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Pokemon Crystal Cheats : September 2023 Cheat Codes!

Pokemon Crystal Cheats and GameShark Codes

You may be interested in learning about Pokemon Crystal cheats and GameShark codes. This article will explain how to unlock rare candies, get unlimited master balls, and modify wild Pokemon’s levels. This cheat is not available in the official game, but it is a good place to start if you’re looking for a working method to hack the game. In addition, you’ll find tips and tricks for other versions of Pokemon as well.

GameShark codes for Pokemon Crystal

If you’re looking for cheats for Pokemon Crystal, there are many ways to access them. GameShark cheat codes are designed to work on most Game Boy Advance emulators. You can use these codes to modify wild Pokemon’s type, level, and more! It is also possible to add cheats for other games, like Super Mario Galaxy. To access these codes, you must be in the same room as your trainer, so you won’t accidentally enable the cheats.

The XX to XX cheat code can alter the level of any wild Pokemon, allowing you to gain 2000 xp in one go. However, this code won’t work if you’re using a single-gender Pokemon. This cheat code can also change your opponent’s Pokemon’s stats so that you have an advantage over them. The good news is that you can use this code to catch Pokemon easily and quickly.

Tricks to get rare candies

One of the most popular games in the world is Pokemon Crystal, but how do you find the rare candies? There are cheat codes and other methods to find them. Some of these cheats can speed up your game, allow you to catch more Pokemon, or even save your game when glitches occur. Read on to learn more about these hacks and how to use them to catch rare candies. There are also special walk-through walls and cheat codes for Pokemon Crystal.

You can purchase rare candies by spending the GS Ball. You can purchase it from an attendant or the shrine in Ilex Forest. This will give you an unlimited number of rare candies. Once you have them, you can use them to level up your Pokemon. You can also find them at hidden locations. I’ve included a video to show you where to find the rare candies. A useful trick is to put a zigzagoon on your team so that you can collect it after battle. The zigzagoon will check for items you can’t catch with normal Pokemon.

Ways to get unlimited master balls

If you’re looking for a way to get unlimited Master Balls in Pokemon Crystal, you may be interested in the Missingno glitch. This glitch is also known as the Old Man glitch and allows you to obtain infinite amounts of rare candies and master balls. These candies can be used on certain Pokemon, such as Raikou, Entei, Suicune, and others. If you’re not familiar with this glitch, it involves defeating a monster and duplicating it.

One of the first ways to get unlimited master balls in Pokemon Crystal is to use cheats. These are codes that allow you to obtain more rare candy and rare Pokemon in the fastest way possible. You’ll then be able to exchange them for rare candies and catch even more Pokemon! The cheats will also allow you to save your game when you encounter glitches or a glitch in the game. But be sure to consult a guide or user manual before using cheat codes.

image 268 pokemon crystal cheats

Pokemon Crystal Cheats for 2022 September >>

You can modify your game level, change the type of Pokemon that you see in the wild, walk through barriers, catch all legendaries, and receive infinite rare candies and master balls.

These are the top Pokemon Crystal cheat codes.

Walking through walls cheats >>

Travelling faster by walking through walls is possible in this game

  • 010AA3CE
  • 9100FAC2
  • 9100FBC2
  • 010AA6CE
  • 010AA5CE
  • 9100FDC2
  • 010AA4CE
  • 9100FCC2

Note – These cheat codes can sometimes cause your Pokemon Crystal to be frozen in certain areas. Don’t forget to save your progress before activating your Pokemon Crystal game.

Max Cash Cheat Codes >>

Here’s a quick cheat code for Pokemon Crystal to get infinite cash

  • 019975D5
  • 91424FD8
  • 019973D5
  • 910F4ED8
  • 913F50D8
  • 019974D5

Always Use a Bike Cheat code – 010182D6 91015DD9

Max Poke Balls Cheat Codes >>

This is a cheat code for maximum Poke Balls

  • Slot 1: 016312D6 (9163EDD8)
  • Slot 2: 016304D6 91663DFD8
  • Slot 3: 0163FED5 (9163D9D8
  • Slot 4: 016310D6 91663EBD8
  • Slot 5: 01630AD6 91663E5D8
  • Slot 6: 016306D6 91663E1D8
  • Slot 7: 016302D6 91663DDD8
  • Slot 8: 016308D6 91663E3D8
  • Slot 9: 01630ED6. 9163E9D8
  • Slot 10: 016314D6 (9163EFD8)
  • Slot 11: 01630CD6 (9163E7D8
  • Slot 12: 016300D6 (9163DBD8)

Obtain All Gym Badges Cheat Codes >>

You can use these cheat codes to get all eight gym badges in the game, unlock all Pokemon levels, and unlock all areas.

  • 91FF57D8
  • 91FF58D8
  • 01FF7CD5
  • 01FF7DD5

Shiny Pokemon Encounter Cheat Codes >>

This code will enable you to find shiny Pokemon in the wild.

code – 910730D2

Remember that You can not run away during a game battle.

Transform Normal Pokemon To Shiny Cheat Codes >>

Simply transform any in-game Pokemon to their shiny counterparts. You can simply enter one of these cheat codes depending upon which Pokemon is in your game party.

1st Pokemon Cheat Codes >>

  1. 01AA40DA
  2. 01EA3FDA
  3. 91EAF4DC
  4. 91AAF5DC

2nd Pokemon Cheat Codes >>

  1. 91AA25DD
  2. 91EA24DD
  3. 01AA70DA
  4. 01EA6FDA

3rd Pokemon Cheat Codes >>

  1. 91EA54DD
  2. 01EA9FDA
  3. 91AA55DD
  4. 01AAA0DA

4th Pokemon Cheat Codes >>

  1. 91EA84DD
  2. 91AA85DD
  3. 01AAD0DA
  4. 01EACFDA

5th Pokemon Cheat Codes >>

  1. 01AA00DB
  2. 91EAB4DD
  3. 01EAFFDA
  4. 91AAB5DD

6th Pokemon Cheat Codes >>

  1. 01EA2FDB
  2. 91EAE4DD
  3. 01AA30DB
  4. 91AAE5DD

Wild Pokemon Level Modifier Cheats >>

You can modify the Pokemon level that you meet in the wild with the next Pokemon Crystal cheats.

code – 91xx13D2

Apply – Replace XX with the Pokemon level you actually desire

Infinite EXP Cheats >>

You can easily level up your Pokemon with infinite EXP cheat codes.

Here’s a list of infinite EXP cheat code lists

  • 9144E9DC
  • 9144E7DC
  • 014433DA
  • 014434DA
  • 014432DA
  • 9144E8DC

Steal Opponent’s Pokemon Cheat Code >>

Catch the Pokemon your opponent has that is better than you.

code – 91012DD2

Hatch Eggs Instantly Cheat Codes >>

Apply – Make sure the egg is inside your game party. Turn the Game shark on, enter the cheat code, take one step & turn the Game shark off.

The egg will hatch if you walk around the game several times. Here are the Hatch Eggs Instantly Cheat Codes.

  • First egg 010145DA 9101FADC
  • Second egg: 010175DA 91012ADD
  • Third egg: 0101A5DA 91015ADD
  • Forth Egg 0101D5DA 91018ADD
  • Fifth Egg 010105DB 9101BADD
  • Sixth egg: 010135DB 9101EADD

Pokemon Gender Modifier Cheat Codes >>

A very helpful cheat code for breeding – this will allow you to select the gender of Pokemon you encounter in the wild. This does not apply to single-gender Pokemon such as Miltank.

  • Fight Male – 010519D1 910530D2
  • Fight Female – 010419D1 910430D2

Enemy Pokemon Status Modifier Cheats >>

This is not the most popular cheat code, but it’s still useful. The cheats below will allow you to change the status of the opponent’s Pokemon you are battling.

code – 91xx14D2

Apply – You can replace XXX with any of the following cheat codes for crystal pokemons:

  • 30 – FRZ + BRN (wears off when you turn off the Game Shark switch)
  • 07 – SLP (The Pokemon will wake up in the seventh turn).
  • 10 – BRN (wears off when you turn off the Game Shark switch)
  • 0f – PSN + SLP(wears off when you turn off the Game Shark switch)
  • 20 – FRZ (wears off when you turn off the Game Shark switch)
  • 04 – SLP (The Pokemon will wake up in the fourth turn).
  • 40 – PAR (wears off when you turn off the Game Shark switch)
  • 08 – PSN (The poison will wear off when you turn off the Game Shark switch)
  • 17 – BRN + SLP (wears off when you turn off the Game Shark switch)
  • 01 – SLP (The Pokemon will wake up in the first turn).
  • 02 – SLP (The Pokemon will wake up in the second turn).
  • 06 – SLP (The Pokemon will wake up in the sixth turn).
  • 03 – SLP (The Pokemon will wake up in the third turn).
  • 05 – SLP (The Pokemon will wake up in the fifth turn).

Happiness Modifier Cheats >>

Here is a list with Happiness Modifier Cheats

  • 1st Pokemon crystal cheats: 01xx45DA 91xxFADC
  • 2nd Pokemon crystal cheats: 01xx75DA 91xx2ADD
  • Third Pokemon Crystal Cheats 01xxA5DA 91xx5ADD
  • Fourth Pokemon Crystal Cheats 01xxD5DA 91xx8ADD
  • 5th Pokemon Crystal Cheats 01xx05DB 91xxBADD
  • 6th Pokemon Crystal Cheats 01xx35DB 91xxEADD

Apply – Replace xx

  • FF – (255) Maximum (Return’s Base Damage is equl to 102)
  • DA – (218) Requirement for happiness evolution
  • 00 – (0) Pokemon hates you (Frustration Base is equl to 102)
  • 46 – (70) Start point after catching or trading

Pokemon Stats, PP & HP Modifier Cheats Codes >>

Here’s a list of Cheats for Pokemon Stats, PP, and HP Modifier

  • Max Attack Modifier (Smaller) forth – 01E7E1DA 91E796DD
  • Max Special Attack Modifier (Larger) forth – 0103E6DA 91039BDD
  • Max Defense Modifier (Smaller) third – 01E7B3DA 91E768DD
  • Max Special Attack Modifier (Smaller) sixth – 01E747DB 91E7FCDD
  • Max Speed (Smaller) sixth – 01E745DB 91E7FADD
  • Max Defense Modifier (Smaller)  first – 01E753DA 91E708DD
  • Max Defense Modifier (Smaller) sixth – 01E743DB 91E7F8DD
  • Max Defense Modifier (Larger) sixth – 010342DB 9103F7DD
  • Max Speed (Smaller)  first – 01E755DA 91E70ADD
  • Max Speed (Larger) sixth – 010344DB 9103F9DD
  • Max Special Attack Modifier (Larger) third – 0103B6DA 91036BDD
  • Max Defense Modifier (Larger)  first – 010352DA 910307DD
  • Max Special Defense Modifier (Smaller)  first – 01E759DA 91E70EDD
  • Max Special Defense Modifier (Larger) third – 0103B8DA 91036DDD
  • Max Defense Modifier (Larger) forth – 0103E2DA 910397DD
  • Max Attack Modifier (Smaller) sixth – 01E741DB 91E7F6DD
  • Max Special Defense Modifier (Larger) second – 010388DA 91033DDD
  • Max Special Defense Modifier (Smaller) second – 01E789DA 91E73EDD
  • Max Special Attack Modifier (Smaller) first – 01E757DA 91E70CDD
  • Max Defense Modifier (Smaller) fifth – 01E713DB 91E7C8DD
  • Max Attack Modifier (Larger) forth – 0103E0DA 910395DD
  • Max Attack Modifier (Larger) fifth – 010310DB 9103C5DD
  • Max Attack Modifier (Larger) third – 0103B0DA 910365DD
  • Max Defense Modifier (Larger) fifth – 010312DB 9103C7DD
  • Max Speed (Smaller) second – 01E785DA 91E73ADD
  • Max Special Defense Modifier (Smaller) sixth – 01E749DB 91E7FEDD
  • Max Defense Modifier (Smaller) forth – 01E7E3DA 91E798DD
  • Max Attack Modifier (Larger) second – 010380DA 910335DD
  • Max Attack Modifier (Larger)  first – 010350DA 910305DD
  • Max Attack Modifier (Larger) sixth – 010340DB 9103F5DD
  • Max Special Defense Modifier (Larger) sixth – 010348DB 9103FDDD
  • Max Attack Modifier (Smaller)  first – 01E751DA 91E706DD
  • Max Speed (Smaller) forth – 01E7E5DA 91E79ADD
  • Max Special Attack Modifier (Larger)  first – 010356DA 91030BDD
  • Max Special Attack Modifier (Smaller) second – 01E787DA 91E73CDD
  • Max Special Attack Modifier (Larger) fifth – 010316DB 9103CBDD
  • Max Special Attack Modifier (Larger) sixth – 010346DB 9103FBDD
  • Max Speed (Larger) second – 010384DA 910339DD
  • Max Special Defense Modifier (Smaller) third – 01E7B9DA 91E76EDD
  • Max Special Defense Modifier (Smaller) forth – 01E7E9DA 91E79EDD
  • Max Attack Modifier (Smaller) second – 01E781DA 91E736DD
  • Max Special Attack Modifier (Smaller) forth – 01E7E7DA 91E79CDD
  • Max Speed (Larger) third – 0103B4DA 910369DD
  • Max Speed (Larger) fifth – 010314DB 9103C9DD
  • Max Defense Modifier (Smaller) second – 01E783DA 91E738DD
  • Max Special Defense Modifier (Larger) forth – 0103E8DA 91039DDD
  • Max Special Attack Modifier (Smaller) third – 01E7B7DA 91E76CDD
  • Max Special Attack Modifier (Smaller) fifth – 01E717DB 91E7CCDD
  • Max Special Defense Modifier (Larger) fifth – 010318DB 9103CDDD
  • Max Special Defense Modifier (Larger)  first – 010358DA 91030DDD
  • Max Defense Modifier (Larger) third – 0103B2DA 910367DD
  • Max Attack Modifier (Smaller) fifth – 01E711DB 91E7C6DD
  • Max Speed (Larger) forth – 0103E4DA 910399DD
  • Max Special Attack Modifier (Larger) second – 010386DA 91033BDD
  • Max Attack Modifier (Smaller) third – 01E7B1DA 91E766DD
  • Max Speed (Larger)  first – 010354DA 910309DD
  • Max Speed (Smaller) third – 01E7B5DA 91E76ADD
  • Max Special Defense Modifier (Smaller) fifth – 01E719DB 91E7CEDD
  • Max Defense Modifier (Larger) second – 010382DA 910337DD
  • Max Speed (Smaller) fifth – 01E715DB 91E7CADD

PP Modifier Cheats Codes >>

The codes below will enable you to select unique moves for Pokemon within your game party in order to get infinite PP.

  • Infinite PP (second move) first – 01xx42DA 91xxF7DC
  • Infinite PP (first move) first – 01xx41DA 91xxF6DC 00=0 – FF=63
  • Infinite PP (fourth move) fourth – 01xxD4DA 91xx89DD
  • Infinite PP (fourth move) 6th – 01xx34DB 91xxE9DD
  • Infinite PP (first move) fourth – 01xxD1DA 91xx86DD
  • Infinite PP (fourth move) second – 01xx74DA 91xx29DD
  • Infinite PP (second move) 6th – 01xx32DB 91xxE7DD
  • Infinite PP (fourth move) third – 01xxA4DA 91xx59DD
  • Infinite PP (fourth move) 5th – 01xx04DB 91xxB9DD
  • Infinite PP (first move) 6th – 01xx31DB 91xxE6DD
  • Infinite PP (third move) fourth – 01xxD3DA 91xx88DD
  • Infinite PP (second move) fourth – 01xxD2DA 91xx87DD
  • Infinite PP (first move) second – 01xx71DA 91xx26DD
  • Infinite PP (third move) third – 01xxA3DA 91xx58DD
  • Infinite PP (third move) first – 01xx43DA 91xxF8DC
  • Infinite PP (second move) third – 01xxA2DA 91xx57DD
  • Infinite PP (first move) third – 01xxA1DA 91xx56DD
  • Infinite PP (second move) 5th – 01xx02DB 91xxB7DD
  • Infinite PP (fourth move) first – 01xx44DA 91xxF9DC
  • Infinite PP (third move) 5th – 01xx03DB 91xxB8DD
  • Infinite PP (third move) 6th – 01xx33DB 91xxE8DD
  • Infinite PP (second move) second – 01xx72DA 91xx27DD
  • Infinite PP (third move) second – 01xx73DA 91xx28DD
  • Infinite PP (first move) 5th – 01xx01DB 91xxB6DD

HP Modifier Cheats Codes >>

Here are the HP Modifier Cheats Cods

  • Max HP Modifier (Smaller) fifth – 01E70FDB 91E7C4DD
  • Infinite HP (Smaller) sixth – 01E73DDB 91E7F2DD
  • Infinite HP (Smaller) fourth – 01E7DDDA 91E792DD
  • Infinite HP (Smaller) first – 01E74DDA 91E702DD
  • Max HP Modifier (Smaller) first – 01E74FDA 91E704DD
  • Max HP Modifier (Larger) fifth – 01030EDB 9103C3DD
  • Infinite HP (Smaller) fifth – 01E70DDB 91E7C2DD
  • Infinite HP (Larger) first – 01034CDA 910301DD
  • Max HP Modifier (Larger) second – 01037EDA 910333DD
  • Max HP Modifier (Larger) sixth – 01033EDB 9103F3DD
  • Max HP Modifier (Larger) fourth – 0103DEDA 910393DD
  • Max HP Modifier (Larger) first – 01034EDA 910303DD
  • Infinite HP (Larger) fifth – 01030CDB 9103C1DD
  • Infinite HP (Smaller) third – 01E7ADDA 91E762DD
  • Infinite HP (Larger) sixth – 01033CDB 9103F1DD
  • Max HP Modifier (Smaller) second – 01E77FDA 91E734DD
  • Max HP Modifier (Smaller) sixth – 01E73FDB 91E7F4DD
  • Infinite HP (Larger) second – 01037CDA 910331DD
  • Infinite HP (Smaller) second – 01E77DDA 91E732DD
  • Infinite HP (Larger) third – 0103ACDA 910361DD
  • Max HP Modifier (Smaller) third – 01E7AFDA 91E764DD
  • Max HP Modifier (Smaller) fourth – 01E7DFDA 91E794DD
  • Infinite HP (Larger) fourth – 0103DCDA 910391DD
  • Max HP Modifier (Larger) third – 0103AEDA 910363DD

Wild Pokemon Modifier Cheats Codes >>

These cheats can be used to allow you encounter any Pokemon wild. We all know how frustrating it can be to pick just one of three starter Pokemon. Quickly time to catch ’em all.

Code – 91XX04D2

Apply – Replace XX with your really desired Pokemon the code is below.

Key Item Modifier Cheat Codes >>

This cheat code will allow you to get any key item you desire. You must first activate the Enable Scrolling Code (shown below), in order to scroll through all of your in-game items.

Apply – Replace xx with the amount of key-item slots you are using also Legal digits are from 01 to 0C.

Scroll down to see the code Allow – 01xxE1D5 91xxBCD8

  • Slot one – 01xxE2D5 91xxBDD8
  • Slot two – 01xxE3D5 91xxBED8
  • Slot three – 01xxE4D5 91xxBFD8
  • Slot four – 01xxE5D5 91xxC0D8
  • Slot five – 01xxE6D5 91xxC1D8
  • Slot six – 01xxE7D5 91xxC2D8
  • Slot seven – 01xxE8D5 91xxC3D8
  • Slot eight – 01xxE9D5 91xxC4D8
  • Slot nine – 01xxEAD5 91xxC5D8
  • Slot ten – 01xxEBD5 91xxC6D8
  • Slot eleven – 01xxECD5 91xxC7D8
  • Slot twelve – 01xxEDD5 91xxC8D8

Codes for In-Game Items

Replace XXX with the code that you desire:

  • B2 – Rainbow Wing
  • 37 – Itemfinder
  • 7F – Card Key
  • 46 – Clear Bell (Crystal only)
  • 44 – S.S. Ticket
  • 45 – Mystery Egg
  • 3D – Super Rod
  • 73 – GS Ball (Crystal only)
  • 74 – Blue Card (Crystal only)
  • 3B – Good Rod
  • 42 – Red Scale
  • 36 – Coin Case
  • 81 – Egg Ticket (Crystal only)
  • 86 – Pass
  • 47 – Silver Wing
  • 80 – Machine Part
  • 3A – Old Rod
  • AF – Squirtbottle
  • 85 – Basement Key
  • 07 – Bicycle

Miscellaneous Pokemon Crystal Cheat Codes >>

This section focuses on the stragglers and contains some cheats that may not be included in any of the main game categories.

Infect a Pokemon with the Pokemon Virus Cheat Codes >>

The status of your Pokemon can help you determine if an in-game Pokemon has been infected by Poke Rus. A Pokemon infected by Poke Rus will display PokeRus in its current status.

  1. Infect first Pokemon – 010146DA 9101FBDC
  2. Infect second Pokemon – 010176DA 91012BDD
  3. Infect third Pokemon – 0101A6DA 91015BDD
  4. Infect forth Pokemon – 0101D6DA 91018BDD
  5. Infect fifth Pokemon – 010106DB 9101BBDD
  6. Infect sixth Pokemon – 010136DB 9101EBDD

Unlimited Rare Candy Cheat Codes >>

The unlimited Rare Candy cheat is one of the most popular cheat codes in the game. This cheat has two options, but we recommend the first. You can burn your in-game bank account if you decide to buy the Rare Candy from the Poke Mart.

  • 1st Place in Bag – 012093D8
  • PokeMart: Purchase – 9120F1D0

Unlimited Master Balls Cheat Codes >>

Are you really having difficulty catching in-game Pokemon Pokemon? This code allows you to get unlimited game master balls so you don’t let these legendaries go.

code – 0101F1D0 9101EAD1

Apply – Enter the cheat code and visit the Poke Mart to buy.

Conclusion >>

We hope you enjoy our Pokemon Crystal Cheats post. We covered all the Pokemon Crystal Cheats codes that can be used to unlock Pokemon in-game and other useful items.

You can share your feedback about this article. Pokemon CrystalComment on our site Happy Gaming and post your cheat codes.

How to modify wild Pokemon’s levels

To increase your level, you can use the game’s cheat codes. These codes allow you to increase your speed when catching Pokemon, catch more of certain kinds, and save the game whenever you encounter a glitch. The Pokemon crystal cheats can be used to change the level of Pokemon in the wild, as well as catch shiny versions of your favorite Pokemon. The game freezes sometimes when these cheat codes are used, so it is important to save the game before using them.

To modify the levels of wild Pokemon, you have to make sure that you are battling a different type of monster. This is not possible without cheats. These cheat codes are available for download at the official Pokemon website. Once downloaded, you can follow the instructions in the cheat code section and modify the levels accordingly. This will give you more time to complete challenges. You can also use Pokemon Crystal cheats to increase the level of legendary Pokemon.

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