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Monoblos Monster Hunter Stories 2 Weakness Guide – How To Beat This Rare Monster?

Monoblos – Monster Hunter Stories 2

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin is a monster-hunting game with a wide variety of monsters. However, acquiring some of them is not an easy task, and Monoblos, a very powerful monster, is no exception. To find the Monoblos egg, players need to fast travel to the Harzgai Rocky Hill, then go south on a curving path. They must also have a stone breaker monster.

Monoblos is a powerful monster

Monoblos belongs to the Flying Wyvern category. It is a 5 Start Rarity monster with 76 HP, 48 Attack and 33 Defense. However, this monster has some weaknesses. Understanding these will help you beat Monoblos in a short amount of time.

First, it is necessary to know where Monoblos is located in Monster Hunter Stories 2. This monster can be found near the Harzgai Hill – Inner Catavan Outpost. It can be approached through a trail that winds down the south and then north. From there, you can then go north to reach the Lamure Pit, which is located near the Jalma Highlands Catavan Outpost.

Monoblos Monster Hunter Stories 2

The name “Monoblos” comes from the Spanish and Greek words diablos, meaning “devil”, and monos, meaning “single”. Its head looks similar to the prehistoric Styracosaurus. It has a horn that spirals outward and a large frill at the back of its head. It has multiple spikes on its body. Its eyes are small and have vertically slit pupils.

It paralyzes

The Monoblos is a wyvern that burrows through the sand and uses its horn as a charging thrust. Its name comes from the Spanish word diablo. This monster is found primarily in desert areas. You can use it to destroy Shock Traps, and it has a powerful attack called the Sonic Bomb.

The most common way to defeat Monoblos is to use a sword. You can also use a Paralysis Knife, which will paralyze Monoblos for three turns. Another way to defeat Monoblos is to use an Ice element attack. This will make it more difficult for the monster to hide.

While White Monoblos is a useful and versatile monster, it doesn’t have the same flexibility as its original species. The attacks it uses are punishing. It deals heavy non-Elemental damage to a single enemy, but has a low chance of instant kill. Its boosted Defense and ability to avoid incoming damage are great bonuses. It’s best to avoid the Monoblos when it is low on health. The White Monoblos is typically found in desert areas and will prioritize Speed attacks over other attacks.

It goes underground

If you enjoyed the first Monoblos monster hunter game, you are going to want to check out the new version, Monoblos Monster Hunter Stories 2. In this game, players will be able to hunt down a monster called Monoblos, which goes underground after a few turns. You will be able to use Sonic Bombs to help you defeat the monster and it’s very tough.

There are two new locations to explore in Monster Hunter Stories 2: Monoblos and Harzgai Hill. Both of these areas have unique monsters to battle. Monoblos, a Flying Wyvern, has 76 HP, 48 Attack, and 33 Defense. This makes it a great early-game Monster, despite being Rarity 5.

What is Monoblos weakness

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Monoblos has a weak connection to the Thunder Element. Thunder attacks send lightning bolts that electrify their enemies. Thunder can be used by Hunters and Monsters in MH Stories 2. This attack is used to defeat the monsters.

Monobolos can be defeated by attacking his legs with a technical attack. Sword and Shield is the second tip that will help you beat this monster quickly. This will increase the retreat rate by using it on Monoblos that is paralyzed. Before you enter battle, make sure to check your stats. This will give you an idea of your Max HP, Speed and Attack as well as Defense and Weak Point. You can use this information to plan your strategy for defeating Monoblos faster in MH Stories 2.

You will instantly unlock the Double Attack if you start with technical attacks. While this won’t cause any major damage it is a good starting point. Concentrate all technical attacks on the legs. It will raise the monster from the ground. You can then attack the Horn and Stomach as well as the Tail. You can then use technical attack to break down the parts.

It uses an ice element assault to defeat it

A great way to defeat Monoblos is by using a combination of swords and technical attacks. The best method is to focus on the legs first, as this will throw the monster back into the arena, and then use other parts of the body to make the monster vulnerable to other attacks. The attack will be effective against Monoblos for three turns.

Monoblos are large wyverns with a rock-hard brown carapace. Their head resembles that of a Styracosaurus, with a beaked mouth and a long spiral nasal horn. Their bodies are covered in various spikes of different sizes, and they also have small yellow eyes.

This monster’s roar is difficult to block, so it is recommended to wear Super HG Earplugs to protect your ears. Monoblos can also perform a forward double horn thrust. It can also regenerate stamina by eating cacti, and its tail can be severed and broken.

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