Mobile Legends Adventure Tier List September 2022 Best Heroes

Mobile Legends Adventure Tier List September 2022 Best Heroes

Mobile Legends Adventure Tier List Guide

In Mobile Legends Adventure, you can choose from a variety of different classes. Some of these classes are Ranged Mage, Ranged Support, Ranged Fighter, and the Elemental. Read on to learn more about the pros and cons of these classes. After reading this guide, you’ll be ready to start playing Mobile Legends Adventure! We’ll also show you the best ways to level up your characters! And remember: the more experience you have, the better!

Ranged Mage

A Ranged Mage in Mobile Legends Adventure is one of the top units in the game, but what exactly makes it so strong? Its main ability is her ultimate skill, which can grant her buffs and damage to her allies and enemies. Combined with other characters in her party, she can become a great fighter. Meanwhile, Chaos heroes are known for their massive crowd-controlling effects, which are a great way to keep enemies at bay.

In the Mobile Legends Adventure Tier List, a Ranged Mage can turn everything to ash. With her powerful AoE attacks, she can even turn the tide of battle in her favor. Her ultimate skill, called Blazing Duet, can deal decent damage. Alpha is another decent support unit in this tier list. She can use her lightning bolt to hit an enemy team, bouncing it three times.

Ranged Support

As a Ranged Support in Mobile Legends Adventure, you will be dealing damage to your opponents with your AoE attacks. Your ultimate skill will cause your enemies to take damage, but you will also be able to heal your allies. A passive ability will allow you to deal up to 350% of your attack power to your allies. You can also use your ultimate skill to silence enemies after using it. This spell also has a number of other uses, including increasing the survivability of nearby allies.

A support character will typically sit on the same lane as a marksman. Their job is to provide crowd control, and they will also help the carry grow. A marksman character, on the other hand, deals high damage from afar. A marksman hero’s abilities will help them push towers, and they will become increasingly powerful in the later game. Make sure to pay attention to your positioning and watch for stronger enemies.

Ranged Fighter

The Ranged Fighter is the second strongest class in the game and is one of the most popular options. Her damage output is above average, making her a great choice for team fights. She can channel moonlight to deal massive AoE damage. A great way to improve her damage output is by upgrading her ultimate skill. Her ultimate skill deals 100% of her attack power damage over time. Other tier units are average and not worth upgrading.

The Mobile Legends Adventure Tier List also has several Legend Classes that fill different roles in a team. The heroes in the tech faction have many different abilities that make them incredibly useful. In fact, they are capable of changing the tide of a battle with their dazzling mecha-assemblies. They are also very effective healers and can make or break the fight. So which class should you be playing?

Ranged Elemental

Ranged Elemental in Mobile Legends Adventure is an underrated unit that does not offer much value to a team. This unit is a drag on a higher tier character and may be considered weak if not used correctly. Eudora deals damage by raining lightning and electricity from the sky. Eudora’s ultimate, Forked Lightning, deals damage and stuns enemies for one second. She can also steal health points from enemies and use her divine shield to attack enemies.

Heroes are the backbone of Mobile Legends Adventure teams and playstyles. Each class has specific skills and abilities that set them apart from other characters. Heroes have four skills, including the ability to cast their Ultimate. However, if you are not playing as a hero with Mythic 2-Star status, you will only be able to use one skill and can’t upgrade it. Instead, you’ll be able to use your Hero’s Ultimate to deal massive damage to the enemy team.

Heavy Fighter

If you are looking for the best heroes to play as, the Mobile Legends Adventure Tier List is a great place to start. This list has been updated recently to reflect the power and strength of all heroes. Using the Mobile Legends Adventure Tier List, you can build your team with the right mix of heroes and complement each other’s strengths. Read on to find out more! There are many reasons why this list is important.

A Dark-type tank character, Thamuz has an above-average DPS, but his primary weakness is his low HP and lack of damage. Thamuz shines with Dark-type heroes. As for the C-tier Heavy Fighter in the Mobile Legends Adventure Tier List, you need to choose a Hero with above-average health. A character in this tier can be very strong, but it will be hard to beat her.

Mobile Legends Adventure Tier List (Best Heroes)⇩

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mobile legends adventure tier list

We have provided a Mobile Legends Adventure Tier Tier List of the best hero ranking. The highest-ranking character will be SS Tier. A hero with lower skills will be S Tier, A Tier, B Tier, C Tier, D Tier. Ranking characters will be determined by their special abilities, power, and damage. This list can be modified at any time. But you can get a good idea of the heroes that you could add to your team in PvP and PvE modes.

Mobile Legends Adventure Reroll⇩

You will find out how to MLA roll, what to roll, and when to roll.

  • Begin by going to the lobby (Home Screen).
  • Tap the portrait in the upper left corner.
  • Next, go to settings
  • Click the server button
  • Next, click on the all tab to view all servers
  • Choose a new server & the game will start from scratch
  • Continue on until you find the best heroes/desired heros.

When should I reroll my MLA?

It is a good idea for you to roll again after 10 draws. Earning diamonds can be done by completing daily quests and achievements. Draw 10 (2550) diamonds. Wishing Shrine allows you to draw (10) heroes using premium summon banners. You can also get higher-level heroes. The drop rate isn’t great though:

  • 5 stars – Approx 5%
  • 4 stars – Approx 8%
  • 3 stars – Approx 45%
  • 2 stars – Approx 42%

We recommend that you opt for the bulk draw (draw of 10), rather than the individual draw, which will cost 280 diamonds.


We hope you enjoy this MLA Tier Listing. Mobile Legends AdventureRecently updated Tier List Reddit 2022. We will update this post whenever new heroes are released. This tier list is entirely based on heroes’ strength and power.

Ranged Martial

If you are looking for a new character, you can start with the Ranged Martial in the Mobile Legends Adventure Tier List. This class is great for playing as a tank, as it can control large areas of enemies with its ultimate. You can also try the melee tank, Lolita, as her ultimate can control a lot of enemies. Lastly, you can try the ranged marksman class, SS: Irithel, or the legendary Hero, Valir.

The best units for the Ranged Martial class are Belerick and Aurora. Belerick has an excellent passive ability that regenerates his health quickly. The ultimate skill of Belerick is a huge health healer that deals 170% of his attack power to a single target. Aurora, on the other hand, is a frost master, with a passive ability that lets her freeze random targets for two seconds.

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