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New World Dungeons List & All 6 Expeditions Guide

New World Dungeons List – Four Ways to Get More Multipliers in World of Warcraft

There are several ways to make the most of the New World Dungeons List. Whether you want to kill regular mobs or nameless monsters, or you’re interested in taking on bosses, there are plenty of ways to earn multipliers. There are four ways to get more multipliers and we’ve listed them below.

The Garden of Genesis

The Garden of Genesis is the second maximum level dungeon in the New World. It is located west of the Last Stand and Edengrove and requires the Genesis Tuning Orb. The Garden of Genesis is an exploration and PvE dungeon that involves solving puzzles and facing bosses.

The Garden of Genesis is level 65 and contains nature-based enemies. The loot will be geared towards endgame players, with items based on the High Water Mark system. This means that gear that drops in the Garden of Genesis is useful only if you are over 600. For this reason, it is recommended to bring two DPS for this area. A Healer should be prepared with Blight Tincture.

The Forbidden Passage

New World Dungeons List

In the New World, there is group PvE content that revolves around dungeons. This type of content, known as Expeditions, is meant for players who are level 60 or higher. These dungeons introduce new mechanics and require teamwork. They are generally designed for groups of five players, with one person being a healer and another person tanking. The other three people on the team deal damage.

There are 6 different dungeons in the New World, and they become increasingly difficult as you level up. You can take on one of these dungeons as early as level 25, or you can take it as difficult as you want.

The Depths

The Depths of New World is one of the dungeons in World of Warcraft. Located near Eridanus and Restless Shore, it is a challenging dungeon containing fearsome enemies and puzzles. The main objective of the dungeon is to acquire a Depths Turning Orb, which is found in the depths of the dungeon. The dungeon also features several bosses that will be a challenge for the players.

The Depths also contain the Corrupted Retreat. This location contains several Ancient Artifacts and a large pillar. While you’re in this area, be on the lookout for a group of Axemen. These mobs spawn in small groups that will attack you. Getting a high damage weapon is crucial for surviving in this dungeon.

The Asian Temple

In The Asian Temple in New World Dungeon List, you’ll find an eerie Asian temple and a shipyard full of enemies. You’ll have to survive nine bosses in total, including two main bosses and seven mini bosses. You’ll also have to solve puzzles and face waves of hardy skeletons.

New World Dungeons List

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New World currently has 6 dungeons. These dungeon quests can also be called expeditions. You can do them at any level, but the minimum level recommended for the first expedition should be 25. For the final two dungeons, you will need to be at least level 60.

To defeat them, your team should consist of 3 high-damage characters, 1 tank, 1 healer, and 1 tank. Alternately, you can take a team consisting of 2 healers (2 damage dealers) and 1 tank.

Here’s the complete list of 6 New World dungeons.

  • Amrhein excavation
  • Starstone Barrows and the Destroyed Obelisk
  • Depths
  • Dynasty Shipyard
  • Lazarus Instrumentality
  • Garden of Genesis/Origin

Here’s a basic guide to each dungeon.

Amrhein Excavation

  • Location:Region Windward
  • Recommended Level25 and higher
  • Requires items: Armine Tuning Orb
  • Bosses: Nakashima’s Ghost, Simon Grey

Obelisk destroyed

  • Location: Everfall region
  • Recommended Level 35 and above
  • Requires items:Starstone Tuning Orb
  • Bosses: Alectos, Greundgul


  • Location:Restless shores region
  • Recommended Level45 and Above
  • Requires items:Orb for depths tuning
  • Bosses:Captain Thorpe, Archdeacon Azamela

Dynasty Shipyard

  • Location: Ebonscale Reach region
  • Recommended Level55 and over
  • Requires items: Dynasty Tuning Orb
  • Bosses: Isabella & Her Pets, Zhou Taiying

Lazarus Instrumentality

  • Location:Reekwater Region
  • Recommended Level 60
  • Requires items: Lazarus Tuning Orb
  • Bosses: Cilla, Chardis

Garden of Genesis/Origin

  • Location:Edengrove region
  • Recommended Level 60
  • Requires items: Genesis Tuning Orb
  • Bosses:Alluvium Marl, The Caretaker, The Greenskeeper

The Dynasty Shipyard

The Dynasty Shipyard in New world dungeons is a challenging expedition. It contains several mini-bosses and named Elites, as well as two major bosses. You’ll also encounter a number of useless mobs, including the Dragonglory plant. However, the overall experience here is relatively rewarding.

In addition to the shipyard’s exotic setting, this dungeon also features a number of tricky puzzles. The shipyard is located near the imperial palace and Monarch’s Bluffs. It is the first major jump in difficulty, with a few challenging boss fights.

This five-player PvE dungeon requires a high level champion. It is recommended that you have a level 55+ character to tackle this dungeon. It’s also a good way to earn rare Tier IV gear.

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