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Nezuko Age: How Old Is Nezuko September 2022

Nezuko Age in Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm

Nezuko is known as a beautiful girl in her hometown. Her dark brown hair is a soft shade of vermilion, and she has long, slanted eyebrows. Her eyes are a soft pink color. Her nose is upturned, and she has long eyelashes. Here are some other features that make her look attractive. Weighing in at 165 pounds, she has a slim build.


In the game, the main character is the demonic Nezuko. Despite her demonic nature, she possesses a strong willpower and is a fierce fighter. During battle, Nezuko takes on a demonic form, complete with a green vine pattern with several veins and one horn on her right forehead. This physical appearance gives her demonic characteristics, and it also indicates that she has the ability to fight demons. She is also able to develop a resistance to the sun, a trait that makes her a valuable piece of the series’ puzzle.

While the popularity polls for character rankings are a fun aspect of anime and manga, the question of how old Nezuko is has been a subject of speculation among fans. Her popularity climbed to third place in the first one, but she later dropped to eleventh. Her brother, however, rose to fourth place. As a result, the age of this demon character has been the subject of much speculation among fans.

Full Name

The Full Name of Nezuko is Kamado. She is a young demon and is the younger sister of Tanjiro. Her chronological and biological age is 12 years. Her height is 153 centimeters/five feet, and she weighs 45 kilograms (100 pounds). She is born in December and her birthday is the 28th of December. In the anime series, she was born on December 28.

The first kanji in the Japanese spelling of her name means “red bean.” It is actually part of the word “snowball,” but it has a feminine suffix that means “child.” While the second kanji in her last name refers to a door, the first kanji probably refers to the family’s occupation. Despite the strange spelling, it is still a lovely name for a deity!


Fans of the manga and anime series Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm are often curious about Nezuko’s age. Although she is biologically 12 years old, she is chronologically 14 years old. However, the time skip in the manga and anime caused her to age more than five years. This is why her age remains unclear. Read on for a closer look at the manga and anime character’s age.

A character’s popularity is one of the most exciting aspects of anime and manga. Although Nezuko ranked third in her first popularity poll, she dropped to eleventh in the second. Her younger brother ranked fourth. The popularity of main characters tends to fade with time as new, more interesting characters enter the series. However, in the series, Luffy has remained the number one character and remains a fan favorite.

image 347 nezuko age


The name Nezuko is derived from a Japanese word meaning “red bean,” which was part of the word for snowball. The second kanji is a feminine suffix, and means “child.” Although Nezuko’s first name refers to a traditional wood-fueled furnace, her last name translates as “door,” a reference to the occupation of her family. While her brother is a Cancer, his birthday is a Capricorn, so his birthday is a good day to celebrate with his sister!

In the anime series Dragon Ball Z, Nezuko was twelve years old when she became a demon. Today, she is fourteen years old, but she still looks like a 12-year-old. She has retained her human emotions, but now appears distant and detached. Despite this, she still retains her desire to protect Tanjiro. As a result, the anime series has portrayed Nezuko as an older female demon with an uncanny ability to see the future.


Nezuko is the younger sister of Tanjiro Kamado. The anime series focuses on her character and she has a height of 153 cm/5 feet. She was a human when the story first started, but has since been turned into a demon by Muzan Kibutsuji. Her height and weight are the same, but she is only five inches shorter than Tanjiro.

She was born on December 28, 2004, which makes her 12 years old. She weighs 45 kilograms and is 153 centimeters tall. Her age is important, because she is the youngest character of the series. Her height is important because of her age, as she was only 12 when the story began, but she is 14 years old chronologically. While she is taller than her two other friends, she was physically young when she started training.

Nezuko Age 2022 >>

Nezuka age is biologically 12 & chronologically 14This is the Demon Slayer’s most well-known character. Nezuko gender is female and her Race of Initially human turned into a demon by Muzan Kibutsuji. Her actual age is biologically 12 & chronologically 14. Nezuko height is 153 cm and Weight 45 KG/99 LB. Nezuko celebrate her Birthday on the 28th of December. Her hair color is black when human and black to copper when a demon Also Nezuko’s eye color is dark pink when human & pale pink when a demon. Her role in the game is Main Deuteragonist.

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Nezuka is a 12 & 14 year old. Nezuko is both alive and dead pre-time skip. Her father name is Tanjuro Kamado and Mother is Kie Kamado. Nezuko have both an older and younger brother his older brother’s name is Tanjiro Kamado and his younger brother’s name is Takeo Kamado. Also, Nezuko younger sister’s name is Hanako Kamado and her husband is Zenitsu Agatsuma.

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Nezuko, the second most handsome protagonist of Demon Slayer, is also one of the two remaining Kamados. She is Tanjiro Kamado’s younger sister and was transformed into a demon by Muzan Kibutsuji. She is Tanjiro’s only victim. Poor girl is torn between protecting her humanity and being a demon.

Hidden Facts About Nezuko >>

Here are some incredible and undiscovered facts about Nezuko.

  1. Nezuko Age – Nezuko is a deuteragonist and has 2 ages.
  2. Eye Hue – Change of eye color as we mentioned above that is dark pink and pale pink.
  3. Human Characteristics – Did not lose her traits of human-like compassion and sympathy even in an in-game demon state.
  4. Nezuko Fire Link-up – Nezuko’s family has a charcoal company, so she was born with a very good connection to flames. Her blood art, which is fire-based, is also a part of her heritage.
  5. Her Blood (Strong Lineage) – Nezuko’s family is inherited from a huge line of sword wielders worthy of mastering the Breathe of the great Sun style.
  6. Special Demon – Demonic state retains human consciousness.
  7. Berserk Mode – Forehead Horns pop-ups, and vine mark close across her cute neck. This form is her most powerful, but her demon side takes over and she needs human blood to maintain gameworld life.
  8. Day Walker – Unlike normal demons like vampires she is not harmed by sunlight and can roam around even during the day.

FAQ >>

These are some commonly asked questions about Nezuko age:

Q. Nezuko is Actually Older Than Tanjiro

Ans. Ans.

Q. Q.

Ans. Absolutely Yes, Because Nezuko is biologically 12 years old and chronologically Nezuko’s age is 14 years.

Q. Q.

Ans. In 2022, she is only 15 years old.

Conclusion >>

This is our Nezuko Age post and How Old Is Nezuko, which basically sums up Nezuko’s age and other interesting facts. We hope you enjoyed the Nezuko Age post. If you have any questions or want more information about Nezuko, please comment.

Natural strength

The physical strength of Nezuko is naturally enhanced, and she relies on brute force to battle demons. She can decapitate a Demon with a kick and knock down a door with forceful blows. Even if her attacks are not precise, she is still able to match the strength of an Upper Rank Demon. Unlike other Demons, she doesn’t use the strength she gains from fighting to feed her bloodlust. After battle, Nezuko uses her power to regenerate, allowing her to fight with equal vigor.

While most demons are not able to control their blood flow, Nezuko is able to manipulate her age and physical form in ways that make her stand out among other demons. Her regeneration ability allows her to re-grow severed limbs within seconds. In addition, her ability to solidify her blood allows her to manipulate it at will. This ability was demonstrated during her battle with Daki.

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