Pad Tier List : September 2022 Puzzles And Dragons Tier List!

Pad Tier List : September 2022 Puzzles And Dragons Tier List!

How to Create a Pad Tier List for Puzzle and Dragons and Orb Skins

Creating a Pad Tier List is an excellent way to rank characters in the game. The tier list can be customized to include any number of different characters, including puzzle, dragon hero, and orb skins. Here are some tips for creating a tier list of your own. Also, you can check out some examples of tier lists for specific types of characters. In this article, I’ll explain how to create a PAD Orb Skins tier list.

Characters in the Pad Tier List

If you are new to the game, a great way to get started is by using the Characters in the Pad Tier List. By reading through this list, you will find out what personality traits each character has and how to improve them one by one. There are four tiers of characters, and each character has four different traits that you can enhance. These tiers are divided by four different categories. You can enhance each character one at a time and eventually, you will end up with a team of powerful characters.

You can buy items that increase your character’s stats. You can buy them in the game or from in-game stores. The game begins with a dungeon and a monster game that spawns in the middle of the screen. The bottom of the screen has tiles of different colors that you must match up. Once you have completed the puzzle, you will encounter an enemy monster that will try to stop you. If you kill him, you will get ultimate purchasable items.

Once you have collected enough items, you can choose to upgrade your character. There are also tiers for the different classes. The first tier is the strongest, while the second tier is for those who have more skills. In this list, you can see which characters are the best in each category. You can easily see which character is better than the others based on the stats. If you have several different skills and can do combos, you can build a great team out of these characters.

Pad Tier List 2022 (Best Heroes)⇩

Pad Tier List – When the game starts, the monster game will be in the middle of the screen. There will be tiles in different colors at bottom of screen. Match them. Match tiles with the same colour.

Players can then complete the in game puzzle. The enemy monster will also be there. He will do everything possible to stop you from doing it in-game. He will try to stop you from killing him in-game.

The game has some exclusive items that can be purchased. They can be purchased in-game if players require them.
You can play Puzzle & Dragons with your friends. Puzzle & Dragons is one of the top rated puzzle games downloaded by millions of players worldwide and keeps on growing with the passage of time. You can download Puzzle & Dragons for free at any time from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

The characters in the Puzzle & Dragons game are classified into four groups.
The main characters of SS are the Sun God (the Ra Dragon), the Night God (the Night God) and the Tsukuyomi Dragon.

These are the highest levels in Puzzle and Dragons. Avoken Anubis, Avoken Archdemon Lucifer and Avoken Anubis are the most prominent characters of Group S.

These characters can solve puzzles well. These characters are trustworthy. Jagrut Shiva, Rao and Rao are the two main protagonists of A+. Some of the group A heroes are Horus and the Sanctuary’s mistress, Kali, are not good performers.

Image 291 Pad Tier List
pad tier list

Pad Tier List – Tier SS

  • Ra Dragon, Sun God
  • Tsukuyomi Dragon is the God of the Night

Pad Tier List – Tier S

  • Neptune Dragon, Sea Deity
  • Awoken Anubis
  • Awoken Archdemon Lucifer
  • Awoken Sakuya
  • Shiva Dragon, Destroyer God
  • Awoken Pandora

Pad Tier List – Tier A+

  • 南斗最後の将, Yuria
  • Ushio & Tora
  • 裁爪の橙龍契士・Saria
  • Awoken Bastet
  • Awoken Lakshmi
  • Awoken Thor
  • 隔世の蒼龍喚士・Sonia
  • Awoken Astaroth
  • 気狂いピエロ, Kite
  • Awoken Yomi
  • 最大の強敵, Raoh
  • Awoken Ra
  • Awoken Shiva
  • 還爪の青龍契士・Ryuune
  • Awoken Freyr
  • Awoken Idunn&Idunna

Pad Tier List – Tier A

  • 夢招福神, Horus
  • 遊山の天舞神, Amaterasu Ohkami
  • Eschamali, Judging Scale Steel Star Goddess
  • Awoken Parvati
  • Lightning Black Dragonbound, Typhon
  • Dawn Sky Sun Dragon Caller. Kanna
  • Metatron, Arbiter of Judgment
  • Awoken Amaterasu Ohkami
  • Mankind’s Strongest Soldier, Levi
  • Mistress of Old Castle Kali
  • Ilm, Tome-Creating White Phantom Demon.
  • 最強装備, Juggler
  • 制約と誓約, Gon Freecss
  • 鈴蘭最強の男・林田恵
  • 紅日の寿龍喚士, Kanna
  • Kali, Mistress at the Sanctuary

Pad Tier List – S Tier (Best Leaders)⇩

Pad Tier List
pad tier list

The Puzzle and Dragons tier leader. They are able to guarantee victory in matches that have the best set-up.

Fasca x Yugi – Puzzles and dragons tier list

Anyone who is up to date on the Puzzles & Dragons game knows that this pairing is the best in the game right now.

Fasca x Yugi is so strong and versatile that we can’t help but label her broken at this point. Yugi is a formidable damage and healing multiplier that makes any dungeon a breeze.

Some encounters will be impossible for Yugi to match alone. Fasca is the perfect companion. With her venom resistance, 7×6 board, massive RCV and wide utility options, she complements the Yugi perfectly. Both active and passive, survivability and damage have increased tremendously.

This duo deserves to be at the top of the list, as they can make any encounter seem trivial with the right monster cards.

Pad Tier List – A Tier (Best Leaders)⇩

Great leader pairs can significantly lower the challenge at the end of the game. They are very easy to use, have excellent stats, and can take up very few counters.

Yugi x Nelle – Puzzles and dragons tier list

If Fasca x Yugi weren’t so broken this pair would be Tier S. Nonetheless, these two can still ruin the store against the tough matches the game has to offer.

This team is extremely resilient and has a high damage potential. They are very difficult to eradicate due to their immunity to venom, and the continuous recovery.

A better RCV would be more beneficial for this team. Also, Nele’s long transformation works against him in this case. However, it is one the best leaders pairs and can adapt to any situation with ease.

Dyer x Valentine Ideal – Puzzles and dragons tier list

It’s a damage/combo that emphasizes quick clearance with minimal effort.

This pair is also highly resistant to damage, has high damage absorption and RCV debuffs.

It can be exchanged for a pair of Valentines Idols. While it may be safe, it doesn’t have the fast clear rate of Dior x Valentines Ideal.

D Lilia x Fasca – Puzzles and dragons tier list

This pair is very versatile in terms of both offensive and recovery options. The FUA auto does a great job making this happen.

They are also strong and resilient against all threats. This makes them a hardworking, heavy team. De Lilia x Fasca is held back by its slower running times than other members in its class.

Dyer x Aten – Puzzles and dragons tier list

This is crucial to his ability make the team shine. These two will make it easy to avoid any unpleasant encounters.

Optimize your skill list for this party to lower enemy moves.

Pad Tier List – B Tier Best Leaders⇩

There are some weaknesses that make great leaders. They make up a significant portion of the current meta.

Alice x Fasca – Puzzles and dragons tier list

This pair is strong because of its ease-of-use and usability.

It is easy to make rainbow teams capable of traversing dungeons with these leaders. Plus, it’s really easy to build an entire transformation team with this pairing.

Alice x Fasca’s inconsistent auto-FUA damage is one aspect. You may have to fill in the space damaged yourself in some cases. But, it is a small price you have to pay for all of the benefits they offer.

Lampeid x Fasca – Puzzles and dragons tier list

This team is more aggressive. Auto-FUA is very easy to activate, and it provides enough damage and recovery for opponents to be intimidated.

This pair would be more likely to make it onto the top of this list if they had better survivability. The gears beneath this pair have lower HP and recovery than other pairs.

Lampeid x Minaka – Puzzles and dragons tier list

This team relies on high RCV values ​​to power your campaign through dungeons. Minaka joins the team, which means the SB requirement can be reduced to 12 without sacrificing any of the RCV.

This group is adaptable and can be used to a great extent, but you’ll need to learn more about the dungeons as they lack HP or recovery values. Still, if you can overcome this obstacle, you’ll probably get through most dungeons easily.

Ina x Hermei – Puzzles and dragons tier list

This team is formidable in every aspect. It is worth investing in because of its high damage potential, immunity and debuff.

This build is particularly effective on the A6, where combo defenses are rare and debuffs plentiful. For all other encounters, this team may be slower than you’re used to due to the 6 orb requirement and long cooldown.

Pad Tier List – C Tier Best Leaders⇩

These are average pairings with no major flaws, but they also have no exceptional traits.

Deena x Fasca – Puzzles and dragons tier list

This matchup is for players who are looking to reduce the technical aspects of the game.

The premise behind this pairing is simple: Build a solid water team around it and it’ll shine. Dinah’s abilities complement the spinners, while Fasca provides some much-needed volume.

This pairing has a problem. It lacks auto-FUA and versatility. This is especially true when nuanced combat occurs where enemies have many moves.

Velkhana x Minaka – Puzzles and dragons tier list

This pair is perfect for those who are looking for gear that can be used to defend. The Velkhana – Minaka combo adds amazing VDP to the player’s arsenal.

This team is ideal for players who prefer to play slow and safe. Survive most encounters, but the lack of offense means you won’t be able to kill most of the enemy hordes.

Pad Tier List – D Tier Best Leaders⇩

These pairs can be used when the other pair is unavailable. These teams get the job done, but don’t expect it to be easy.

Apollo x Valeria – Pad Tier List >>

Apollo X Valeria, one of few meta teams that can benefit from Wood attribute monsters, fills a niche.

It’s super easy to auto-FUA with this team, and it has good stats.

This pairing is not versatile. It is therefore only useful in world rebirths, or similar areas.

Pad Tier List – F Tier Best Leaders⇩

Both are extremely close to the top-end meta. Although he’ll be fine for most of the game he will still face some tough challenges.

Tifa x Anyone – Pad Tier List >>

Tifa is an extremely versatile leader. You can pair any person with her and get amazing results. But, we highly recommend Haomaru.

He relies on his team to make fast, hard attacks against the enemy before they advance. If the enemy gets his attacks, be ready because Tifa’s groups have awesome survivability and volume.

We hope you enjoy this. Puzzle and DragonsCheck out our other games’ tier lists.

Create a puzzle and dragon hero tier list

There are many variations of the Puzzle and Dragon hero tier list. These lists are both trustworthy and can be customized to your liking. You can create a tier list by considering the strengths and weaknesses of characters in Puzzle and Dragons. A good example of this is a list with S tier characters as the strongest. A list with Tier B or C characters will be less powerful and more average.

The tier list is updated regularly and provides a comprehensive breakdown of the strengths and weaknesses of various characters. Players can use this list to assemble formidable teams. It’s also an easy way to determine the best combinations of monsters, which can then be enhanced individually. The tier list has recently been updated to include the new pad leaders. The tier list helps new players choose the right combination of characters and enhance them one at a time.

Puzzle and Dragons hero tier lists are a great way to make your character better and progress through the game. These lists are constantly being updated, and include information that you may not otherwise have access to. Besides puzzles and dragons hero tier list, this list also lists information related to Illusion Connect. All of these resources can help you with your Puzzle and Dragons hero tier list.

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