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Free Pokemon Go Cheats 2022 – How Do Cheats Work?

Pokemon Go Cheats – How to Make it Easier to Catch Pokemon in the Wild

If you are having a tough time catching Pokemon in the wild, it may be time to turn to Pokemon Go Cheats. This game is very bias, but there are ways to make it much easier. Some of these strategies are Spoofing, using multiple accounts, Auto IV Checkers, and GPS spoofing.


If you’re looking for a way to cheat on Pokemon Go, there are several methods you can use. For one, you can use a fake GPS spoofing application to change your location. This method will allow you to access more areas and catch more Pokemon. Another method is to use a bot to find Pokemon for you. This method can help you obtain more rewards, such as extra Coins and Stardust.

Using a GPS spoofing application can make the game easier to cheat on because you can easily spoof the game’s location. Spoofing apps are easy to download and allow you to be anywhere, including gyms and PokeStop clusters. However, you should be aware that spoofers will only be able to stay in the same area for a short time.

Having multiple accounts

Having multiple accounts on Pokemon Go is an option for players who want to participate in multiple teams. However, this practice is frowned upon. Players who use multiple accounts are likely to be banned by Niantic if they are suspected of cheating. As a result, players are advised to make sure they have valid reasons for using multiple accounts.

For starters, using multiple accounts allows you to do raids and solo three-star raids in different areas. It also allows you to find more PokeStops and trade Pokemon. However, you must be careful not to use other players’ login details on your own accounts.

Auto IV Checkers

Pokemon Go Cheats

The Auto IV Checkers in Pokemon Go are a great tool to help you keep track of your Pokemon’s IV. These calculators are legal and will calculate your IV based on information from your screen. They can help you know if you can solo raid or if you need more Pokemon to level up. You can also see how many different types of Pokemon you have, their IV, and what power-ups you have available to you.

If you don’t already have one, you can get one in the App Store. Simply find Auto IV Checkers for Pokemon Go in the App Store and tap the GET button. You’ll need to sign in with your Apple ID and password. Once you’ve completed the download, you can start using Auto IV Checkers in Pokemon Go.

GPS spoofing

To use GPS spoofing in Pokemon Go, all you need to do is to connect your iOS or Android device to your PC. Once connected, you can use a VPN to mask your location and spoof your GPS coordinates. This will let you collect Pokemon from a completely different location.

The problem with GPS spoofing in Pokemon Go is that it’s completely against the game’s terms of service. Niantic is on the lookout for players who are cheating and will hunt them down. The best way to avoid getting caught is to avoid attempting to use this method.

VPNs can be installed on your device to hide your location and IP address. This ensures that your online activity remains anonymous, and it’s also a great way to protect your privacy while playing Pokemon Go. A VPN offers you security and encryption for your online activity, and you’ll be safe from hackers. If you’re looking for a reliable VPN to use in Pokemon Go, we recommend NordVPN.

Pokemon Go Cheats 2022

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We’ll begin off this checklist by mentioning the least dangerous Pokemon Go Cheats that you should utilize in Pokemon Go and can carry on elevating the bar up. Take into account that in the event you’re discovered utilizing Pokemon Go Cheats 2021, your account shall be suspended and also you gained’t be capable to use your account ever once more.

Account Sharing With Somebody Abroad

Whereas it isn’t attainable so that you can stroll all around the earth within the hunt for Pokemon, gamers have been sharing their accounts with abroad gamers in order that they will get their arms on uncommon and location-specific Pokemon in Pokemon Go. Whereas Niantic doesn’t permit gamers to share accounts, it’s nonetheless thought of as a Pokemon Go Cheat 2021.

You may ship your folks who’re abroad your particulars and have them do the be just right for you, in the event you do it continuously sufficient, your location bounce will definitely make Niantic discover and can get you a ban.

Auto IV Checkers Pokemon Go Cheats 2021

Auto IV Checkers are third occasion purposes that can let the IV of your Pokemon. Whilst you can solely decide the Pokemon based mostly on their CP worth, The IV worth will let if the Pokemon is value investing sweet and evolving.

Utilizing any third occasion app is off-limits for Pokemon Go and is taken into account a Cheat by Niantic. You’ll elevate the danger of getting your account banned however that is a technique so that you can learn how to know the IV of any particular Pokemon.


Geo Spoofing

You may run third-party apps and journey all around the world by geo spoofing in Pokemon Go and in the event you guessed it, sure this can be a Pokemon Go Cheat 2021 that Niantic disapproves of. Niantic designed the sport to advertise walks and exploration however by spoofing you can also make your character journey to wherever on this planet to catch Pokemon.

A variety of accounts have been banned who’ve used Geo Spoofing and whereas we don’t advocate that you just use it, it does help you catch Pokemon of varied totally different places from the consolation of your individual dwelling.


The worst and extra severe kind of Pokemon Go Cheat 2021 – botting is letting your character do all of the work whilst you can give attention to different issues, your character will carry on catching Pokemon during the third occasion app within the background in working.

A variety of gamers have used this system to extend the quantities of a single Pokemon in order that they will later commerce them for a bunch of candies and evolve the Pokemon that they need.

In case you are caught botting, Niantic will definitely ban you from ever taking part in Pokemon Go once more and you’ll find yourself dropping your whole progress and every thing else associated to the sport with it.

Removing Pokemon from gyms

If you’ve ever wondered how to remove Pokemon from gyms, you’ve come to the right place. There are a few ways you can use to accomplish this. First, make sure the Pokemon you want to remove is healed. Pokemon that are not healed will not be able to battle at the gym. Similarly, Pokemon that are not revived will not be able to evolve. It’s also best to use a potion to heal the Pokemon before placing it in a gym.

Another option is to use a hack. These Pokemon Go Cheats are usually used by newer players, but they can also be used by veteran players. With them, you can hit 80 evolutions in a short amount of time. It’s also a good way to maximize your XP. Another popular cheat involves creating multiple accounts. The advantage of creating multiple accounts is that you can beat gyms much faster. If you fill a gym with several Pokemon, you’ll be able to get control of it within a short period of time.

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