Moon Rabbit Cookie Toppings Build 2022 – Cookie Run Kingdom

Moon Rabbit Cookie Toppings Build 2022 – Cookie Run Kingdom

Moon Rabbit Cookie Toppings Build 2022

Moon Rabbit Cookie Toppings Build is a puzzle game that requires user input. The player will guide the Moon Rabbit by collecting cookie toppings while avoiding cookie monsters and the obstacles in his way. The game is highly addictive and will have players coming back for more. This is a great game for people who enjoy puzzles. In this game, players will have to think outside the box to be successful.

Swift Chocolate

The Swift Chocolate Moon Rabbit Cookie Toppings build is a great way to increase the effectiveness of your special skill. Your special skill cooldown is currently 12 seconds, so the Swift Chocolate can help you use Giant Rice Cake Bunny more often. You can also increase the amount of your life by collecting Solid Almonds. These will help you live longer. If you don’t have the coins to buy Swift Chocolate and the other new Toppings, you can always get them from Jelly Watch.

The game takes place in the Cookie Run Kingdom and requires you to use your mouse to control the game. Your objective is to bake cookies while avoiding the cookie monsters. Try not to overcook them. Once they’re done, you can decorate them with the different toppings. Getting a higher score will increase your rewards. You can also upgrade the items in the game. This game is perfect for anyone who likes to eat cookies and wants to earn more cash.

Solid Almond

If you want to be one of the best defense units in the game, you should definitely consider the Moon Rabbit Cookie. Its design is similar to that of sweet rice cakes, and you can use its damage resist buff to ensure that you can survive against enemy attacks. Toppings are very important for this unit, as they will help you deal with enemy damage more effectively. There are several ways to customize this Cookie, but the most effective way is to choose the ones that can help you be the most effective in the game.

As the Moon Rabbit Cookie is a defense unit, you should try to place it in the front position so you can be more visible. Swift Chocolate and Solid Almond are good items for the Cookie, as they reduce its cooldown and increase its ATK. The next time you want to use the Cookie, you can cast Giant Rice Cake Bunny, which will bounce around and deal damage to enemies, while healing any allies that are nearby. This build has a 14-second cooldown and is immune to interrupting effects.

Searing Raspberry

If you’re looking for a new cookie to play, you’ve come to the right place. This build features Searing Raspberry and Swift Chocolates, both of which can be great choices for the Eclair. While both can be great for PVP, Searing Raspberry is best suited to PVE play. Dark Cacao is a good PVP dad, but isn’t the best choice for a front cookie. They have similar AOE and looks, so you’ll likely be better off using something else.

A nice feature of the Raspberry Cookie is its Front statline, making it a good tank during chapter 13 or a bossfight. However, it’s not the best option for PVE, unless you’re planning on focusing on a bossfight. While Red Velvet and Vampire are easier to predict, the Raspberry still rips bosses in half. Despite its weakness, Raspberry can be useful in PVP and guild raids, but its main flaw is massive crowds.

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moon rabbit cookie toppings build

Moon Rabbit Cookie Toppings Build >>

For toppings, here is the Moon Rabbit Cookies

  • Solid Almond Topping, X5 (Recommended).
  • Swift Choco X3 + Solid Almond X2 OR Solid Almond X3 + Swift Chocolate X2
  • Swift Choco X5

Solid Almond toppings with X5 are the best Moon Rabbit Cookie Toppings set in CRK. They provide more damage resistance for frontline Moon Rabbits, increasing survivability and damage absorption stats.

A full swift choro, or a mix set of Solid Almond and Swift choco is a good alternative. Solid Almond Topping buildX5 set for Moon Rabbit Cookie at Cookie Run Kingdom.

Skill Info Moon Rabbit Cookie Toppings Build >>

CRK Moon Rabbit transforms into a Giant Rice Cake Bunny – jumps up and down, DMG dealing with all non-friendly units aka enemies.

All enemies, or non-friendly units, that are affected by this skill will be marked using a Healing Rice Cake. Once the enemies have been eliminated, the Healing Cake will restore all friendly units’ HP.

The target affected will determine the amount of healing. Moon Rabbit Cookie will not interrupt any effects while she is using this skill.

  • Base CD – 14 sec
  • DMG Single Hit – 127.9 % +1.7% per level
  • Self Healing – 160% of ATK
  • Cake Healing – heals all allies if the target is defeated within 10 sec
  • Healing – 253% of ATK if Healing Cake’s target is a Cookie
  • Healing – 24.2% of ATK if Healing Cake’s target is not a Cookie

Game Story – Moon Rabbit Cookie Toppings >>

To bake the Happy Moon Rabbit cookies, fresh rice was harvested from the Happy Soil of Cookie World in Cookie Run Kingdom. This cookie’s chubby cheeks are always filled sweet rice cakes.

While some may think she’s cute, her desire to eat more rice cakes could be one of the strongest forces in the game. This craving can become so intense that it can make her a giant rice cake bunny.

One time, a group brave cookies attempted to catch a giant rice bunny by holding hands with their friends and making a circle around the bunny. Moon Rabbit Cookie Toppings has continued the tradition of the cookie holding hands under the full Moon and moving in circles.

Conclusion >>

We hope you enjoy our site. CRK Moon Rabbit Cookie Toppers Build post. This post will cover everything you need to know about Moon Rabbit Cookie Toppings.

Giant Rice Cake Bunny

In the Game of Warcraft: Heart of the Courage and Passionate update, the Moon Rabbit Cookie was released. This cookie is an excellent healer, and her ability to heal allies makes her very valuable. She also has one of the most unique skills in the game, called Giant Rice Cake Bunny. In this game, you must use your mouse to bake the cookies, making sure you add just the right amount of sugar and avoid overcooking them. You can then decorate them with a variety of different toppings and decorations.

As a defensive unit, the Moon Rabbit Cookie needs a lot of protection. To that end, you should equip him with the entire Solid Almond Toppings Set, giving him a very good DMG Resist stat. This will allow him to keep his position at the front of the field, where he can attack the enemy and defend his team. The Solid Almond Toppings Set is the best Moon Rabbit Cookie Toppings Set in CRK, as it increases his damage resistance and survivability.

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