Pokemon Go Upcoming Events

Pokemon Go Upcoming Events

This article provides information about the upcoming Pokemon Go Upcoming Events. This article contains information about Mega Raids and Meowth Balloons. This article provides information on specific locations where these events will be held. Future events dates could change. This article is not complete and should not be used as a guide.

Event details

If you’re a Pokemon GO enthusiast, find out when you can attend upcoming events. Participation is possible in Pokemon GO community events. Rare Pokemon can also be found online and in person. Montreal’s Community Day featured, among other things, the Cyndaquil clan. The event provided 3x XP for catch.

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Pokemon Go Upcoming Events

There will be many events in May, such as Alola To Alola or the Pokemon Raid. These events will be announced following the game launch at 2:05 PM on April 29, 2022. ET. Pokemon Go players will have the chance to catch Alolan geodude (a rare, rock Pokemon) at end of month. This month is a great opportunity to research your options and have a chance of catching a legendary Pokemon.


If you are planning to play the newest mobile game, Pokémon Go, then these locations are for you. These events give you the opportunity to meet your favorite Pokemon characters face-to-face. Some events allow you to meet Niantic staff face-to-face, while others give you a swagbag. These locations will provide special perks like more PokeStops rewards.

Museum of Arts and Sciences. The museum will also host an augmented reality celebration. A new museum exhibit will also be on display that focuses specifically on artificial Intelligence, augmented reality, and the future. Portals are available at the museum that can be used for searching for Ingress Agents or Pokemon GO trainers. Participants will be given stickers. You will also be able to get lures and PokeStops prizes that last longer.

Mega Raids

Updated: The Pokemon Go Upcoming Events Calendar is now updated. The May 2022 Calendar will feature all the latest Mega Raids as well as Legendary Raids. Follow our guide to Mega Raids on Pokemon Go and you can begin training right away. Tapu Fini will be the fifth Raid boss. This boss is available only to those who have completed all four Alola Adventure Special Research stories.

Mega Evolutions were not available in earlier versions. You can now unlock all four Mega Evolutions. Mega Evolutions are very energy-intensive and not always available at all events. Mega Evolutions aren’t always easy to find so be sure to practice Mega Raids frequently! Mega Evolutions are a great way to get Shiny Pokemon.

Meowth Balloons

Meowth balloons can defeat Team Rocket. Meowth balls will randomly appear and replace Team Rocket balloons every six hours. The balloons will appear at two times: 7pm and midnight. You can join Team Rocket meowth, if you are fortunate enough to capture one.

October 15th will see Meowth balloons. In the balloons, you can also defeat Jessie or James. They will be available through October 15, 2020. These can also be found in Go Snapshots. There are very few spawns for these balloons. If you are unable, unwilling or unable to capture one of these balloons, you can always wait.

Mega Kangaskhan Raid Day

If you’re a Pokemon Go fan, Mega Kangaskhan Raid Day might be right for you. The Mega Kangaskhan Raid Day takes place May 1st. This gives you three hours to capture Kangaskhans. It also increases your Shiny chances. Mega Kangaskhan Raid Day is a great way to catch Shiny Kangaskhans.

First, teleport to an area that is active. These events typically start at 12:00 PDT and go until 3:00 PDT. To ensure you are in the right place for the event, the Time Buddy app can be downloaded from Google Play Store. Mega Kangaskhan must be defeated if you have successfully teleported.

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