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New Overwatch Hero Kits Revealed

Overwatch Hero Kits Revealed

Although the kits have not been updated to accommodate many of these new heroes, there are some significant improvements. The new Ultimates Sojourn or Lucio were not well received by fans. Hanzo Shimada modified his kit to make it more attractive for players. For more details, read on. We take a look into each new hero’s ultimate.

Enjoy a Relaxing Stay

Sojourn, an Overwatch Hero has a strong focus on mobility. She can use her secondary high-damage weapon and an automatic rifle to move. She looks very much like Soldier 76, Overwatch Hero. The Verge has an exclusive interview with Blizzard about Sojourn. The video contains a lot of information about Sojourn, including her powers and lore.


Lucio, the New Overwatch Hero is now available. He can heal and speed up teammates’ movements and is a support character. Heroes of the Storm fans hoped that he would be a Hero in the StarCraft style like Alexei Stukov. The character will be available for public viewing on the test realm beginning February 6.

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Hanzo Shimada

Overwatch’s new character received many positive comments from players. Many fans are happy with Hanzo’s character, design, abilities, and character. Many people have expressed their admiration for Hanzo’s ability bring two dragons into an area. Hanzo is not yet a hero. Effectively using the character will require practice.

Hanzo Shimada’s Reworked Kit

Hanzo Shimada has been the Overwatch hero to undergo a major overhaul. The Overwatch lead designer, and the Game Director, have confirmed these changes in response to an SOS thread on Blizzard’s forums. Hanzo will be getting a new kit, which includes an enhanced attack speed and stormarrow. These modifications will make Hanzo better balanced and should increase his archery.

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Orisa’s New Power Block Ability

Orisa will make Overwatch 2 look great. Orisa, a Tank no more! She will instead become a DPS. Her improved Power Block abilities give her a stronger burst boost boost and make her an excellent choice for tanking or DPS roles. Overwatch 2 gets a beta version for PvP.

Bastion’s Reworked Collection

Overwatch is changing Bastion. Bastion no longer has the Self Repair ability. He now has a new kit. Bastion’s Turret form is limited in ammo and has a slower speed but has unlimited ammo. It has a higher speed. Bastion’s walking version has had its kit modified so that there is no spread and lower fire rate.


You can tell the game’s story using stories that aren’t part of its official history. You could tell the story in a blog post, or on a map. The roster may include a long-serving character. We look forward to seeing what Overwatch has for us, no matter the outcome.

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