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Pet Sim X Value List September 2023 – Best Pets

Roblox Value List – How to Calculate Your Pet’s Value in Pet Simulator X

There are many ways to find out what your pet is worth using Pet Sim X Value List. The website will constantly update with the latest pets and values, and visitors are welcome to submit their own pet values. You can also find out what the most expensive egg is. This website is a great resource for new players, and it’s a great way to see how much your pet is worth.

Rarest pet in Pet Simulator X

If you want to get the rarest pet in Pet Simulator X, you need to know how to calculate its value. These are pre-defined values that depend on different factors, such as the animal’s rarity, its damage, and the amount of money it costs to buy it. Thankfully, Roblox is constantly updating its value list. There are over 180 different pets in the game, and each of them has a different price and rarity level.

Pet Simulator X features many rare pets, but it can be difficult to get them through egg hatching alone. The good news is that there are other ways to get the rarest pets, such as the Trading Plaza. If you have enough Robux in your account, you can purchase the rarest pet for several hundred dollars.

If you are looking to make a killing in Pet Simulator X, you should consider buying an Epic pet. These pets are much rarer than the lower levels, and they can make you a millionaire. The Empyrean Stallion and the Empyrean Fox are examples of Epic rarities. Rainbow Empyrean Stallions and Fox can fetch prices around 1,000,000 and 1,200,000, respectively.

Rarest pet

Pet Sim X Value List

Currently, the Rainbow Huge Pegasus is the Rarest pet in Pet Simulator X. Owned by only one player, it is priced at 1.7 million USD. This unique pet can be altered and re-equipped. Its value is determined by its damage and rareness.

The value of each pet changes from time to time. Some pets are worth more than others, and many of them can only be acquired by spending a large amount of gems. If you’re unsure about the value of a certain animal, you can check out Roblox’s Pet Simulator X Value List.

This list will help you determine which pets will sell for the most money. The prices are updated regularly, and you can use this to make the best possible purchase.

Pet Sim X Values September 2022

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Below are some options. Pet Simulator X values listTo find high-value pets. You will be rewarded with good money that you can use later to purchase more expensive pets. This list will be regularly updated so make sure to check back frequently for any changes.

Spotted Egg

  • Dog – 1 ( Tier 1 ) 275 Coins
  • Cat – 1 ( Tier 1 ) 275 Coins
  • Bunny – 1 ( Tier 1 ) 275 Coins
  • Bear – 1 ( Tier 3 ) 12,500 Coins
  • Cow – 1Spawn Egg – 450 Coins
  • Fox – 1 ( Tier 3 ) 450 Coins
  • Dalmatian – 1 ( Tier 3 ) Coins
  • Raccon – 1 ( Christman Tier 1 ) 12,500 Coins
  • Dragon – 3 ( Tier 7 ) 15,00,000 Coins

Beach Egg

  • Turtle – 1 ( Tier 5 ) 1,75,000 Coins
  • Ducky – 11.10,000 Coins – Coconut Egg
  • Ugly Duckling – 16,250 Coins (Beach Egg )
  • Flamingo – 3 ( Flamingo ) 6,250 Coins
  • Shark – 36,250 Coins (Beach Egg )
  • Hydra – 4 ( Tier 18 ) 6,250 Coins 

Jungle Egg

  • Monkey – 3 ( Tier 5 ) 35,000 Coins
  • Tiger – 3 ( Tier 6 ) 35,000 Coins
  • Parrot – 3 ( Jungle Egg ) 35,000 Coins
  • Dino – 3 ( Jungle Egg ) 35,000 Coins
  • Immortuus – 4 ( Jungle Egg ) 35,000 Coins
  • Mortuus – 5 ( Tier 12 ) 35,000 Coins

Ice Egg

  • Polar Bear – 3 ( Tier 3 ) 80,000 Coins
  • Penguin – 3 ( Christman Tier 4 ) 80,000 Coins
  • Seal – 4 ( Tier 4 ) 80,000 Coins
  • Mystical Fox – 4( Winter Egg) 80,000 Coins
  • Snowman – 4( Winter Egg) 80,000 Coins 

Obsidian Egg

  • Phoenix – 5 ( VIP Pets ) 2700 Robux

Each pet can be viewed individually. 1-5This is the Pet SimX Demand Value. The ranking is 1 for the least valuable pets, while 5 is the highest. The above list will help you decide which pets you should be focusing on. They are not the only thing that matter. Make sure you spend your money wisely. In the future, I will add new data to this guide. Pets’ value keeps changing. You only need to concentrate on the most valuable and profitable Pets in Pet Simulator X. You can also try to breed the more expensive Pets and earn a lot of money.

Most expensive egg

There are a lot of different ways to acquire the most expensive pet in Pet Simulator X. Some pets are rare and therefore, fetch more money than others, while others are simply more expensive. One of the best ways to obtain an expensive pet is by trading it for an exclusive item. It will cost you more to trade it for an exclusive item than it will to sell it for an ordinary item. If you’re interested in trading, you’ll want to read through this guide to help you determine what a particular item is worth.

There are 40 different types of eggs in Pet Simulator X, including a golden egg. Golden eggs are worth nine times as much as their regular counterparts. Fortunately, there’s another way to get a golden egg. In Pet Simulator X, there’s a special store that allows players to purchase rare and expensive eggs.

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