Pokemon Evolution Calculator

How the Pokemon Evolution Calculator Works

The Pokemon Evolution Calculator allows you to predict the maximum combat power your Pokémon will have in its current state and its evolved form. The calculator will give you an estimate of the time it will take for your Pokemon reach their peak level. This is how it works.


You can use the PokeCalc Pokemon evolutionary calculator to determine HP and CP of new Pokemon. This calculator is particularly useful if you don’t know if a certain Pokemon is worth evolving. It will also predict what type of HP and CP the new Pokemon would have. Using the calculator to determine a Pokemon’s CP and HP can help you save candies while evolving your Pokémon.


The Totodile is a small pokemon with a strong jaw. This cute Pokemon can cause serious injury and bite. These stats will allow you to determine if Totodile should ever evolve into your Pokemon. These facts are about this water type.


You will need 50 Candy at night and day to evolve your Rockruff. This will allow you to see when your Rockruff transforms into Midday or Night Forms. The Pokemon Evolution Calculator can help you determine how many candy you will need each day if you are unsure when Rockruff should evolve. The Pokemon Evolution Calculator will help you decide when your Pokemon should evolve.

Pokemon Evolution Calculator


Quills can be found at the top of the Pokemon Chespingrass. These quills can be bent to make it possible to cut through rocks. These quills might be from different generations. Chespin may have sprites from a different generation. These Pokemon are still powerful, even though they are weak.


This creepy creature is a dark, shadowy one with fluffy white fur and square bits. The beige triangle covering its pointed, round head is a cover for the creature. It has black, square-shaped pupils and patterns fur. It can spray powder its fur and bristle. This ability can be useful in battle. It can be captured by another Pokemon to evolve into another Pokemon.


To make the most out of your Pokémon’s evolution, you should know your Pokemon’s stats. Your Pokemon’s stats will determine the evolution of your Pokemon. There are several ways you can control your stats. By using stat-altering vitamins obtained from the Pokémon Center in Wyndon, you can find a Tyrogue of a specific Nature to increase its stats. Hyper IV training, wings and other methods can also be used to improve stats.

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