Most Expensive Knife Csgo

Most Expensive Knife CSGO

The Most Expensive Knife: CSGO

Many consider it rare, and the most expensive knife in CS:GO is more than $1,000. The historical data on these knives is very limited so buyers will need to determine the price. The price you pay will depend on the rarity and the type of the pattern, as well your own personal evaluation of the knife’s quality. In some cases, the highest-priced knife in CS.GO can exceed $50,000.

Crimson Web Finish

Crimson Web is the most sought-after knife skin in the game. It can be found on the most expensive Csgo knife. Crimson Web skins are rare and sell for as high as $20k. The M9 Bayonet is the most popular CS:GO knife skin because of this pattern. The price is high, and it’s easy for anyone to understand why.

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CSGO knives can be very expensive because they are highly sought-after. The default bayonet can be purchased for a few hundred dollars. However, you can purchase a high-end knife such as the StatTrak 9 Bayonet Crimson Web Factory new, which costs upwards of $10,000. You can find many versions of this knife. However, they are all quite costly.

M9 Bayonet Lore

The M9 Bayonet Lore skin is unique for CS:GO. It was introduced in September 2016 and is now available in all Gamma cases. The unique design was inspired by the AWP Dragon Lore. The translucent medieval pattern is engraved on the blade, which is coated with gold metallic paint. The blade’s cutting edge is decorated with a Celtic ornament in yellow and orange tones. The guard is unpainted while the handle is dark green.

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Karambit Case Hardened

The Karambit Case Hartened is the most expensive knife in the game. It has all the ingredients to be one of the most sought-after knives on Steam. It’s difficult to find and will cost you a lot. A single Karambit Case Hardened in blue can cost up to $50000, according to some traders.

Butterfly Knife Marble Fade Factory

Look no further if you’re looking for a CS.GO Butterfly Knife that will add to your collection. This Marble Fade Butterfly Knife is a exact replica of the real thing. It will give you 40 KPoints for every purchase, which you can then use to receive a discount when you place your next order. Below are more details about Butterfly Knife Marble Fade.

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