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How To Get & Play Phasmophobia Oculus Quest 2? Helpful Guide

How to Get & Play Phasmophobia For Oculus Quest 2 on PC

If you want to download and Play Phasmophobia Oculus Quest 2 on PC, you need to have the Steam software installed on your computer. Then, you can use either the Offical Quest Link Cable or a 3rd Party Link USB cable to play the game. Both of these cables will help you transfer data smoothly. You can also play the game in Flat Mode with the Offical Quest Link Cable.

Using Air Link to play phasmophobia on Oculus Quest 2

You can use Air Link to play Phasmophobia on Oculus Qurest 2 wirelessly if your PC has the right hardware and GPU support. Once connected, launch the Oculus app on your PC. Then, turn on Air Link in the Oculus app’s Experimental Features tab. After that, you can start playing Phasmophobia from Steam.

The initial setup for Phasmophobia requires a few components, but once you’ve completed the process, the game runs flawlessly. You can purchase the game in the Steam store, or through the Oculus Quest 2 store. The only downside is that the game doesn’t run natively in the Oculus Quest.

The first step in using Air Link is to make sure you have an ethernet cable connected to your PC. If you’re using Wi-Fi, make sure to use a 5Ghz or AC network. You should also connect your PC to the router using an ethernet cable, since mesh networks can cause problems with the connection. You should also make sure that you have installed the Oculus PC app on your PC. Once you have everything set up, you can begin playing Phasmophobia on your Oculus Quest 2.


Play Phasmophobia Oculus Quest 2

Phasmophobia is a terrifying co-op game that’s been gaining a cult following. While the game’s flat mode is already horrifying enough, the VR mode takes the fright factor to new levels. The controls for this game are designed for VR, so you can feel the fear and jump out of your skin.

Controls for Phasmophobia can be a bit confusing at first, as the game is designed to offer an immersive VR experience. For newcomers, the controls are easy enough to figure out, but as you advance, the controls become increasingly difficult. You can control your character using the left joystick, grip buttons, and the right thumbstick. Similarly, when picking up items, you should use the pick up button.

To play Phasmophobia, you need to be connected to a PC with a VR headset. To do this, you can open Steam in the Start Menu, or double-click its desktop shortcut. Next, right-click Phasmophobia and select Properties. On the LOCAL FILES tab, click VERIFY INTEGRITY OF GAME FILES. Steam will then scan the game files and correct any errors found. After it has finished, restart your computer. After restarting, Phasmophobia will retry connecting to your VR.

Is Phasmophobia on Oculus Quest 2?

Phasmophobia is currently not available on the Oculus Store and the only way you can play it on Quest 2 is via Link & Virtual Desktop using your Steam library.According to the 2022 Roadmap, which was shared by devs TwitterFirst, we will introduce the OpenXR interaction technology to the game. This will hopefully open up more opportunities for Oculus fans to get the game directly. However, no other details have been released.

How to get Phasmophobia with Oculus Quest 2.

Link or Virtual Desktop via Steam VR can be used to induce Phasmophobia in Oculus Quest 2.This means that you’ll need a PC equipped with Steam. You can use Steam VR to connect with Oculus Quest 2 to play the game in any of the preferred modes.

In both modes, the game runs smoothly and without screen tearing. To reduce lag, you can either lower the bitrate or improve your WiFi network. Let’s look in detail at how to get the game running right away on your headset.

Can you play Phasmophobia with Oculus Quest 2 (Wired),

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Yes, Phasmophobia is possible on OculusQuest 2 via a PC-wired connection. Here’s how:

  1. Get started Oculus app on your desktop
  2. Connect the USB-CCable from your headset to your computer
  3. You will now be prompt to ask ‘Allow access to data’
  4. Click here “Allow”Click Here
  5. The prompt will ask you again to ‘Enable Oculus Link (Beta)’
  6. Click here “Enable”Click Here
  7. Your Oculus Link will now work
  8. StartThe PhasmophobiaIn Steam
  9. Enjoy the game

If ‘Enable Oculus Link (Beta)’ is not prompted for you, then disconnect and reconnect the cable. Your headset must be on to allow prompts to appear when you connect to your PC.

How to Get & Play Phasmophobia VR on Oculus Quest 2 (Wireless)

Here’s how to get & play Phasmophobia VR on Oculus Quest 2 wireless with Steam:

  • First, ensure that you have a valid GPU is Currently Supported
  • You should also try to find a room that is as close as possible to your router.
  • Download Now SteamVRSteam desktop client
  • Then download & open the Oculus PC app
  • Click here “Settings”Click Here
  • Next, click on the “General”Tab
  • Scroll down to check if your version is the most recent.
  • If it’s v37, then make sure your headset is also on the same version
  • But there’s more! “General”Click on tab “Beta”
  • Allow the “Air Link”
  • Now, wear your headset
  • Hold down the Oculus button at the right controller
  • You’ll see it. ‘Universal menu’Get it now
  • Click on the clock to the left
  • Now, you can open the panel. “Quick Settings”
  • Click here “Settings”
  • Open “Experimental”
  • Allow “Air Link”Use the toggle
  • Click here ‘Continue’
  • Act Now ‘Air Link’Incoming availability ‘Quick Settings’
  • Click it
  • Locate your computer on the ‘Available’Liste
  • Click here ‘Pair’
  • Your headset will display a pairing code
  • Check your PC with your headset off
  • Now, make sure that the same pairing number is displayed on your PC App
  • Click on if they are identical “Confirm”The app
  • Now, put your headset on again. Click on “Launch”
  • SteamVR can be installed on your computer
  • Then start Phasmophobia
  • Enjoy the game using your Oculus Quest 2 headset

Steam VR compatibility

If you have an Oculus Quest 2 VR headset, you can play Steam games on your PC. You will need a USB 3.0 port on your PC and a USB 3 cable to connect the headset to your PC. You must also enable the game’s data access to play it.

The development team at Kinetic Games is currently working on a VR version of the game. Although it is not yet available on the Oculus store, the game can be played on the Quest 2 through Steam’s library. However, the developers have not yet given an exact release date. The developer says that it will be available after early access, but there is no timeline provided.

Fortunately, there are some solutions that can help you to get your game running on the Oculus Quest 2 with Steam VR. First of all, you must download the Oculus app. After downloading the Oculus app, install it on your PC. This can take up to an hour. You may also need to upgrade your WiFi network to help with the lag.

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