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Payday 2 000 Buckshot: Tips for Getting 400 Bucks and Achieving the Boom Headshot

Cash in with Payday 2000 Buckshot

Get paid big bucks with Payday 2 400 Bucks

What’s up, homies? Cheater Boss is here to tell you how to get your Payday 2 cash with 1000 buckshot. Payday 2 is one the most exciting multiplayer first-person shooting games available. You’ll need all the firepower possible to defeat crazy enemies such as the Black Bulldozer. That’s where 000 buckshot comes into play.

You might ask, “Cheater Boss”, why do you need to have 000 buckshot when I only need 400 dollars? Let me tell you, my friend that the 400 Bucks achievement does not end there. You can kill multiple enemies in one shot with 000 buckshot. This allows you to rack up more kills and earn more.

How do you get the headshots that make you big bucks? Boom Headshots are the key to success. You can kill enemies with just one shot of your head. This will give you that sweet cash reward.

If you want to make serious cash, take down a One Down Bulldozer and your 000 dollarshot. While it is not an easy job, it will pay big.

If you are ready to cash in big in Payday 2, grab your 1000 buckshot and get ready for some serious fun. Payday cheats are those who don’t know how to play. Stay chill, my homies.

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