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Mythic Heroes Tier List September 2023 Best Characters!

Mythic Heroes Tier List

Having a Mythic Heroes tier list is a great way to make sure you’re not chasing weaker characters. This way, you’ll be able to maximize your potential for success with your chosen characters. The following article will outline the characters you should aim for in the Tier List. You can also learn which abilities each character can provide. And, don’t worry about being overwhelmed – you’ll have all the information you need at your fingertips.

Idun Support

Idun is a powerful support character who can restore health and energy to allies. Her ultimate heals all allies for 30% of their maximum health every second. She can also use passives to heal a low-HP ally. Additionally, her active skill can steal energy and deal damage to enemies. This makes Idun an excellent support tank. Here are some things you should know about Idun.

Hela Support

Support heroes can be the difference between victory and defeat in the game. Their abilities are multi-faceted, ranging from providing heals to debuffing enemies. Support heroes are extremely versatile and can fit into almost any team composition. Support heroes can also be replaced with other overpowered support heroes such as Idun or Iset. This article discusses some of the best support heroes for Mythic Heroes and which ones you should be using.

Persephone Mage

In addition to her DPS and damage, Persephone is also an excellent healer. As a mage, she can heal allies and all opponents while gaining a swarm of flies. Her passive ability, “Snake”, is the perfect early game guide. She can also attack one or two targets. As she has a large HP pool, she makes an excellent early game guide.

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Lucifer Warrior

If you are looking for a character with great mobility, a great damage dealer and a decent CC, look no further than Lucifer (Warrior). This character will be an invaluable asset when the game launches, and will make quick work of any competition in PvP. To make the most of this hero, you will want to invest in a rune set to increase his damage and shorten his cooldowns. A good choice for this is the Axe of Pangu. It will reduce your cooldowns by a substantial amount.

Athena Tank

The Mythic Heroes Tier List includes the SSR, UR, and MR units and excludes SR and DR heroes, which are considered enhance fodder. These lists should not be taken literally and should only be used as a guide for selecting which heroes to build. If you are looking to choose a character based on the tier list, keep in mind that each character’s stats will change slightly based on her investment.

Ganiang Moye Mage

There are several reasons why a mage is a great choice for your team. While Ganiang Moye has great AoE damage, she can also heal herself and other members of her team. Her passive also increases her crit rate, making her a great support. Flora is another good choice for this tier, but she requires support healing. Athena is a decent tank and can take a lot of damage, thanks to her passive, but can also heal herself and her allies.

image 11 mythic heroes tier list

Ganiang Moye Warrior

There are three types of characters in Mythic Heroes. First, you have the Ganjang & Moye (Mage). This character pair is the best in the game when it comes to melee combat. Their Twin Souls ability allows them to deal x2 damage and restore 40% health while also targeting enemy support characters. They also have the Spirit Slash ability, which allows them to deal 80% more damage.

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Mythic Heroes Character Ranked List 2022 >>

There are four roles in Mythic Heroes: Fighter, Support, Tank, Mage and Support. Although some characters are capable of playing multiple roles, they perform best when they are part of a certain line up. So be careful when you build your team. There are also three types of battles. PvP and PvE as well as boss fights. Many heroes are more powerful in different game situations, so it’s the best idea to build an individual team for each in-game battle mode.

Mythic Heroes All Best Heroes List >>

Mythic fighters have heroes that can either be melee, or ranged. In-game physical damage can be done by them through quick or flurry attacks. The front should have the stronger melee fighters, while the back should have the more mellow fighters.

Mythic Heroes Tier Liste – Best Heroes Overall >>

All the heroes have been listed in our Mythic Hero tier list guide. We have broken down the characters into seven groups due to the large number of them in the game: Tier SS (Tier S), Tier A+ Tier Tier A, Tier B, T2 A+ Tier C and T2 D.

Tier lists are largely opinions based on different gamers. They can vary depending on how your results compare to theoretical feasibility. Also, among many level lists, you will see similar trends due to the general community concept of a character’s strengths based on their results.

Mythic Heroes Tier List – Best Mythic Heroes for PVP >>

If you’re looking forward to becoming a Mythic Heroes PvP master, the Mythic Heroes tier list above will point you in the right direction. Using the best combinations of the above characters will build a team that is generally more strong on the field than any other player’s team. Although the final game outcome will depend on how your heroes are used in Mythic Heroes’ game combat, these heroes were primarily created for player vs. players and will perform well when used correctly.

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Mythic Heroes Tier List – Best Heroes For Boss Battles >>

Do you want to see how your strategy will fare against bosses in PvE rather than actual people? These are the most mythical heroes for the job. There’s a more obvious change in meta here than in the general and PVP-focused tier lists. Many more characters show their weaknesses in this area of ​​the game. You can build a solid team for boss fights in other campaigns if you stick to the top three Tiers.

And that’s all for now. Mythic heroes are in-game gods or heroes. As such, you can expect the Mythic Heroes list to grow rapidly as new characters and balances are added to maintain peace and best gameplay. By having this in hand when redeeming code rewards, you can be sure that you’re only using valuable resources on the best characters for the job.

About New Mythic Heroes Unit Release >>

Last new entity launched in Mythic Heros on September 2022. Although the name of this unit is not known, a silhouette of it and a summary of its capabilities are. Multi-faction hero: This new character can give rise to three types Demon Snakes, instead of fallen allies. These Demon Snakes will then inherit your abilities, making them a powerful backup that can help win battles.

Conclusion >>

We have included the Mythic Heroes Tier List to help you choose the best Mythic Heroes character based on your role. Also, we include all the tier lists for Mythic Heroes games from SS through TBD. Through our Mythic Heroes Tier List, we discuss each rank of Mythic Heroes characters in all game modes. Mythic Heroes is amazing. This game can be downloaded from the play store.

Tamamo No Mae Mage

You can find the latest Mythic Heroes tier list below. This list contains SSR/UR units, but it does not include SR heroes, as they are considered enhance fodder, and they do not have much stature. However, the tier list is not meant to be a definitive list. There are many reasons to use Tamamo No Mae, and you may want to consider her if you are looking to get your hands on a decent mage.

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