The Odd Jessie Outfit in Skyrim (2022)

Odd Jessie Outfit in Skyrim The oddest outfit in Skyrim is the director’s suit. This is a special costume that can only be worn by Jesse. To get it, you need to complete six side missions. The first one requires Jesse to visit the Laboratory of Astral Projection, where you must find a mysterious artifact. The second one requires you to travel to the Astral Plane and find Dylan. After you finish this mission, you will receive the Director’s Suit.

The Odd Jessie Outfit in Skyrim

Odd Jessie Outfit in Skyrim

To unlock the outfit, you need to be able to unlock Control. In this mode, you will be able to change Jesse’s appearance by completing missions. The first mission you complete will require you to put on the Control Expedition Outfit, which will completely alter Jesse’s appearance. This is a part of The Foundation DLC and you can get it from the Central Executive area. You can only get it after completing the Take-Control mission.

odd jessie outfit skyrimAfter you unlock the Take Control mission, you can change Jesse’s look by visiting the Control game’s central control point. This will change her appearance into something that she would wear if she worked in the FBA. You can only use this outfit once in the game, so you need to keep this in mind when you’re changing your outfit in the game. You can also find other unique items that will change your character’s appearance, and this way, you can save up your money.

Changing Jesse’s Outfit in Skyrim

Changing Jesse’s outfit in the Take Control mission is easy and fast. Once you have completed the first five missions, you will find the option to change her outfit at the Central Executive area. You will only be able to wear the Control game’s outfit for the first time during the dream sequence, but you can then permanently use it. If you complete the Take Care mission and earn the corresponding achievement, you’ll unlock the Control game’s outfit for your main character.

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jessie outfit skyrim

The game’s armored suit comes in three pieces. The first piece is a blue shirt. The second piece of armor is a dark gray Director’s Suit. The blue shirt in the game is replaced with an armored top to give the character a drab appearance. The third piece is the Captain’s Hat, which is perfect for a high-ranking official. This outfit also has a sheen that makes it look more realistic.

The third piece of armor is the Candidate’s P7 headwear. The second part of the costume is the Captain’s Coat. Using this outfit will give you the look of the Prime Candidate. This outfit can only be obtained after completing the Prime Candidates Program mission. To get this outfit, you’ll have to search for rooms P6 and P7 in the Containment Sector.




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