs love to roam, so it’s best to prepare a closed space first. As they can’t jump, make sure you have a fence and gate made of wood.

To attract them, you need carrots – get them from the village gardens. Although the drop rate for zombies is low, they will also drop carrots.

Make carrots and then approach the pig. It will chase you. Once they are inside, take them to their enclosure.

Note – we recommend growing more carrots so they don’t run out. Place a spade on the ground near the plants to plough the land.

FAQs about Minecraft Pig

Here are some questions & answers about Minecraft pigs

Q. Q.

You can encourage pigs to breed by feeding them carrots, potatoes, or even beetroots. You can only heal pigs by using the healing splash potion. They are not healed by feeding them.

Q. Q.

Minecraft Pigs will only be interested in certain crops. You can hold a carrot, potato or beetroot in each hand and they will follow you when you move too far from them.

Q. Q.

Pigs can only drop raw porkchops and saddles that are edible when they’re killed. Although you can breed pigs in order to have more, pigs only give you XP and porkchops when they are hunted.

The pork chops that they drop from them will be already cooked if they are killed by fire damage or a fire weapon. If they die from fire damage or a fire sword, they can drop up 6 pork chops.

Youtube video of Minecraft Pig Life


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Mods that add oxen

If you are looking for a mod that adds oxen to Minecraft, you have come to the right place. Adding oxen to Minecraft will give you the ability to raise a flock of oxen and use them as farm animals. Pig manure is an excellent resource for fertilising crops. It can also be used to make bricks, but you must remember that it is not compatible with white wool.

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