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Osial Genshin Impact Helpful Guide 2023 – All You Need to Know About the Sea Monster

Genshin Impact Osial Guide

If you are considering a Osial Genshin Impact Guide, then you are looking in the right place! Osial is a hydro boss with a grudge against Rex Lapis. He is the first boss you’ll encounter in Genshin Impact. To beat him, you’ll need a buff and a plan to get past him. Keep reading to find out how to beat him and get your rewards!

Osial is a hydro boss

Osial Genshin Impact Guide

The ancient god Osial has appeared in the game and is a hydro boss. This creature is known to be a powerful enemy. It was defeated by Rex Lapis in the Archon War 2000 years ago, but Childe has released it again to lure the Archon to steal Gnosis. It is a powerful water monster with a powerful underwater attack.

According to Chinese mythology, Osial was created by a god who can control the water. This water god supposedly had nine heads. Its blood stained large parts of the land. It also represents a powerful cyclone. In the anime series, it is said that Osial can summon a wave with one hit.

Despite being a water monster, Osial can still destroy land. He is a powerful opponent, and his presence in the game can make or break the game. While defeating this hydro boss isn’t easy, it’s not impossible. However, you must be very careful and use your spells wisely.

He has a buff

The Genshin Impact Osial Guide includes information about the different characters that make up this team. Each character has different roles, strategies, and weapons to use. For example, Xiao excels in DPS and Venti excels in CC. Xiangling is more DPS focused, but can be very effective if you pair her with Diona, who will double her Pyro damage.

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The Ganyu buff improves defense, and the Xiao buff increases speed, making it easier to run without losing stamina. The Xiao buff also boosts Critical Rate. With the help of these three items, Osial can attack multiple targets at the same time. In addition, the speed buff makes dodging attacks a breeze.

The Osial is a powerful boss in Genshin Impact. While it’s not the main boss, it’s still an important part of the game. It has many abilities and is known as the Overlord of the Vortex. It was defeated by Rex Lapis in the Archon War 2000 years ago. You can find this boss in the story quest, A New Star Approaches.

The Position of Osial in Genshin Impression

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After spending about two thousand years on the ocean flooring, he was unleashed by Childe. Childeā€™s plan was simple- play the Osial card, lure Geo Archon, steal his Gnosis, threaten the complete Liyue Harbor and no less than two of them go residence completely satisfied. Nonetheless, throughout the battle, peeps realized that the power of our historic God had not budged. Osial simply broke the Guizhong Ballistas weapon used towards him throughout this battle by the Adepti. However lastly, Osial was defeated once more when Ningguang determined to drop a complete floating Jade Chamber on it. Ouch.

Within the gameplay, your character is mainly defending the Guizhong Ballistas which are used towards Osial. It isn’t our principal boss however he has a bunch of Hydro assaults which are killer, actually. He has an AoE assault of Hydro Vitality which offers with loads of injury so beware. He will even rain Hydro power on the participant. For those who fail to defend the Guizhong Ballistas and even one in every of them is destroyed, properly oops. Challange failed.

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He has a plan

When it comes to Genshin Impact, you need a plan to beat the Osial boss. First, you should have three Guizhong Ballistas to keep from getting hit, as losing one will result in failure of the Turning Point Quest. Then, when the Osial appears, the Adepti will use these three Ballistas to shoot down the Osial. During the battle, the boss will also cause rain, which can be used to get enemies wet and to create powerful reactions.

Secondly, you should use the Xiao buff to increase your speed and defense. This will give you the ability to run faster without using stamina, making it easier to dodge the Osial’s attacks. This will help you a lot, as the Osial will attack more if it receives the Xiao buff.

After that, you should explore the new areas of the game. These will contain more chests containing primogems. The more you explore, the more you’ll get.

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