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Overwatch Hero Tier List September 2023

Overwatch Hero Tier List

In Overwatch, there are tiers of heroes in the game. Heroes from the top tiers are considered to be the strongest, and they can easily beat opponents in the second tier. Heroes in the third tiers are considered to be average, but they still possess powerful skills. However, they are not as powerful as those from the first tier, which makes them vulnerable to other characters without proper planning.


Ana’s rework changed her role on the battlefield, making her a dangerous opportunist who can be incredibly effective against a support. In addition to her strong damage, she also has an effective ranged weapon and can heal from a distance. In addition, her new passive spell, Sleep Dart, allows her to attack enemies in range and deal a lot of damage. Unlike before, her passive ability is reliable, and her skill shots and shields make her one of the most effective kills in the game.

While Ana is one of the hardest heroes to master, her skill set is incredibly useful. She can deal great damage and heal, and her ultimate can make her a very effective support hero. She can be used in tandem with other heroes of her tier, and her pick/win rate is relatively low.


Overwatch Hero Tier List

The Overwatch Hero Tier List is a useful tool for players who are trying to gain an edge in competitive play. With 33 heroes and three roles, it can be difficult to tell which character is best suited for a given situation. The Overwatch Hero Tier List is based on the number of picks and wins, as well as the role efficacy of the hero. The highest performing heroes are those that fit in well with the composition of the party.

While B Tier heroes don’t have a definitive place in the current Overwatch meta, they are still viable choices if you know how to play them well. They still offer good win rates and can even be played situationally. Despite this, the best strategy for players is to avoid C Tier heroes unless they’re truly necessary for your team.


Moira is a versatile healer that has decent mobility and low cooldowns, which make her a good choice for support players. She shines when paired with other support heroes. You should be aware of her weaknesses, though, as she is not the strongest hero in the game.

Moira is not a bad support hero, but she struggles to find a place in the current meta. In a meta where jumping heroes are emphasized, Moira has a hard time finding a home. However, she does have great mobility, making her a good healer, as she is able to heal teammates with her melee attacks and heal herself by hitting packed players and fighting close to recharge Biotic Energy.

While Sombra heals well, she is vulnerable to mobile heroes. However, she also has a tricky skill shot, Sleep Dart. A rework has also made Sombra much more versatile on the battlefield. She has moved from a disabler to an opportunist. While she excels in solo-killing, she is still vulnerable to support heroes and needs to be careful to avoid their attacks.


Torbjorn is one of the best DPS heroes available in Overwatch, but he’s not overpowered and isn’t very good at team battles. His camping playstyle and lack of mobility make him a poor choice for team play. While he has excellent communication, his turret doesn’t do as well as it should. However, it is still very strong when used properly.

The Overwatch hero tier list is based on competitive matchmaking, and it is not an absolute guide. Moreover, the game’s high-level teams can make even the most sub-optimal hero work in their favor. So, you should only consider using a guide that gives you a rough idea of what tiers each hero should be at.

Overwatch Hero Tier List September 2022

image 442 overwatch hero tier list

Right here is the Overwatch Hero Tier List together with all hero characters ranked from finest to worst in Overwatch. We now have not organized the heroes by class however the total versatility, injury out, and survivability probabilities as per the present meta which favors Reinhardt & Zarya. Additionally, the very best heroes are categorized in S Tier then it goes from there:

Listed below are the very best heroes to make use of in Overwatch in 2022.

Tier 1 / S TierTracer, Wrecking Ball, Zarya, Reinhardt, Lúcio, Zenyatta, McCree
Tier 2Baptiste, Mercy, Echo, Ana, Ashe, Brigitte, Moira, Orisa, Reaper, Roadhog, Torbjörn
Tier 3D.Va, Hanzo, Junkrat, Mei, Sigma, Soldier 76, Symmetra, Winston
Tier 4Doomfist, Genji, Pharah, Widowmaker, Sombra
Tier 5Bastion

Heroes you shouldn’t choose this Season

These are the characters you must attempt to keep away from and fully keep away from on this Season.

Strive to not take these Heroes

This season it’s worthwhile to keep away from Doomfist, Genji, Pharah, Widowmaker, and Sombra. Widowmaker is likely one of the important heroes within the sport however on the larger stage, she would be the first hero that the opponents goal to kill first. Choosing out the enemy sniper has turn out to be the norm of the upper trophies in Overwatch.

Utterly steer clear of these Heroes

The worst hero character to keep away from this season is Bastion. Except you might be enjoying on the entry-level and you might be new to the sport, with Bastion you can be sitting duck to opponents’ firepower. All those that performed Bastion throughout these few seasons know what we imply. For brand new gamers Bastion could be the fireplace energy to your workforce when others defend and guard you. However we’re staying away from Bastion because of the higher decisions we have now in present meta roll.


Sojourn is a relatively new hero in Overwatch. She has recently received two major buffs to her kit, but is still struggling to gain a foothold in the Hero Tier List. The hero’s greatest strengths are her mobility and precise alternate fire. She is particularly effective when she is close to her target, as she can land headshots with ease. Still, she has many room for improvement and will most likely climb the list as time goes on.

The OW Characters with Sojourn tier list is a community-generated list based on votes from 14 users. Those with the highest rankings are at the top of the list. Those with lower rankings are at the bottom. If you have a tier list for Sojourn, feel free to submit it to the site and vote for your favorite one!

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