Pokemon Go Weakness Chart

The Pokemon Go Weakness Chart Explained

The Pokemon Go Weak point Chart Defined

As you play the sport, you will discover that every Pokemon has its personal set strikes and properties. This consists of the Pokemon Weak point Chart. This chart is similar because the one present in the primary Pokemon video games, however it has barely totally different multipliers. The sort chart is just like the one in the primary Pokemon sport, however is extra targeted on assault and protection. This text will talk about the strengths and limitations of every creature, because it pertains to Pokemon Go gameplay.


Mewtwo is a Psychic Pokemon and is extremely weak to all assaults. This Pokemon Go weak spot chart will present you which of them Movesets are greatest suited to Mewtwo. The following pointers will guarantee that you’ve got an incredible Pokemon Go expertise. The record under will assist you to resolve which Pokemon it is best to use to defeat Mewtwo. It is effectively well worth the effort.

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The Regular and Shadow are Mewtwo’s major strikes. These Pokemon can nonetheless give 160% off their whole lives to their enemies, regardless that they’re weak towards bugs. They’ve an enormous drawback towards Ghosts, so you should definitely change them out with different Pokémon should you’re up towards Mewtwo. Mewtwo may also be present in Cerulean Metropolis. Will probably be preventing the Elite 4.

Mewtwo, a legendary Pokemon and one probably the most highly effective Pokemon Go gamers, is Mewtwo. It’s a nice Pokemon within the Grasp League, and can be utilized to assault for PvE. Mewtwo has quite a lot of strikes, so be sure to use all of them when you’re battling it. It is very important take the time to coach your Pokemon. It’s well worth the effort to coach this Pokemon, which is a strong PvE assault.


Metagross is an ineffective characteristic of the Pokemon Go sport. This Metal-type Pokemon is greatest towards Zacian. Zacian was a Psychic Pokemon launched on the shut of Season 8. Though not as highly effective in stats, it may nonetheless confirm many varieties. Fireplace is Metagross’s best weak spot. It’s immune from half of its assaults. Metagross is unable to focus on Darkish-Kind Pokemon. Nonetheless, Darkish-Kind Pokemon haven’t any weaknesses. Metagross will be extra harmful than Floor-types to Fireplace-Sorts, which may result in further risks.

Metagross’ weaknesses are within the Fireplace/Floor, Fireplace, and Darkish classes. Taking part in raids shouldn’t be performed with this Pokemon. It must be averted should you encounter Psychic-type Pokemon. They’re usually weaker than Ghost varieties. It’s important to study in regards to the Metagross’ weaknesses earlier than you try and catch one.


Rampardos would be the best option if you’re on the lookout for one of the best Rock Pocket Monster. This Pocket Monster is able to changing into probably the most highly effective. It might probably attain a 219 Stamina rating, and a 295 assault statistic. It has a low assault stat, making it troublesome for widespread enemies to be defeated. We propose a distinct strategy for this Pokemon.

After gathering 50 sweet, it evolves right into a Rock-type Fossil Pokémon. It’s the final member of the two-membered Pokemon Household. It should evolve into a powerful Rock-type Pokemon. Rampardos is weak as a result of it lacks defenses. Your effectiveness relies in your means to guess, even when Rampardos or you might be enjoying in a PvP battle.


Maybe you might be new to Pokemon Go, and wish to know what weak strikes Lucario has. Lucario may also be described as a twin Preventing/Metal sort Pokemon. It may also be present in video video games. Lucario is an Anubis-inspired anthropomorphic wolf. It has purple eyes and three toes with toes. Its ears are pointed upwards and the muzzle is pointed so the canines are hidden. The again of his head has two pairs of capillary appendages that serve a sensory operate. In addition they enable him to make use of his Aura powers.

Lucario may also be a talented generalist in GO. Hidden Energy, Giga Impression and Hidden Energy are all nice strikes. Its STAB is nonetheless weak, making it troublesome for customers to make use of. Giga Impression will be notably harmful in cloudy circumstances. Lucario is a good possibility for generalist play. Nonetheless, there are lots of higher choices out there that may match particular roles.

Lucario is a Psychic Pokémon

Lucario can sense feelings and ideas from residing creatures as much as half a kilometre away. This can be a important benefit over different Psychic Pokémon. It might probably perceive and browse feelings. The Lucario is ready to assault from a distance or inside melee vary. Its aura may also be projected into spheres. Mega Evolution is the very first time Mega Evolution was activated. The Lucario’s aura will get stronger. It’s a highly effective level the Lucario holds for its Coach.

Lucario is a Psychic-type Pokemon and has a Regular/Flying combo. This kind mixture is quite common as many Pokemon with this mix look similar to actual birds. It seems like it’s half Fireplace and half Psychic-type Pokemon. Nonetheless, many different Pokemon have this sort mixture. Many Psychic Pokemon can fly Regular/Flying.

Lucario is a Preventing-type and Metal-type Pokemon. It was launched into the world by Technology IV video video games. It advanced from Riolu, and could be very pleasant. It solely developed within the morning. Lucario does NOT have a regional variant. It might probably evolve right into a Mega Evolution like different Psychic Pokemon. To evolve right into a Mega Lucario, it’s essential to discover a Lucarionite. You may want to go looking the sport to search out the Mega Lucario.

Rayquaza will be described as a Grass sort Pokemon

These are some methods that can be utilized to defeat Rayquaza. Rayquaza’s greatest transfer is Ice Punch. It’s also prone to Ice Dragon Fairy Rock and Dragon. Rayquaza’s best enemies are Pokemon, which may resist double these varieties.

One of the highly effective Pokemon for Rayquaza is the Galarian Darmanitan. Twin typing makes discovering Rayquaza simpler than ever. The Draco Meteor assault and Dragon Tail assault are each extraordinarily highly effective. The Shadow variant of the Shadow can also be a strong attacker. Shadow Salamence is an efficient possibility when you’ve got at most three stars.

Jynx is a comparatively new Pokemon that can be utilized to counter Rayquaza. This new Pokemon was discovered within the Kanto area throughout Gen I. It shares many traits with Rayquaza, however it’s much less proof against Ice and Rock varieties of assaults. It might probably solely be utilized in Raids should you study Frost Breath and Avalanche.

Rayquaza cannot carry out Ice-type strikes

Rayquaza is a legendary Pokemon and is weak to many sorts of assaults. It’s essential to know which assaults are weak to Rayquaza. Ice-type strikes can do double the harm and are due to this fact doubly environment friendly. Ice-type Pokemon can be utilized to defeat Rayquaza. These Pokemon may cause Rayquaza double harm so you should definitely use them in battle.

Weavile, an Ice and Darkish-type Pokemon with 3.CP, is one of the best opponent to Rayquaza. This pokemon has a protection as much as 243 and may assault up 263 Pokemon. Weavile is proscribed in its moveset so it may be fairly efficient in offering a lot of assault energy. Rayquaza is definitely defeated by one of the best strikes like Ice shards, or Aerial Ace.

Rayquaza can also be weak to Ice-type strikes, in addition to Dragon-type strikes. Rayquaza is a good selection for Pokemon with a Dragon-type weak spot. It has one Dragon-type moveset, which is Dragon Tail and Outrage. Dragon-type strikes will be weak to Rayquaza. It is very important have a Dragon Pokemon close to to make them work.

Preventing strikes should not advisable for Lucario.

Lucario is a Pokemon with twin Metal and Preventing varieties. In contrast to different Pokemon, Lucario does not have a resistance to Preventing. Preventing strikes may cause extraordinarily extreme harm to Preventing varieties, so it’s doable for them to make use of their Preventing strikes. Preventing strikes should not capable of hit Floor or Regular varieties. This may be solved by merely altering the kind of your Pokemon with the intention to defeat it.

Lucario is well-known for his simplest strikes, which trigger harm to each stable and intangible targets. The STAB assault can be utilized straight by battered strains. Metallic Sound can OHKO Gyarados and Dragonite, whereas Crunch enables you to be part of the motion while not having to change in. This assault additionally gives shut fight protection. This assault will injure Ghosts-types and Psychics. Nonetheless, it will not OHKO them.

Lucario has weaknesses in Preventing, Floor, Fireplace, and Floor varieties. Lucario just isn’t resistant to Poison-type damage, regardless that Fireplace-type Pokemon are extra highly effective than Lucario towards Preventing-type Pokemon. Preventing-type Pokemon can use a number of assaults, so it’s best should you use a mix of Floor, Fireplace and Preventing strikes towards Lucario. These are the weaknesses for robust Pokemon.

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