Pokemon Go Buddy How to Choose Feed and Check Your Buddy’s Stats

Pokemon Go Buddy: How To Pick, Feed, View, and Manage Your Buddy’s Stats

Most likely, you’ve made a friend with Pokemon Go. A buddy is someone who you can go to as you play Pokemon Go. How to choose a buddy, how to feed your buddy and what stats they have. You can also use the Buddy Evolution. The video below will explain more about the Buddy Evolution. This video will cover the basics.

Take a Pokemon with you to walk

Pokemon Go lets you choose the’mons that will walk alongside you. But it is less convenient to ride a Pokemon as a person. You can select any Pokemon that you wish to follow along as you walk. You can have only one Pokemon with you so choose wisely.

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Evolution Of A Buddy

As you level up, your XP decreases. Because you spend more time playing the game than leveling up, this is why your XP will decrease. Stardust or Candies will be required to level up your characters. This can be obtained by spinning PokeStops, or catching Pokemon. Stardust can be obtained in many ways.

Feeding your Buddy

Throw berries at your buddy to make him happier. If you don’t do it immediately, your buddy won’t be able to follow you around. To get the most enjoyment from this activity, you should feed your buddy at minimum three times per daily. Here’s how. This will make your Pokemon Go friend live longer and give you more affection hearts.

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You can check the stats of your buddy

First, you must find a place that allows you to see your friend’s stats in the Pokemon Go game. Once you have found a Pokemon you want to catch, you can use your finger to rub the Pokémon. While the Pokemon won’t appear if you get too close, it is important that you be careful when playing this game. The settings menu allows you to disable AR mode. To feed the Pokemon, tap the Berry icon.

Take a picture of your buddy

Take a picture of your friend to increase your Pokemon Go friendship. To view a photo of your friend, simply press the camera icon at the bottom of the screen. Access your media files will be required to do this. It’s worth it. It will make your friendship stronger and you’ll look amazing! To increase your chances of finding your Pokemon, you can take a photo with them.

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