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Best Minecraft Survival House Ideas 2023

One of the Best Minecraft Survival House Ideas

Starter Survival House

One of the best Minecraft survival house ideas is the simple, spacious, oak wood one. This design is not only easy to make, but it also has an appealing appearance. Its basic materials are wood and stone, making it a good option for players who are new to the world. Here are some tips to make the building process go smoother.

This starter house features crafting tables and enchanting tables, which are essential for survival. It also follows a 4 by four design with four addition blocks in each corner. This design is flexible enough for any biome, as long as you have enough resources to build it.

Nordic Minecraft Mansion

Minecraft Survival House

The Nordic Minecraft Mansion is a large, intimidating home in Minecraft that’s built to resemble a Viking age castle. You’ll need a variety of combinations of blocks to create this house. It’s a good idea to use some basic resources, like oak wood and iron nuggets, but you can also use wood from other kinds of trees. The key is getting the layout right, which will ensure a smooth build.

The Nordic Minecraft Mansion is an extremely detailed building with large windows to look outside. The symmetric design is carried throughout the whole house, and the large windows allow players to peer out. It’s an excellent choice for a winter gaming biome, but it also works in other biomes, too.

The aesthetic cottage

The aesthetic cottage is one of the most popular types of houses in Minecraft. It is an easy-to-build structure that is both functional and attractive, with features like a rustic look and peaked gable roofs. It can be used for a small or large home, and the aesthetic cottage can be created from simple materials that you can find in your location.

The aesthetic cottage is an ideal choice for a two-player Minecraft survival house. It offers the functionality of a storage space, a night shelter, and a gathering area, while retaining the cottage-like aesthetic.

The aesthetic cottage is a two-story house

This Minecraft survival house is built by blending a variety of stone types and features a light, colorful palette. It also features picturesque lanterns, wood logs, and wooden fences as beams. It also has ample interior living space and includes a comfortable space for pets and animals. It also includes a fully-equipped lower level farming area, top-deck planter sections, and tall, slim windows. The design also features well-placed greenery and detailed roofing.

This Minecraft survival house is made of stone bricks and logs, and has a cozy interior and exterior. It also has a fully-functional kitchen and utility rooms. This design is ideal for a secluded retreat.

The aesthetic cottage is a Japanese-inspired house

There are many different types of houses that you can build in Minecraft. You can choose to build a simple, minimalistic house or you can create a sprawling estate that includes a dungeon and a lighthouse. Regardless of which type of house you choose, it is a great way to improve your craft and learn how to create new structures in Minecraft.

A Japanese-style house can be made out of cobblestone, acacia logs, wood, and sandstone. These materials can be used for the walls and roof, and you can also use leaf blocks to create a balcony that overlooks the garden.

The aesthetic cottage is made of oak planks

The aesthetic cottage is an elevated house with an interior garden. It features a variety of flower and plant collections. You can also build a porch on the exterior. This type of house takes about three hours to construct, and it requires you to gather all of the materials beforehand.

The aesthetic cottage has a cozy, simple design. You can add a welcome sign, flowers, and a mattress to make the place look more inviting. You can even place some glow berries to provide light around the cottage.

Best Minecraft Survival House Ideas 2022

image 660 minecraft survival house

Below is our Top 5 Minecraft Survival House Ideas.

  • Ultimate 2 Players Survival House
  • Simple Starter Survival House
  • Underwater Mountain House
  • Japanese Survival House
  • Spruce Mansion

Ultimate 2 Players Survival House

The house is a well-equipped Survival House that includes farms and all necessary equipment. For your convenience, the house also has a farm. It might seem difficult and time-consuming to build this house.  The main courtyard is used for crop farms. You can also keep your livestock pen with sheep here. To make it your own, you can add any crop. You can store barrels and chests on the shelves, as well as bookshelves, crafting table, ladders, and other chests in the attic space.

Build with a 21×21 dimension, this house easily accommodated 2 players within the building.  But even though there’s a lot going over here, it’s pretty easy to replicate with the help of the creator Sv Gravity’s tutorial video. The complete video is attached.

Simple Starter Survival House

Underwater Mountain House

This house is stunning with its large stained glass window in black with an underwater view. This house shouts safety because of all the land that was created in one glance. You will also have something unique and cool to share with your friends when you invite them. There’s a lot to see within this small space. Sea Lanterns, light gray concrete walls with spruce steps, and extensive use of dark Oak to tie it all together make this a great place. This one is not to be missed.

Japanese Survival House

You will instantly be transported back to the Edo period when you take a look at the Japanese house’s exterior. You will be amazed at the modern Japanese style of this house. It even has a torii gate. You can see the video of Hakdow the creator. Here.

Spruce Mansion

This one is amazing, and you will need to spend a lot of time customizing it. You can be sure this is a challenging project. It has a library, an all-around balcony, as well as 68 Campfire blocks. This mansion is open to your imagination. And there’s tons of space to add additional design and give your own spin to it. The creator has created a step-by-step tutorial video.

The aesthetic cottage is made of stone

This is an excellent example of a simple, yet aesthetically pleasing, cottage. A blend of stone and wood provides a rustic aesthetic, while decorative details such as two cute chimneys and a bed made of birch trees are added to complete the overall effect. It is also functional, incorporating necessary living spaces, kitchen, and utilities. The exterior of the cottage is made of lighter wood, featuring tall and wide glass windows. Decorative touches include trailing vines and pot plants.

Another option is to build a house from stone. A stone cottage can be made of various kinds of stone, including cobblestone, andesite, and diorite. It is a good option for a survival home, as it protects the occupants against intruders. These houses also feature a small window, making them ideal for new players.

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