Modern Warfare 2 Maps

Modern Warfare 2 Maps Guide

There are three maps: the Sub Base map, Karachi map, and Tavorsk map. Each map has its own unique features and advantages. Modern Warfare 2 is more fun for players with different levels of skill. This guide will assist you in choosing the best map to suit your preferences. This article will cover some of the most popular maps in Modern Warfare 2.

District of Tavorsk

Tavorsk is one of the most recent Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 maps. This map is available to fight 32v32 Ground War. This is one of the most important Call of Duty map. It features tall buildings and open areas as well as a mixture of terrain. Use the tall buildings to your advantage. The Infantry Assault Vehicle (IAV) is a great way to win, and it’s great in seven-kill killstreaks.


Modern Warfare 2 Maps Karachi was once called an urban desert. It is possible to find open-area and rooftop combat. All weapons are acceptable, and assault rifles (and even snipers!) can be used in open areas. The city can also be protected from outside threats by using a rooftop location. Karachi has many experiences to offer players regardless of their level.

Sub Base

Modern Warfare 2 Maps

Sub Base is a map of medium size that features Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 single player mode. It is located 14 mi from Petropavlovsk in Russia. It has large open areas as well as enclosed buildings. There will be exposed rooftops. Sub Base is known for its large gunfights. Players often walk down catwalks to fight their foes through tunnels or rooftops.

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Call of Duty added Rust to its game as a map. This square map is popular with both veterans and new players. While close-quarters combat is a good idea for most games it is important to be ready for long-range weapons. Rust can cause problems.


The Wasteland of Modern Warfare 2 doesn’t make for the most terrible town. Invasion is an Afghan map. This game is fast and fun because it combines open space with close-quarters fighting inside houses. Sub Base is, however, a dull and grey landscape. The Underpass is an unforgettable experience that will keep you sharp.


Modern Warfare 2’s Terminal Map makes a great choice if you enjoy tight turns and medium-range combat. A SMG or assault rifle is the best weapon to move and defeat your enemies. Smoke grenades are also useful indoors for creating choke points. You should be careful when working with glass. Use your tracking skills and scouting skills to identify your enemy.

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