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Create empty lobby in Payday 2: Ultimate guide

Payday 2: Create an empty lobby for smooth game play

You dawgs, it is your Aus boy here! Payday 2 fans will know that smooth game play is dependent on the size of your lobby. A large lobby can cause lag. Private lobbyes may not have enough players for a smooth experience. So what is the solution? You can create an empty lobby. In this post I will show you guys how to create a Payday 2 empty lobby that is still functional.

How to create an empty lobby in Payday 2

It’s easy to create a lobby in Payday 2, but it can be confusing if this is your first time playing the game. First, open the game. Next, choose ‘Online. Next, you’ll find a few options such as ‘CRIME.NET”, ‘Find Game’ and ’Create Game’. Click on Create Game’ to choose the mission you would like to play.

Modifying Game Settings

Once you’ve chosen the mission, it’s now time to adjust the game settings so that there is no lobby. Click on the “Advanced” button and change the “Maximum Players” tab to 0. This will ensure that your game is closed to other players. You can also adjust the difficulty level to fit your preferences.

Next, click on the “Modifier Settings” tab to turn off all modifiers. This will allow you to make the game as easy or difficult as you like. After you have players, you can adjust the settings.

After you have finished setting everything, click on “Create Game” to create your game. Now you have your very own lobby. Invite your friends, or wait for other players to join.

Mods for a Big Lobby

You can use the Payday 2 lobby mods if you want a large lobby. Mods can be used to increase the number players in your lobby. Mods can sometimes cause game instability and even ban you from the game. Dawgs, use mods at your own risk!


It is simple to create an empty lobby in Payday 2. This will help you avoid lag and other problems caused by large lobby. You can invite your friends to join or wait for more players. You can use mods to make a huge lobby. But be careful not get banned. Dawgs, happy gaming!

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