Overwatch New Maps Revealed

Overwatch New Maps Revealed

Overwatch announced recently Ecopoint: Antartica as a new match map. It is set on an Antarctica-covered outpost and may give players a glimpse at Mei’s past. This map can only be played in custom matches. It is designed to benefit smaller teams. Below are some new maps for Overwatch.


Overwatch developers are not afraid to add new content to their game. Redditor RichardGryffon recently revealed two new maps. The first map is named “Maunganui”, after Mount Maunganui in Tauranga (New Zealand). The other is called “Utopia.”


Overwatch finally got Malevento after a long time without new maps. This map is for Deathmatch. Like Kanezaka or Petra, the new map has hidden references like a mysterious villa that is home to the Talon base. The new map will not be revealed to players until Overwatch 2 is released December. So, what is this map’s purpose?


Overwatch New Maps
Overwatch New Maps

Blizzard confirmed that Rome would be one of the Overwatch New Maps. This information will be made public at BlizzCon 2021. It will include futuristic designs and classic Italian architecture. Players will find the most important areas by using hover-lanes, which arc above the playing field. Players will also have to battle on holographic statues representing ancient Romans.


The Colosseum in Overwatch New Maps makes a great location for heroes who thrive in small places. The art is protected by two spawns at the beginning. Players can not destroy the entire piece of the art but can take it apart. Players cannot damage the art in the bridge or hill, but they can do significant damage to them when traversing them. If players are clever, they may also be able to build a tower at the top of the hill from which they can spawn to attack others.


The Push mode adds a new map to Toronto. This mod combines elements of Control and Escort. The goal of the game is to control a robot character that marches along the line of the opposing team’s leader and pushes a barrier marker. The new map of Toronto opens up new game modes, including multiplayer. Overwatch 2 has many new heroes, including Soldier 76 and D.Va.

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