Overwatch New Hero Guide Orisa Ashe Tracer and Bastion

Overwatch’s New Hero Guide Orisa AsheTracer and Bastion

You’ve probably been to a BlizzCon event and felt the excitement of Overwatch’s new hero character. While the latest Overwatch 2 game is in the near future, all the attention is now on Overwatch 2. Last year’s convention was dominated by the story of Overwatch’s origin story and the original short. This guide will focus on Overwatch’s New Hero, Bastion, Ashe and Tracer.

Orisa can be a Damage Dealer

Orisa is a great upgrade to Sombra. This damage dealer is equipped with a railgun that can fire large projectiles, and it’s quick to reload. Orisa is an attack that uses a Fusion Driver to fire large projectiles quickly. Her movement is however slowed as she fires it. Her ability, “Halt!” The graviton charge can be launched across the map. It slows down any nearby enemies and pulls them toward it when it explodes.

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Ashe is a Tank

Ashe’s main weapon is the Viper. She can fire in either offensive or defensive mode. If she’s not looking down, she fires faster but does more damage. She is best at taking out Support heroes. You might consider looking elsewhere if you are searching for a tank capable of doing more damage than Ashe. Before you begin looking for the perfect tank, let’s take a look at some key features that make her an excellent choice for this role.

Tracer Is a Pilot

Tracer, as with most Overwatch characters in the current edition, is also a pilot. British-born, Tracer wields two rapid-fire Pulse Pistols. He also has a “chronal accelerator.” Tracer can use this ability to leap forward or rewind time. He can also heal and restore ammunition. The Pulse bomb is his ultimate ability. It can be stuck to enemies before it explodes. Tracer’s voice is provided by Cara Theobold.

Bastion is a Heavy Assault

Bastion is a powerful assault, but it has its limitations. He cannot self-heal. He must therefore be placed on the map carefully. In team fights, Bastion should be the primary target. He should also only switch to Assault mode after he has done significant damage. Bastion’s ability to heal himself was lost in Overwatch 2. However, he is still a highly desirable target. Bastion’s standard Recon attack is still quite powerful, even though the unit does not self heal, which makes him a prime target.

Orisa has a Gravitational Pull ability

Overwatch has granted Orisa the gravitational pull ability, which she can use to move enemies within a certain radius. This ability is used to reposition enemies and slow them down. This ability has a lengthy cooldown so players need to be aware of where they are located in the area. This powerful ability can be used by all players, regardless of whether they are an ally or team member.

Mauga Is a Talon heavy assault

Mauga is the newest Overwatch hero. He’s a Talon Heavy Assault player. Mauga, a former friend to Baptiste is powerful and tall. His huge shield bounces bullets off it. His strength is equal to his cunning. Mauga can be a murderer on Talon missions. However, he will also lie to protect his friend.

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