Pokemon Sword And Shield Tier List September 2022 Best Pokemon

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Pokemon Sword And Shield Tier List September 2022 Best Pokemon

Pokemon Sword And Shield Tier List September 2022 Best Pokemon

Pokemon Sword and Shield Tier List

Whether you are playing on a Nintendo Switch or a Windows PC, there’s a way to find out what Pokemon are currently in Tier 1 of the game. The following Pokemon are the current leaders in each tier. Dragapult, Excadrll, Gyarados, and Heat Rotom lead tier A, while Cinderace and Closter lead tier B. If you’re not sure what pokemon to choose for your team, you should read through this article to find out what Pokemon are at each tier level.


While most players have already encountered Grookey and are familiar with the final evolution, there is a new competitor on the block in Rillaboom. The diminutive Grass-type Pokemon has recently emerged as a competitive mainstay, primarily due to its Hidden Ability. Here’s how to get the most out of this powerful Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Let’s look at how to improve your Rillaboom’s stats and speed.


Among the top tiers, Dragapult is one of the best attacks available. While Dragapult lacks recovery moves, it is generally easy to counter it with a combination of Physical and Special attacks. Its broad movepool and fearsome moves make it a good choice for many teams. You can use Dragapult to bait your opponent into switching out or counter his switch. It has a fast speed of 142, which allows you to use Dragapult to your advantage.


Seismitoad is a great choice if you want to make a strong, fast team. Its special attacks are fast and varied. Expert Belt can help Seismitoad’s attacks as well, enabling you to use different types more efficiently. The list below details the strengths and weaknesses of Seismitoad. You can also try Seismitoad’s weaknesses against other types.


When comparing the different tiers for Sword and Shield, Gyarados is in the second tier. However, before deciding to use this type in your deck, you should consider its strengths and weaknesses. This article aims to give you some advice on how to improve your Gyarados’s skills. Also, you should consider the type of opponent Gyarados is facing. You should use your strategy to maximize your Gyarados’s potential.


You should know that Cobarion is a member of the Swords of Justice. In Pokemon Go, this pokemon can be found in the Crown Tundra. You can find its Iron Will Footprints by traversing the area, which leads to Keldeo. It can also be found in the Frigid Sea, where it can be found near a Pokemon Den. You can use PokeBalls to target Cobalion.


Arcanine is an iconic Fire-type Pokemon with good offensive stats. It can 2HKO most defensive Pokemon, and can threaten Stealth Rock setters with its Flash Fire move. It can also check Psychic-types with its physical STAB moves, making it an excellent counter to Ninetales. It has a fast speed tier and is a powerful counter to the latter’s strong offense.


If you are interested in playing a competitive game of Pokemon Sword and Shield, you’ll want to check out Cinderace on the Pokemon Sword and Shield Tier List. This fire-type starter will be one of the strongest members of the online metagame thanks to its high Attack stats and wide movepool. In addition, it has the Libero ability, which changes the type of the Pokemon based on the moves it uses. As such, it will also increase the damage of all its attacks.

Pokemon Ranked 2022| Pokemon Ranked 2022⇩

pokemon sword and shield tier list

Three groups are made up of the pokemons from the Pokemon Sword and Shield video games.

Dragapult (the leader in the tier S category) and Excadrll (the second and third respectively). These pokemons are the most powerful and highest ranking in the world. Heat Rotom, Gyarados and Cinderace are the most popular pokemons of tier A. They are stronger than the tier A, but are a bit less powerful than the tier T. The main pokemons found in tier B include Cloyster and Cinderace. These pokemons can be considered the weakest.

Best Pokemon (Details).| Best Pokemon (Details)⇩

This list contains the best Pokemon Sword And Shield games details that will allow you to learn more about the most powerful pokemon and their in game abilities.

Dragapult – Pokemon Sword And Shield Tier List >>

  • Type: Ghost / Dragon
  • Nature is Jolly
  • Item recommended: Choice Scarf/ Choice Band/ Focus Sash
  • Clear Body
  • Moveset Recommended: Dragon Darts / Fire Blast / Phantom Force  / Steel Wing

Dragapult is a strong Pokemon. It is one of very few Pokemon that can have their base stats above 600. To compensate for its weaknesses, it can learn other moves. You can replace Steel Wing and Fire Blast with any other move you consider necessary.

Mimikyu – Pokemon Sword & Shield Tier List >>

  • Type: Ghost / Fairy
  • Nature is Jolly
  • Recommended Item: Life Orb
  • Ability Recommend: Disguise
  • Recommended Moveset: Shadow Claw/Play Rough / Swords Dance Shadow Sneak

Mimikyu also ranks as the best S Tier pokemon. Almost every pokemon Trainer in Ranked Battles have a Mimikyu on their in-game team and you can’t go wrong with dufferent one. Disguise will negate the first hit of damage, and Swords Dance will ensure a huge hit on your opponents and allow you to take them down in one hit. This tactic is being used by many players in Ranked pokemon battles.

Tyranitar – Pokemon Sword And Shield Tier List >>

  • Type: Dark / rock
  • Nature: Adamant
  • Recommendation: Weakness Policy
  • Ability Recommend: Sandstream
  • Moveset  Recommended: Iron Tail / Fire Punch / Stone Edge / Superpower

Tyranitar’s status was raised from A Tier to S Tier in this season. Tyranitar may have weaknesses, but it’s also one of the few Pokemon with over 600+ base stats. This makes it a powerful power player.

Combine it with the item Weakness Policy & it can deal massive damage from opponents. Even their most inept Fighting Type type can be defeated by the Tyranitar.

Excadrill – Pokemon Sword And Shield Tier List >>

  • Type: Steel / Ground
  • Jolly Nature is the Best
  • Item Recommendation: Choice Scarf/ Focus Sash/ Assault Vest/ Choice Band
  • Ability Recommendation:
  • Moveset Recommended : Rock Tomb/Earthquake/Iron Head/Hor Drill

Did you know that almost all players run Mimikyu in their pokemon teams? A Mold Breaker-equipped Excadrill is their worst nightmare. Excadrill can do 2x damage to Mimikyu and any Mimikyu equipped with Disguise will be knocked unconscious before they are able to drop an attack.

Excadrill can also be a great choice as it has amazing stats. Its typing is also very helpful in difficult pokemon battles. Excadrill was able to level up and upgrade its way to the tier-S list.

Pokemon Sword And Shield Tier List – Eligible Pokemon for Ranked⇩

Eligible Pokemon for the Ranked Battles Season of January 2022  include Isle of Armor Pokédex No. 001–210, Galar Pokédex No. 001–397, and Crown Tundra Pokédex No. 001–209, as well as the following different Pokémons here –

Torchic. Blaziken. Mewtwo.

Only one of these special and best Pokemon can be registered to your Pokemon Battle in-game Team.

Rayquaza, Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, Mewtwo, Lugia, Ho-Oh, Kyogre, Groudon, Reshiram, Zekrom, Kyurem, Cosmog, Cosmoem, Solgaleo, Xerneas, Yveltal, Zygarde, Lunala, Zamazenta, Eternatus, Calyrex. Necrozma and Zacian.

Season Rewards 2022 – Pokemon Sword And Shield Tier List >>

You will be paired up before you start in-game fighting with other gamers of a similar rank to ensure competition. The higher your season ends in, the more game awards you will receive. Here are the 2022 season awards.

Here are the Master Ball Tier and Ultra Ball Tier Listing

Great Ball Tier and Poké Ball Tier & Beginner Tier List are here

The Season Rewards of Pokemon Sword And Shield Game⇩

After the game season has ended, you will be eligible to claim your wonderful goodies. To be eligible for the in-game rewards at the end the Season, you must have played at least one match that ended with a loss or win. These are the steps you need to follow in order to receive your Season Rewards in Pokemon Sword And Shield Game

  1. You will first receive the rewards based upon your final rank at the end of the season
  2. Next, open the X Menu
  3. Next, choose Mystery Gift.
  4. Choose to get a mystery gift.
  5. Finally, select Get Battle Stadium Rewards.


This was our PokemonSword and Shield Tier List Guide. These awesome in-gmae rewards can be yours if you play just one competitive Pokemon Sword or Shield match. We hope you enjoy this post. In this post, we rank all pokemons tire wise.


While the majority of Pokemon can be ranked in the first tier in the Sword and Shield game, Arceus is the only Legendary Pokemon to be placed in the third tier. While his ability and stats may not be impressive, he still has several advantages over the others in the game. Arceus has two elemental abilities: fire and earth. While fire-type Pokemon are generally stronger than ground-type Pokemon, fire-type Pokemon have a greater number of physical attacks and are often the first choice of Pokémon trainers.

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