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PoE Neversink Loot Filter 3.16 Download And Installation Guide

PoE NeverSink Loot Filter 3.16 Download And Installation Guide

If you’re looking for an excellent loot filter for Path of Exile, then Greengroove’s NeverSink Loot Filter is for you. This tool will help you to easily find and collect loot that’s more suitable for your character. As with the Oftrta mod, you can enable this filter whenever you want. This guide will show you how to install it in your game.

Greengroove’s loot filter is aesthetically pleasing

PoE Neversink Loot Filter 3.16 Download

Whether you’re playing a vanilla or PvP game, the Greengroove Loot Filter will make loot more aesthetically pleasing. Unlike most loot filter applications, this one comes with presets for different loot types. You can also adjust the filter’s levels of strictness and customize the colors and text.

It distinguishes between different loot types using color and font size. It also provides sound customizations for each loot type. In addition, it is completely compatible with the patch 3.2.0. It is also fully customizable, so you can adjust it to match your preferences.

Greengroove’s loot filter is mainly for experienced players

Greengroove’s Loot Filter is a multi-featured loot sorter with tons of options. There are presets for racing, leveling, and rare items, and it allows you to customize the sounds for different ‘tiers’ of drops. The filter also allows you to switch between six color themes, which makes it ideal for players at all stages of the game.

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The Neversink loot filter is the most popular of all loot filters. It uses different text sizes, colors, and labels to distinguish loots from one another. You can even customize the sound to get a better feel for what you’re looking for. Although this PoE loot filter is designed for experienced players, new players can also use it to customize their loot.

The filters can be downloaded from the internet or viewed in-game. Some filters hide more than others. Some of them hide basic supplies and items that aren’t worth much. Some people hide these items or buy them in bulk. Rare items can be identified by their color and border. A color-coded border means that it is a small item, while a red border means it’s a large item. The border is also an indication of the item’s Tier.

How to install Greengroove’s loot filter in Path of Exile

Greengroove’s loot filters offer a ton of features, and there are five different settings that make them a great addition to the Path of Exile experience. The app also has special audio cues for drops, and you can customize the color scheme of the loot filter to suit your preferences. This mod is ideal for players at all stages of the game.

Loots are a large part of Path of Exile. Though some of these items are useful, the vast majority of them are trash. As a result, you will end up getting frustrated with the list of loots and will stop fleeing from enemies and collecting items. Furthermore, you’ll miss out on some great items and even die because you’re so distracted by the long list of loots.

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Path of Exile Expedition Neversink Loot Filter 3.16 Obtain Launched

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As posted by the NeverSinkDev on Reddit, NeverSink’s itemfiter has acquired the Expedition replace. It improves the tiering algorithm and in addition will get the three.16 replace.

Easy methods to Obtain PoE Neversink loot filter 3.16

The developer recommends as the way in which to obtain the filter as a result of it’s all the time updated. You don’t want any coding information to change and regulate as per your playstyle. It consists of help for all types, financial system and strictness and in addition has explanations, overview and in addition a loot simulator. In case you are a veteran participant, then you may edit filters as effectively.

Aside from this, you too can obtain the filter from GitHub. To know extra concerning the changelog and detailed details about this replace, take a look at the reddit publish here or the Github page has plenty of helpful data as effectively.

Easy methods to Set up the Filter?

  • After downloading the newest out there filter, extract the downloaded recordsdata utilizing WinRar or WinZip.
  • Paste the .filter recordsdata into the folder: %userprofile%/Paperwork/My Video games/Path of Exile
  • Now, when you find yourself in-game, press Escape and choose Choices > UI and scroll down.
  • Select the filters from the dropdown field and that’s it.


  • The filter is not going to replace robotically. It’s important to redownload the most recent model to maintain issues up to date,
  • There’s a leveling mode and an endgame mode on this filter and the change will occur at itemlevel 65.
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Custom sounds for NeverSink loot filter

If you’re a fan of Path of Exile, you can add custom sounds to the game’s loot filter. You’ll be able to differentiate between loots by changing text size, colors, and labels, but if you want to change the sound of loot items even more, you can do so with custom sounds. These can be loaded into the filter and toggled using in-game options.

There are several different types of custom sounds for the loot filter in Path of Exile. You can choose from almost ten different sounds, as well as a filter sound. To install the sounds, you’ll need to first replace the existing defaults with the new sounds. You can also use triggers to install custom sounds, which will install them in the game’s settings.

Another option is to download custom sound files for NeverSink’s loot filter from GitHub. The developer has made sure to make it as easy as possible for you to customize your loot sounds. The files are organized by color, and Greengrove has taken care to choose specific sounds for different ‘tiers’ of drops. For example, the sound of an amethyst is different from that of a jade. The sounds for different loots are also customized depending on the player’s level.

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