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Payday 2 Go Bank Keycards & Best Hacks In 2022

Payday 2 Go Bank Keycards

Payday 2 Go Bank Keycards
Payday 2 Go Bank Keycards

Payday 2 Go Bank Keycards are used to access the security room at your local payday 2 go bank. These are usually the only way that you can get into the building, so it is crucial that you have them on you at all times. If you have forgotten your keycards or have misplaced them, then you will have to go through an expensive security procedure in order to gain entry into the building.

payday 2 go bank security room

One of the things you’ll have to do in Payday 2 is access the Security Room. You can get there in a number of ways, but it’s important to have a good idea of how to get there and how to beat the guards. Getting in can be done by destroying the security cameras, using a manager’s key card, or using an ECM to get in. Once you’re inside the room, you’ll have to get the safe open and put the diamond in.

Another thing you’ll need to do is find out where the bank’s cameras are. They’re located in the hallway and on the walls of the lobby. There’s also an optional guard, but he’ll pop up in the back door. If you kill him, you’ll have a better chance of getting the safe open.

payday 2 bank heist keycard locations

If you are planning on doing a heist in PAYDAY 2, you have probably noticed that the game has a number of keycards in its arsenal. They are not only useful in mission missions, but they are also available for pickup by any player. Some keycards even have unique abilities, such as opening doors, and denying security measures. However, you can only have one in a given mission. You may be interested in knowing where they are, and what they can do. Here are a few keycard locations and functions.

The Payday 2 game has some pretty wonky stealth mechanics, requiring lockpicking in order to access the Security Room. As a result, the game is only one of two to be released for PCs prior to the launch of the Xbox One and PS4. In the context of the game, the keycard is the most important piece of equipment in the heist, because it can open the door to the secret Security Room, where most heists in the game take place.

payday 2 go bank camera room

First, case the bank and note where the four internal cameras are located. Also check the back hallway and rear wall outside for cameras.

Next you’ll want to take out the three roaming NPCs in the bank: Two guards and one manager, all three which will periodically move close to the red ladder in the back. If there’s a camera on the auto repair shop side of the rear wall, shoot it to lure a guard; when he shows up, use the shotgun to launch his corpse out of sight. If not, simply wait for them to move to the red ladder, then sneak up behind them and launch them past the red ladder without letting go of the forward key (else the tellers will spot you). Hide the corpses.

Next, start clearing the street of civilians – they can be taken hostage just outside the abandoned store and led inside (which may also hold a few civs for you to pacify), or use a body bag in a pinch. Clear the gas station afterwards.

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payday 2 go bank disable cameras

Start by finding every single camera in casing mode. Then go to the back and see if you can take out a guard (you can lure one out by breaking the camera at the back). Now that you know every camera location and there are only two guards left you want to put down an ECM, run in, kill both the guards near each other, control all civilians, and break every single camera.

Then when the ECM runs out you do both the pagers (you can take two pagers at the same time. The burglar perk deck helps with this).

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