The New World Timeless Shard 2022

The New World Timeless Shard is an artifact that is useful when crafting items that provide a specific attribute bonus. This is very different from a crafting mod, which focuses on increasing the variance of your items. A Timeless Shard allows you to ensure that a certain perk or attribute bonus will always be present when you craft an item. To craft a timeless shard, you need to have a specific category shard and at least 10 attributes suffixes.

The New World Timeless Shard

New World Timeless Shard

While New World Timeless Shard are new to the market, they’ve already made a big impact. The new shards can be used to craft a number of items, including weapons, armor, and rings. Some of these items are sold for thousands of gold. To find out how much each of these items will cost, read our guide to crafting them. And remember to keep the price in mind – you don’t want to pay too much for something that doesn’t do anything for you!

The New World Timeless Shard is an extremely versatile item, and you can use it to craft weapons, armor, and more. You can also use it to create a variety of items, including necklaces, earring sets, and gypsum. In addition to this, you can make attunement potions and more. Once you have the necessary materials for crafting, you can sell it and use it for other purposes.

New World Where to Craft Gypsum

The New World has a new lootable resource in the form of Gypsum. You can use it to mount a Watermark and to craft molds. However, you can only create one of each type of item per day. If you want to make more than one item per day, you need to spend a lot of time crafting this substance. Here is where you can learn how to craft Gypsum.

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new world where to craft gypsum

In the New World, you can also craft the new Gypsum material to create new gear. You can obtain this material in high-level zones. To find a new workstation, you must visit high-level zones and farm plants. During this process, you must make use of the Kiln. Then, you can refine different types of Gypsum in your home or in the market. This process doesn’t require any trade skill, and you can do it on any item.

Once you’ve collected enough Gypsum to make a cast, you can then enchant it with a certain material to gain the desired effect. Depending on the type of Gypsum you are looking for, you can choose from various types. You will also need a level 60 character to fully utilize the new skill, but it’s worth a try. You can also use the Gypsum in your crafting projects to increase your item expertise.




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