Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour

Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour Tips

To catch the Mega Advanced Pokemon, you can tag a friend in Pokemon GO Highlight Hour. For every Mega Advanced Pokemon that you catch, you may be eligible for a bonus sweet. For this occasion, you will need to have lures and incense. Continue reading to learn more about these essential gadgets. These are the top tips for Pokemon Go Highlight Hour.


The Paras in Pokemon GO are known as the “Mushroom Pokemon”. The highlight hour will bring more spawning of bug- and grass-type Pokemon. The highlight hour occurs every sixth day. This replaces wild Pokemon with new tiers. Paras will not need to be captured to take advantage of the highlight time. It’s still a great way to obtain a shiny one.

Paras Highlight hour Tuesday, March 20th at 6:30 pm native time This hour, Tier 2 Paras will spawn less frequently than usual. It will respond more consistently to Incense and spawn in areas where there aren’t normally any Paras. Paras will be more common during the night highlight. You will still need to activate the Incense buff though by walking around.

It is recommended to catch at least two Pokemon during Highlight Hour in order to get Tier 2 Bonus. Paras is a type of bug/grass that is great for beginners. This event can be attended every Tuesday at 6-7 pm native. As long as you can get a shiny Para, it will be worth it. In order to stage up, gamers can earn twice as many Catch Sweets.

The Highlight Hour will bring out the shiny Paras to spawn more frequently. Shiny Paras are an orange-colored Paras with more vibrant mushrooms than the regular. Shiny Paras have darker spots and more bright spots than regular. Highlight Hour is the best time to spot Shiny Paras, as there are higher chances of seeing one.


Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour
Highlight Hours in Pokemon GO

Gamers will be able to hunt Shiny Pokemons and fill Pokedex gaps. They can also add high-IV Pokemons as part of the sport’s Highlight Hour. The highlight hour this week is dedicated to the Gen 1 Water type Pokemon Seel. This Pokémon is a well-liked alternative for Pokemon trainers, and its developed type, Dewgong, is featured in some aggressive modes.

The Could 2022 Highlight Hour event can be held. This will be a chance to see Pokemon that have higher spawn costs and larger appearances. It also offers a double bonus. You can take as many as you like, and you have the chance to evolve them using Sweet! This is a great way to start your Pokedex! Highlight Hour offers two-x Sweet to Catch Pokemon. This will allow you to catch more Pokemon in a short time.

Highlight Hour will highlight a unique featured Pokemon each week. This will take place Tuesday evenings at 6:30 pm native. The wild spawns the chosen Pokemon in a steady fashion. This event will offer a way to replace your Pokedex or find strong Pokemon you can raid. Gamer’s can use double-transfer sweet bonus points and double-catch stardust to help them on their Pokemon adventure.

The following Highlight Hour Pokémon can be Swinub. This Pokemon will be combined with a double-seize of Stardust. This one is worth keeping an eye out for. You should keep an eye out for Lures and Incenses that could help you attract wild Pokemon. Highlight Hour is a great way to evolve shiny Pokemon and get more sweet.


The new season of Pokemon Go will begin March 1, 2010, at 10:00 am local time. New Pokemon and Pikipek will be added to Alola’s new season. The brand new season is available for 3 months, and will expire September 1, 2022. It will include a wide range of Alola-based Pokemon. The brand new season may be available for free on Google Play or App Retailer. The app is also available on cellular.

Highlight Hour: The Sweet reward for Pokemon-evolving gamers can be doubled. The Could 2022 Highlight Hour functions as Wingull. This can be modified into Pelipper and worth 50 Sweet. The wild Gyarados will continue to evolve over several months. This is the fastest way to get a shiny Gyarados. Gamers may perform Mega-evolve Magikarps and Gyrados at the moment. They will earn more Sweet.

Pikipek could also be transformed into Trumbeak and Toucannon, along with Trumbeak with 100 candy. Each week, the Highlight Hour will feature a new Pokemon and a bonus. Pikipek is available in Could. This bonus will provide a 2x catchXP increase. There are no limits on the number of Pikipek that you can catch. Highlight Hour: Extra XP, Sweets, and Other Goodies!

You can use Pokemon GO to create Pikipek in three different ways. One way is to find shiny variations. You can trade Pikipek for shiny variants or Seel to gain twice the XP, and more Stardust. Toucannon is capable of defeating Tapu Bulu (Mega Latios, Tapu Bulu) and Tapu Bulu (Pokemon GO).


A Camerupt can be a fantastic option if you are looking for an epic Pokemon. The Numel, a ground-and-fire-type Pokemon, hails from Hoenn space. Due to its strength and incapability this legendary creature has been called “Numb Pokemon”. This Pokemon has no discernible intelligence, and it is not likely to be hit, regardless of its name. Its physique is “a seething caldera of boiling magnesium.” Its PokeDex Quantity number is #322.

Camerupt turns into a shiny creature after it has been fed 50 sweets. Camerupt can erupt from the humps when its body is molten at more than 18,000 levels. Trainers may earn double sweet if their Pokemon are transferred from one staff to another. This strategy can help you catch one. Unfortunately, the Camerupt shiny type is not yet available within the sport.

Numel Highlight Hour is a time when Numel is more frequent and gives out twice the amount of sweets. This event will allow you to seize Numel and transform it into a Shiny Camerupt. Although the Shiny Camerupt is not yet available, it will be soon. Catch this Pokemon on May 10, 2022 at 6 pm, local time. To make a successful match, you will need enough space in your home to store the Incense and Lures.

Highlight Hour is held almost every Tuesday from 6-7 p.m. (native hour). Niantic typically announces the event one week in advance. Highlight Hours are different from the regular month. Your Pokedex will be filled faster. You can also earn Stardust, Sweet and other goodies during this period.


In Pokemon GO, the shiny model Numel isn’t yet available. The shiny model Numel will only be available to 2022 Pokemon GO Fest. It starts September 2nd. It will not reveal any shiny Pokemon until then. If he’s lucky enough, he might be able to catch the shiny Numel. If he does catch it, he will get two candies to replace it.

On Could tenth, Pokemon Go will launch a new highlight hour for Numel. It will take place from 6 pm to 7 PM native time. It’s worth catching. Double bonus for catching them. Trainers have the chance to upgrade their Pokemon and fill their Pokedex. You too can fight your fellow players and capture shiny Numels.

The Pokemon Go Highlight Hour offers many possibilities for catching other Pokemon. You should have enough Poke Balls to be able to catch multiple Highlight Hour Pokemon, as the Sweet doubles. You can also get double sweet by possessing multiple Berries. You can filter your Pokemon Storage Field to find PokeCoins and keep them for Incense. This will give you the chance to catch rare Pokemon.

The next Highlight Hour will take place on Could 10, 2022. All gamers around the world are welcome to participate in the highlight hour, which will last two hours. Bonus: All participants will receive Double Switch Sweet and the chance to catch shiny Numel. Shiny Pokemon will be spawned at the next price during this event. Highlight Hours can be more rewarding and well worth the effort.

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