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Free My Summer Car Cheats & Console Commands 2023

My Summer Car Cheats Guide

In this article, we’ll take a look at console command codes and how to install Mods in My Summer Car. In addition, we’ll also look at the Permadeath mechanic, and how to make a pike in My Summer Car. This isn’t an exhaustive list, but hopefully this guide will get you started on the path to cheating and having more fun in the game.

Mods in My Summer Car

My Summer Car Cheats

In My Summer Car, you can use a variety of different mods to make your car more custom and realistic. For example, you can add a custom engine, ESP, TCS and more. You can also customize your pedals and add subwoofers. You can also install a reversing camera or add fuel injection to your vehicle.

Some of the mods available for My Summer Car are very extensive and may not be stable. Before you install any mods, make sure you back up your save game first. For the best results, use a program like the MSC Mod Loader, which streamlines the modding process. It will also patch the mods into the game. However, there are some mods that will not work well with the Mod Loader, so you may have to experiment with different methods to try them out.

Console command codes

The game My Summer Car contains console command codes that allow players to get extra resources and advance in the game. By using these cheats, players can earn more money and purchase new parts for their car. You can also use these codes to save your game. You can find these codes by going to the Options menu and pressing ‘Enter’. This will activate the console commands. By using these codes, you can gain access to all the game’s extra features.

The “WEAR” command code will remove part wear from your car. If you want to make sure your car lasts a long time, try typing “WEAT” instead of “WEAR”. You can also try the “WEAT” cheat code to change the weather. This will also remove the part wear and tear from your car.

Another useful My Summer Car cheat is “DATE*”. This command allows you to change the day of the week and skip important events. This cheat is especially useful for progression.

Permadeath mechanic in My Summer Car

My Summer Car is a simulation game where you build and tune a car. You also need to be careful because one small mistake can lead to your death. To overcome this, you can use cheat codes. There are several options available to help you unlock the full potential of your car.

Firstly, you need to disable the permadeath mechanic. This mechanic prevents you from saving your game when you die. By disabling this feature, you can create a new profile. However, if you already have a profile, you cannot alter the permadeath mechanic. This mechanic works in the following way.

Secondly, you can move your van. The “RVAN” command line will move your van back to your house. You can also use “HAYOSICKE” to borrow a vehicle from a person. The Hayosiko Pace is a vehicle modeled after the real-world Toyota Hiace. It has a large cargo space and is the perfect car for deliveries.

My Summer Car Cheat Codes & Console Commands

image 494 my summer car cheats
  • ARVOEnter this code in order to enable the ArvoAlgotson combine-harvester
  • COLL: Use this code to turn on extra tree colliders
  • CLIPTo toggle noclip mode, enter this code
  • DATAEnter this code to perform car diagnostics (Might not work properly).
  • DATE*: Enter this code to change the day of week
  • DRAG: Enter the code below to teleport to an airfield
  • ENDI: To show the end of the game, enter this code
  • FARM:Enter this code for teleportation to Farm
  • HEMO:Enter this code for teleporting to Home
  • JAIL:Enter this code to teleport you to jail
  • KEKE:Enter this code to enter god mode (immortal). [Might not function properly]
  • KESA:Enter this code to teleport you to the theatre
  • KEYS:This code will allow you to unlock all vehicles.
  • KILL: Enter this code to removes Satsuma from the game world (Doesn’t work with newer versions)
  • LEFA:Enter this code for teleportation to Fleetari Repair Shop
  • MANS:Enter this code to teleport you to the mansion
  • MOKK:Enter this code for teleportation to the cottage island
  • MUMM: Enter this code to teleport to the Sirkka’s house
  • OCCL:To toggle occlusion culling, enter this code
  • PASK:Enter this code and you will be teleported to the wastewater treatment facility
  • PIGG:Enter this code for teleportation to the ventti home
  • POOR*:This code will allow you to add money
  • PORO: Enter this code to add power to the Ferndale (Doesn’t work with newer versions)
  • RALL: Enter this code to teleport to dirt road near Teimo’s house (for observing the AI rally cars?)
  • RBED: Enter this code to get sleep (Doesn’t work with newer versions)
  • RCAR: Enter this code to move the Satsuma back home (Doesn’t work with newer versions)
  • RTRA: Enter this code to move the tractor back home (Doesn’t work with newer versions)
  • RVAN: Enter this code to move the van back home (Doesn’t work with newer versions)
  • SALE: Enter this code to teleport to Teimo’s shop
  • SEIV: Enter this code to save the game (Doesn’t work with newer versions)
  • SHIT: Enter this code to fill Gifu’s septic tank
  • SOBE:This code will set drunkenness at zero
  • TANS:Enter this code to teleport you to the dance pavilion
  • TIME*To change the time, enter this code
  • WEAR:To remove part wear, enter this code
  • WEAT:To change the weather, enter this code

How to activate and use cheat codes

These steps will enable My Summer Car cheats, console commands and more

  • You can activate console commands and cheat codes by going to the Options Menu.
  • This is where you’ll find a console feature.
  • Enter each code individually from the sheet.
  • After this press the ‘Enter’ key on the PC.
  • This will enable you to activate the cheat and allow you use it.

My Summer Car, a survival-based video game, focuses on your experiences building your own car. You can create a vehicle from scratch and drive it around Finland while you do various tasks.

How to make pike in a summer car

There are many ways to get pike in My Summer Car, and a few of them are listed below. The first step to making pike is to catch it. Once you’ve caught it, you can grill it using the grilling stove. It takes four minutes to grill a single pike. However, you can also grill several pikes at once. Just be sure to connect the wires correctly or else they won’t connect properly.

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