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Faster Lockpicking in Payday 2: Tips & Tricks

Cheating Your Way to Faster Lockpicking in Payday 2: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you tired of wasting precious minutes trying to pick locks in Payday 2? Well, hommie, it’s time to learn how to cheat your way to faster lockpicking with the right skills and mods.

Payday 2 Lockpick Skill

First things first, let’s focus on the payday 2 lockpick skill that will significantly speed up your lockpicking time. This skill, called Safe Cracker, is a basic skill that every player can acquire. With Safe Cracker, you can pick locks faster and with less chance of breaking your lockpick.

But if you want to take your lockpicking game to the next level, you can invest in the Lockpicking Expert skill. This skill reduces your lockpicking time even further and increases your chances of opening safes and vaults.

Payday 2 Instant Lockpick Mod

Another way to cheat your way to faster lockpicking is to use a payday 2 instant lockpick mod. This mod allows you to pick locks instantly without the need for a lockpick. It’s a total game-changer, but keep in mind that using mods can lead to you being banned from the game.

Payday 2 Locked at 60fps

When it comes to lockpicking, having a payday 2 locked at 60fps is crucial to ensure a smooth and fast experience. When your game is running at a higher fps, your lockpicking will be faster and more responsive.

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Payday 2 Lock n Load

The Lock N Load skill is another useful skill in improving your lockpicking speed. This skill, which is part of the Enforcer tree, allows you to reload your weapons faster. And yes, it also affects your lockpicking speed.

Print Faster Payday 2

If you want to print money faster in Payday 2, you need to increase your lockpicking speed. With faster lockpicking, you can open safes and vaults more efficiently and get your hands on more cash.

Payday 2 Unlock Higher Difficulties

One of the requirements to unlock higher difficulties in Payday 2 is to complete missions on lower difficulties. With faster lockpicking, you can complete missions quicker and move on to higher difficulties faster.

Run Faster in Payday 2

Finally, if you want to run faster in Payday 2, you need to invest in the Sprinter skill. This skill allows you to run faster and for longer periods. With sprinter, you can move around the map quicker and complete missions faster.

In conclusion, with the right skills and mods, you can cheat your way to faster lockpicking in Payday 2. Just remember to use mods carefully to avoid getting banned from the game. Now go out there and show those locks who’s boss!