Overwatch Maps

How to Defensive Overwatch Maps

No matter what role you play, there will always be defense areas. Overwatch contains many defense areas like a home, walkway, mega-health area, metal rooms, and even a bridge. These are just a few ways to defend the most important zones. These tips can be a guide if you don’t know where to begin. This article will show you how to choose the best Overwatch maps.


Dorado is one of our most festive Overwatch maps. The map is decorated with decorations in celebration of the end Omnic Crisis. This map offers many opportunities for Wreckingball, close quarters combat and to take advantage the various vantage points. Watchwatchers can also find Easter eggs at Watchpoint Gibraltar. Winston calls back past Overwatch members at this point. Overwatch members like this map.


Overwatch maps show the Sanctuary point. There is no cover. This allows you to be flanked and encourages fighting at the periphery. You cannot charge towards the goal so you need to be flanked. You will need either flankers, or a dive tank to protect your teammates. This map doesn’t cover all of the point.


Overwatch Maps

Overwatch Maps has many locations you can go to in Toronto. It is famous for its beautiful, ancient architecture which includes a temple. It is home of the MEKA Base in South Korea. This is South Korea’s central base for the mobile exoforce. Although it is impossible to visit it in person it looks amazing on the map. It is important to note that Toronto plays a significant part in Overwatch.

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Overwatch Maps have the MEKA Basis. This is D.Va, from the animated film Shooting Star. Busan now has a mech room and a camera view. It makes sense that the base is included in the game as it is an important component of D.Va’s lore. What’s the best part about this map?


Hanamura’s first map of Overwatch is an excellent match. This map is very similar the Fort map. It features stairs at the bottom, and a gate in the middle. Vertical mobility is required to cross the Death Zone. It is important to not lose Hanamura. Distractions can be used to assist your team in passing the instant death gate if the opponent rushes.

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