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Pest Control Lost Ark Quest Guide 2023 – How To Start & Play?

Lost Ark Pest Control Quest Guide

In this Pest Control Lost Ark guide, I will go over the details of Una’s Task “Pest Control” in the game, including Prerequisites, Cooldown, and the Pirates that spawn during the quest. Once you’ve mastered the tasks, you can move on to the next quest.

Una’s Task “Pest Control”

Pest Control Lost Ark

One of the daily quests in The Elder Scrolls Online is Una’s Task “Pest Control”. Upon completion, you will receive thousands of pirate coins, as well as the Certificate of Pirate needed to build an Astray ship. The task takes place at Blackfang’s Den, just north of Freedom Isle. To complete it, defeat pirates who are trying to harm Blackfang and Lorka.

The Una’s Task system is an excellent way to complete quests in The Elder Scrolls Online, particularly for players who are entering the end game. This system offers daily and weekly quests, which players can complete when they reach a certain level. Players can also choose which Una’s Tasks to complete. The Una’s Task “Pest Control”, for example, requires players to defeat five Red Shark Pirates. In addition, players must also defeat the Captain/Lieutenant Lorka in order to complete this quest.

In order to complete the Una’s Task “Pest Control”, players must kill five pirates and defeat Lorka, a boss that spawns on the island. Although the boss is a tough one, it is not impossible to do, particularly for end-game players. Once the player has killed all the pirates and defeated Lorka, the player can talk to Ruri. Then, the quest will be completed and they will receive a credit for their work.

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The Lost Ark Pest Control quest is an important daily quest in the game, which rewards Roster XP, Reputation Points, and honing material depending on item level. In addition to this, it is one of the foundational steps towards upgrading your gear. To learn more about leveling up your gear, read our Lost Ark Tiers guide.

The first pre-requisite for Pest Control is to have at least one Mokoko Seed in your inventory. In order to get these seeds, you need to defeat Captain Lorka and the Red Shark Pirates. Once you’ve defeated them, you’ll be rewarded with thousands of pirate coins, which are used to make the Astray ship. The quest begins in Blackfang’s Den, where you must fight a group of pirates trying to harm Blackfang and Lorka.

If you want to complete Pest Control as quickly as possible, you should collect the ingredients required to complete the task. To find these materials, go east from the house. There are stronger pirates in the area. These enemies are more dangerous, but they can be killed, depending on the level of the participants. Once you’ve gathered enough materials, you can then deliver the quest to Ruri. You’ll need to be level 50 or higher to complete this quest.


Pest Control is one of the main quests in Cooldown in Lost Ark. You must first defeat the boss pirate to start the quest. After that, you must slay the pirates on your left to complete the quest. After finishing the quest, you must submit it to Blackfang. Here are the steps to complete the quest:

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The first step in the quest is to go to the Blackfang’s Den. After you have arrived, you’ll have to defeat a pirate named Lorka. To do this, press the ALT button and left button of the mouse. It will take 15 minutes to complete.

To complete this quest, you need to be at least Level 50. Una’s Tasks are a system of daily and weekly quests. To do them, you must be at least 50 and have a high item level. You’ll need to complete the process before you can move on to the next quest. This quest is relatively fast, and is good for farming reputation and Una’s Token.

How you can Begin & Do Pest Management Quest in Misplaced Ark?

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To begin the Pest Management quest in Misplaced Ark, you first have to go to the Day by day Challenges menu. As soon as right here, click on on Pest Management. Upon accepting the search, head over to the closest dock after which click on on the compass situated within the backside proper of your display screen.

When you accomplish that, press the ALT button and the left button in your mouse concurrently. Doing so will mean you can journey to the placement of the search. In case you arrive on the location and discover that the occasion just isn’t occurring, you needn’t fear. The Pest Management quest retains refreshing each 15 minutes, so the utmost you may need to attend is simply quarter-hour.

As soon as the occasion does start, you’ll be given a quest referred to as Watch Out! Pirates! You can begin this quest by going to the shore and on the lookout for the boss. Upon attacking and efficiently defeating him, it’s good to transfer barely to your left and kill all the pirates you come throughout.

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Upon killing these pirates, you’ll be able to head into the shed to submit the search to Blackfang. And that’s about it. Following the steps on this information will see you start and efficiently full the Pest Management quest. As you’ll be able to see, doing so is kind of simple and it shouldn’t eat quite a lot of your time.

Pirates that spawn in quest

Pirates that spawn in the Lost Ark Pest Control quest are a regular occurrence. However, some players have reported that they do not spawn. These pirates are needed to complete the quest. Players can attempt to find pirates by refreshing the quest event every ten to fifteen minutes.

Players can complete the quest daily to earn Roster XP and Reputation Points. In addition, they will also be rewarded with honing materials, which are needed to enhance their gear. The Lost Ark Pest Control quest is a fundamental step in gear leveling. To learn more about leveling, visit the page dedicated to Lost Ark Tiers.

The developers have not yet responded to the issue, but players have reported that pirates that spawn in the Lost Ark Pest Control quest are not available. The issue may be caused by a bug in the game. Many players have reported that the game only spawns pirates every 10 to 15 minutes, which makes it impossible to complete the quest in a timely fashion. Moreover, if the servers are overcrowded, players have reported that finishing the quest is very difficult.

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