MM2 Values List 2022 Update List September 2022

MM2 Values List 2022 Update List September 2022

MM2 Values List 2022

The MM2 Values List is a chart that helps players understand the value of their items. This guide will cover items such as Commons, Uncommons, Rares, Legends, Vintage, Godly, and Ancients. It also includes items like the Godly ChromaLuger. By following this guide, you can make the best decision possible when purchasing items. In addition to this, it will help you decide if it’s worth investing in rare items.

MM2 Godly ChromaLuger Value 290

The MM2 Godly ChromaLuger has a value of 290 when you purchase it from the unboxing stage. You can also trade the weapon with the Godly Fang to obtain it for a lower price. The MM2 Godly ChromaLuger can be found at an unboxing stage for 290 Seers, while the Godly Heat can be purchased for 280 Seers.

You can find out the value of any item in MM2 by referring to its MM2 Value List. The MM2 Value List has several categories. Commons, Uncommons, Rares, Legends, Vintage, Godly, and Ancient items are included. Rare and Ancient items are included in the list. Depending on how rare they are, their value will rise.

MM2 Godly Icewing

If you’ve been playing MM2, you know that you can get the Godly Icewing for the most money, but what is the best way to get that prize? You can check the MM2 Godly Values List to find out! There are several different codes you can use for this, from the MM2 Godly ChromaLuger to the Godly Icewing’s unique abilities. The values in the MM2 Godly values list will help you determine what items are worth more, or less.

The MM2 Godly Icewing Values list also includes chroma and seer items, as well as items that are rare. Each of these items has its own value, which increases as the item’s rarity grows. This makes the rare cosmetic items in the game ultra-rare. You can also check out the MM2 Godly Icewing Values List 2022 to see how much you can get for your MM2 Godly Icewing.

MM2 Godly Ghostblade

The MM2 Godly Ghostblade is one of the most expensive items in the game. While it is available for sale for a mere 100 Seers, it is worth much more than that. Its value is determined by its rarity and ability to increase the player’s overall power. The list also includes rare, classic, and vintage MM2 items. Listed below are the best values for these items.

The Snowflake is worth 32 Seers and the Frostsaber is worth about thirty-two Seers. The Ghostblade is only available for trade or purchase through the Christmas 2017 event. Previously, it was available for purchase for 5000 Snow Tokens, but now it is only available for trading. The Ghostblade used to be available as a part of the Ghostly Pack.

MM2 Godly Hallow’s Blade

The MM2 Godly Hallow’s blade values list is a useful guide to choose the right weapon for your character. You can find a complete list of weapons in the game and also trade them for other items. Currently, there are four different types of tiers. Below are the values for each tier. The highest tier is the best, while the lowest tier is the lowest.

The best-selling items of the MM2 Godly Hallow’s blade are Frostbite, Pumpking, and Frostsaber. The latter is only traded and is worth 32 Seers. The first two weapons are the same, although there are minor differences. The first, the Hallow’s Blade, is the best weapon for the character. It’s made of steel and is very powerful. It can damage monsters at high speeds. It also works as an ally.

MM2 Values List – Murder Mystery 2 Values List (September 2022)

Image 219 Mm2 Values List
mm2 values list

The MM2 Value List include is Vintage, Legends, Rares, Ancients, Godlys, Uniques, Uncommons, Commons, Pets, Miscellaneous, and more so without wasting time now let’s start mm2 values list.

MM2 Values Godlys List 2022

The MM2 Valuable Godlys List is divided in three lists. These are Chroma Godlys Werts, Godlys value from best to worst and Godlys value less than 100.

MM2 Pets List 2022

The MM2 Pets Value List is divided into three lists: Chroma Pets values, Pets values from best to worst and Pets value less than one.

FAQ’s of MM2 Value List

Here are some FAQs regarding the MM2 Val List

Q. Q. 

The Seer is actually 50 Robux. Robux is an in game currency, so it’s not difficult to obtain.

Q. Q.

Frostbite’s value is approximately 20 Seers based on mm2 and 20 if you use Supreme at the time. Frostbite is an In-Game Godly Knife that can be obtained via trading or the Frostbite items pack.

Q. Q.

Based on Supreme’s MM2 values, the Pumpking approximate value is x53 Seers. Pumpking is a magnificent Godly knife. It was made available by trading after unboxing the 2017 Halloween Box in Murder Mystery 2.


We hope you enjoy this MM2 Values list. In this list, we covered all that is Vintage, Legends and Ancients as well as Godlys, Uniques.

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MM2 Godly ChromaLuger

The MM2 Godly ChromaLuker values list contains information on the prices of the various Godly items. You can find out how much gold an item is worth and where you can find it in the game. There are several ways to get these items; some of them are more valuable than others. Read on to find out more! In MM2, you can find items in different categories like Godly, Rare, Vintage, Ancient, and Legendary. You can also check out the Values List for the various categories such as Rare, Vintage, and Ancient.

There are many different kinds of items that you can trade in MM2 to make your collection stronger. This includes the Luger, the Blaster, and the Ginger Luger. You can also find rare items and pets in the game, and you can even buy them through trades. Besides the items, you can also find a huge range of trading codes for the different types of weapons.

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