Pokemon Go Type Chart

Pokemon Go Type Chart Guide – Gengar, Pinsir, and Scizor

The Pokemon Go Type Chart should be familiar before you begin to battle in Pokemon Go. This is essential because you will need Pokemon that can perform certain types or defenses. This guide will show you how to select the correct types of Pokemon. We will also discuss how to get maximum experience with certain types of Pokemon. This article will cover the benefits of Gengar and Pinsir as well as Scizor.


The DB has the best Gengar movesets. DPS (or Damage Per Second) is the most effective damage moveset in Pokemon Go. Divide the Power of the Move’s Cooldown by the DPS to calculate it. Sludge Bomb, Shadow Claw, and Shadow Claw are Gengar’s damage moves. These moves can inflict additional damage on certain types of Pokemon.

Gengar is a dual Ghost-type and Poison-type Pokemon. Gengar is therefore vulnerable to Ghost-type or Ground moves. Gengar also has strong defense making it useful against these Pokemon. Gengar’s weaknesses are that it is not very efficient against Normal and Fighting-type moves. Gengar is only affected by flying-type attacks. Shadow Ball, the special move of this attack, does a lot of damage.


To deal the most damage possible to Pinsir in Pokemon Go, you can make moves that have type advantages. These are some of the most effective moves for ground-type Pokemon. This guide will also provide information on specific Pokemon and terminology. The base stats of Pinsir are listed in Table 1. This guide will help you determine the best moves to use with Pinsir in order to maximize its potential.

image 34 Pokemon Go Type Chart

Based on its effectiveness against Pinsir’s weaknesses, the Best Fast Move DPS For Pinsir will be chosen. Combining their DPS for each weakness will produce the best fast moves for Pinsir. These DPS numbers are displayed alongside the best Charge moves for Pinsir. The best Fast Moves and Charge Moves will increase your Pokemon’s DPS.


Is there a better way to catch and utilize Scizor in Pokemon Go. There are several methods to achieve this goal, and we’ll go over each one. First, you need to know which type of Pokemon you should catch. A type chart in the game will help you determine which Pokemon to catch. You can also find a list of the top Pokemon you can catch in Pokemon Go. To find out which one you should catch, check this article.

Scizor’s basic characteristics are very similar to Scyther. Its weakness is Fire. You’ll need to use your best attacks against Fire to catch it. Although Fire moves can be a great way of grabbing a Pokemon’s attention they are also susceptible to Rock, Ground and Water moves. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t expose the secondary type.

Pinsir boosted Shadow

Pinsir’s boosted Shadow form, a bug-type Pokemon with a boosted Attack stat, is the Pinsir boosted Shadow. Below are the base stats for Pinsir. The Pokemon Go type charts show the best moves for Pinsir based on their DPS and EPS. The list of recommended moves also includes the moves that high level Pokemon can learn.

Pinsir does not have the ability to evolve, but it can Mega Evolve to Mega-Pinsir. Pinsir is a gray-colored creature with a brown body. The pinsir’s mouth is triangular and has long, flat teeth. The claws that cover its short, thick legs and long, thin arms are three on each foot and hand. Two toes face forward.

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