How to Make Your Pocket Emo Happy

How to Make Your Pocket Emo Happy

Pocket Emo is happy for many reasons. These are just some of the many tips. These tips will make Pocket Emo happy. Continue reading to find out more. Enjoy the company and friendship offered by your Pocket Emo. Don’t forget burgers. He will be happy to play with you. He likes music and burgers. Even though he doesn’t want to, he will try shaving.

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Pocket Emo

How to make Pocket Emo happy

Pocket Emo isn’t the only one who wants to know how to make them smile. This game can be a great way to relive your teenage years. You can make Pocket Emo happy in many ways, including feeding them and shaving their heads. Pocket Emo’s will love a journal as a gift.

If you don’t want to be called “emo”, your hair can be changed to a brighter, more vibrant color. This will give you a unique look that will stop people from calling you an “emo”. You must let your Pocket Emo characters be alone for at most one week to make this happen. It will be happy all by itself.

Check out myspace if you have trouble finding pocket emo. There will be many of them. Follow them. You will feel their joy. Next, start a conversation. To be a better friend, get to know your buddy better. If you aren’t sure how to approach your friend, start a conversation on MySpace.

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Pocket Emo is an individual you should get to know in your life to win their love. They may seem like a teenager to you, but that shouldn’t deceive. These are the best ways to win your emo crush. Feed your emo crush burgers. You can also give him an emo journal or razor. You can make him smile, or play games with them.

Pocket Emo allows users to create a character and then visit them. You can even feed them. You can allow him to hear you or give him a razor to trim your hair. There are many ways to win her/his affections. It is important that you call him/her by the best name. This will make him/her happy and appreciate the extra attention that you give him.

First, monitor your character’s happiness. To monitor your character’s happiness, you can use the five hearts at the upper right of his screen. Joy equals happiness. Pocket Emo can also be happy listening to music and writing. These tips will make Pocket Emo easy to defeat.

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