Omori Emotion Chart All Emotions Helpful List 2022

Omori Emotion Chart All Emotions Helpful List 2022

Omori Emotion Chart

Getting stressed out, angry, and afraid are just some of the emotions that we’ve experienced in our lives. It’s important to understand the different emotions we experience and how they affect us, so we can get to a better place emotionally. Here are some tips to help you identify your emotions and understand how to manage them.


Omori Emotion Chart All Emotions
omori emotion chart

Among the many gizmos and gadgets contained in Omori, there is one which stands out above the rest. That little black box is a micro-computer based on the Microsoft Windows platform. It is a bafflingly complex beast that will take 20 hours to master. It is the product of a small team of coders and pranksters, and has been in development for the past three years. The name Omori, as you can probably tell by now, is the name of the game’s main character. In a nutshell, Omori is a psychological horror game set in a strange land. It features a colorful palette of cartoonish characters and their eponymous counterparts.

For the diehard gamer, Omori is a fun and sometimes perilous challenge. The best part is that the developer OMOCAT, LLC has created a community forum where gamers can share their experiences and seek advice.


Angry is one of the five emotions that make up the Omori Emotion Chart. This emotion, although common, has its strengths and weaknesses. The most significant difference is that the angrier you get, the more damage you will deal to your opponents.

In the battle mode, your character can choose to attack up to four different characters. Each character has a unique skill set. Some of them are better at dealing damage when in an Angry state, while others can swoop in and take the brunt of the attack. You can also choose to switch targets by pressing the shift button on your controller.

There is more to an Angry Emotion Chart than just the number of particles that it inflicts. For example, a single Air Horn can cause an angry reaction and inflict Anger on the target. You can also use Confetti to inflict Happiness.

Stressed Out

OMORI is a quirky indie RPG. Omori’s story takes heavy inspiration from EarthBound, Yume Nikki, and the Mother series. Despite its indie roots, Omori was fully funded, localized in Japan, and met its stretch goals. It was released for PC on December 25, 2020.

The game features a variety of emotions. Players can use these emotions to show how strong or weak they are in the game. Emotions can also affect the other characters in the party. The game uses a chart to determine which emotion is most appropriate for the character at the time of the battle.

Omori’s Emotion Chart includes three main emotions. These are happy, angry, and sad. Each emotion has a specific level. The more powerful the emotion, the more damage a character will deal in a fight. However, a character with a strong emotion will not automatically win a fight.

Painful Truth

Using the Emotions Chart in Omori allows players to see which emotions are used by characters. It also helps players to determine the strengths and weaknesses of their characters.

Standard Omori Emotion Chart

Omori features three main emotional states: Happy, Sad, and Anger. This can be affected by the skill used by other characters in battle.

Using the Emotions Chart is essential in Omori. It allows players to use their emotions and communicate with other players. The Emotions Chart can also be used to determine how much damage a character can deal to an enemy. The more damage a character can deal to an enemy, the more damage they can inflict on the same enemy.

Omori’s main boss isn’t an external enemy. It’s the player. It’s a demo battle UI. It features bad cropping on the image.

How Do All Feelings in Omori Emotion Chart Work?

Image 363 Omori Emotion Chart
omori emotion chart

Omori Emotion Chat exhibits a ‘Rock Paper Scissors’ model standing results mechanism for all of the in-game combats. These standing results are primarily based on the present emotion of your character throughout a battle. A personality’s or enemy’s emotion may be affected by strikes or assaults by different characters within the battle.

Other than Impartial (base emotion), your workforce or enemy may be Indignant, Unhappy, or Pleased in the course of the struggle. Other than these, there are higher-intensity variations of those feelings in Omori. So Pleased>Indignant>Unhappy>Pleased feelings, and Pleased<Unhappy<Indignant<Pleased feelings.

The best way how these rock-paper-scissors model feelings have an effect on one another is proven within the Omori Emotion Chart. You will get the chart proper from the “tutorial” when you beat the Misplaced Sprout Mole enemy. Then the “Hero” will introduce you to the emotion system utilizing this chart. You’ll be able to view this Omori Emotion Chart we connected above for reference. However to interrupt them additional down, right here’s how they work:

  • Impartial is the bottom emotion with any results throughout battle
  • Pleased rises “Luck” & “Velocity” however drops “Hit Fee”
  • Indignant rises “Assault” however drops “Protection”
  • Unhappy rises “Protection” however drops “Velocity” together with some harm to “Coronary heart” in type of “Juice”

As you may see from our chart above, Pleased is robust towards Indignant emotion, Indignant is robust towards Unhappy emotion, and Unhappy is robust towards Pleased emotion. Similar method, Pleased is weak towards Unhappy emotion, Unhappy is weak towards Indignant emotion, and eventually Indignant is weak towards Pleased emotion in Omori. So with that in thoughts, right here’s how they fare towards different feelings and the harm taken throughout their higher-intensity emotion phases:

Pleased Emotionvs Indignant Emotionvs Unhappy Emotion
Indignant Emotionvs Unhappy Emotionvs Pleased Emotion
Unhappy Emotionvs Pleased Emotionvs Indignant Emotion

As a last fast reference, right here’s the listing of buffs and debuffs you get when getting into totally different emotion phases in Omori:

Pleased Emotion

  1. Pleased – Will increase 200% Luck, 125% Velocity, however lowers -10% Hit Fee
  2. Ecstatic – Will increase 300% Luck, 150% Velocity, however lowers -20% Hit Fee
  3. Manic – Will increase 400% Luck, 200% Velocity, however lowers -30% Hit Fee

Indignant Emotion

  1. Indignant – Will increase 130% Assault, however lowers 50% Protection
  2. Enraged – Will increase 150% Assault, however lowers 30% Protection
  3. Livid – Will increase 200% Assault, however lowers 15% Protection

Unhappy Emotion

  1. Unhappy – Will increase 125% Protection, however lowers 80% Velocity and 30% harm adjustments into Juice
  2. Depressed – Will increase 135% Protection, however lowers 65% Velocity and 50% harm adjustments into Juice
  3. Depressing – Will increase 150% Protection, however lowers 50% Velocity and 100% harm adjustments into Juice

Reset Headspace

Whether you have played Omori or not, you may be wondering how to Reset Headspace on Omori Emotion Chart. The answer is simple: There are several options.

The first option is to go through the game’s main storyline. The second option is to explore the various regions of Headspace in order to learn how it works. The third option is to complete side quests. These side quests are not required to complete the game but can increase your overall appreciation for the game.

The main color of Headspace is purple, which has symbolic meanings. Purple is often associated with royalty, luxury, and femininity. It also represents the ability to see the bright side. The sunflower is also a yellow and green plant.

The Hikikomori route features additional content, such as Snowglobe Mountain and an Abyss. The route also adds unique endings. There are also a few side quests you can complete in this route, although they do not provide the game’s biggest reward.

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